Small Business Marketing: 3 Ways to charge higher prices in 2011

When it comes to small business marketing, there are only three ways to make more money:

1. Charge higher prices…

2. Get more customers…

3. Or get your customers to spend more money with you each time they buy.

Let’s talk about how you can charge higher prices in 2011.

For starters, make sure you’re dealing with the right marketplace.  You should only be prospecting in a sea of people who want to buy what you’re selling.

So for example if you’re selling bass fishing equipment but you have people who fish on the ocean as your prospects, you’re going to have a hard time selling anything, let alone charging more money for your goods and services.  (Bass live in lakes.)

If you’re not selling stuff people want to buy in the first place, then fix this, immediately.

Second, give generous guarantees.  There is, quite literally, no easier way to make people comfortable with buying things from you, than this.

If you’re comfortable with what you’re selling, giving guarantees should be no problem.  And make them simple – like if you’re training someone, let them know if they don’t get in shape by the time they’ve finished you’re program, you’ll refund their money.  As long as they listen to what you tell them to do, this is more than a fair deal for everyone involved, right?

And lastly, create more value than your competitors.  People generally have no problem paying higher prices — what they have a problem doing, is paying without getting any kind of value for their hard-earned dollars.

For instance, let’s take something simple, like coin dealers.  What if, instead of selling the same commodity everyone else sells, you also offered membership to an inner circle that included early dibs on new, rare, or personally preferred coins, perhaps a weekly bulletin with new coin information, and a monthly offline newsletter.

Think you’d be able to get a few more dollars for your coins, than your competitors?

Oh hell yes!

Then it would be nothing to create a membership site with monthly revenues, quarterly conventions… the list is endless.

And THAT isn’t a bad way to start off the New Year.  Now is it?

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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