Small Business Marketing: 3 things your buyers are worrying about most – you'd better know 'em


I’m sure you’ll agree, anxiety is one of the most powerful distractions in your life.  It lowers your productivity… raises your stress levels… and prevents you from focusing on things.



From a buyer’s perspective, anxiety also prevents you from being able to make any kind of rational buying decisions about purchases you might want to make.

And when you’re buyers can’t make any kind of buying decision, the default decision they usually make is to do nothing, which obviously isn’t good.

So here are three things your buyers typically worry about, and how you can completely eliminate these worries:

1.  They worry whether the claims you’re making are true

And there are two simple things you can do, to eliminate this particular worry:

First, you can offer social proof — testimonials — from buyers who’ve experienced results that back up and justify the claims you’re making.  The more testimonials you have, the better.

And second, talk in terms of realistic specifics – not hype-filled nonsense.

As an example, “Your lawn will be thick and green in less than 7 days,” sounds unbelievable.

But when you say something like, “By the second day, you’re going to see the brown spots on your lawn, begin to disappear.  By day four, these brown starts will start being replaced by light green shoots, which will take root and begin to thicken up, one week later….” you have a lot more credibility.

See where I’m going with this?

See how, when you’re even a little more specific… the entire sales pitch changes?

It does, right?


Then let’s talk about the next thing your buyers worry about.

2.  They worry if they can trust you as a person.

And in today’s day and age — who can blame them?

There are two things you need to do, to build trust.  (If you want more info on this, read “How To Establish Unshakable Trust And Rapport,” which is Chapter 7 (page 72 – 101) in my book)

First thing to do here, is to again… include social proof in the form of testimonials.  If you have testimonials describing the service component or the integrity of your company, that’s even better.

And second, make sure you give bold and daring guarantees on your goods and services.  Nothing shows you stand behind what you do, better than a strong guarantee.  (Which is why my book is actually guaranteed for LIFE.)

3.  They worry about whether they could get more value, if they went somewhere else.

And this one, you cover by issuing very strong guarantees… by showing, in detail, the value proposition you’re offering… and by (once again) offering strong social proof.

“If loads of other people are satisfied… then I’ll probably be happy, too,” is how this makes your buyers feel.

Most people never stop and consider the anxiety behind their buyers decision-making.

But there again, that’s why most people… don’t sell… anywhere nearly as much as they could be selling.

Now go sell something,  Craig Garber

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