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Only 3 days left to take your free test-drive of this month’s Seductive Selling Newsletter.  besides free CDs, DVD, two free marketing critiques and back-issues, here’s what you’re missing in this issue:

5 Live ad critiques and ad examples inside, including: 4 lead generation ads (service / consulting business, health services, supplements) and 1 complete re-write I did, with DETAILED comments

*  How to eliminate ANY non-qualified prospects from responding to your ads.  If you’re sick and tired of wasting time with tire-kickers, then don’t miss this!

*  A big mistake people make when you are trying to get people to say yes, especially in print (on page 1)

This month's cover of Seductive Selling

June 2011 Seductive Selling

*  When to sell your “real” service, and when to instead, prompt curiosity over it (be careful with this one – it’s on page 2 so don’t miss it)

*  How to let your customers convince themselves to buy.  Remember, being in the convincing business stinks, so make SURE you don’t make this mistake!

*  Proven: When to be ‘hypey’ in your sales copy, and… when NOT to!

*  When your sales copy ALMOST doesn’t matter, and how to leverage this (on page 3)

*  The RIGHT way… and the WRONG way… to position yourself.  (on page 4)  Get this right and you can, quite literally, OWN your marketplace and shove all your competition completely out of the way.

On My Night Stand Right Now: An expose of one of THE best marketing books I’ve read (that most people haven’t even heard of)

*  In this month’s Q & A column (make sure you send in your questions): 7 things you should NEVER ever mention to your list of buyers or prospects (whether you’re speaking online or offline)… and 3 things you should ALWAYS do

*  In this month’s Weekend Update:  How to get your friends and family to fund your business without asking for money (NO exaggeration)… The value of time… 9 VERY cool traveling tips… and Cool URL’s

*  And in this month’s “The Back End” column:  Lucky Me??

*  And… on this month’s Audio Success CD, discover the biggest mistakes people make when speaking, and when pitching from the stage

Discover why people in 15 countries world-wide have been reading Seductive Selling every month going on 6 years now

Now go sell something,  Craig Garber

P.S.  There’s more info in this month’s issue alone, then you could EVER imagine

And remember, all the world’s indeed a stage, and we are merely players.

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