"skin" in the game

Did you know most lottery winners have absolutely none of the money left over, 5 years after they hit the jackpot?

Know why this is?

There are two reasons, actually.

For starters, the overall demographic of people who play this game aren’t exactly the most financially responsible people in the world. By nature, they’re banking on something “else” happening, other than something within their own control, to change their financial destiny.

In other words, whether you can manage money or not, is mutually exclusive from whether or not you actually have any.

Second, stroking a financial home run without putting the commensurate time into training, means what you get is “found” money. And found money is far less valuable than money earned. Money gained by merit is more respected than found money.


Because you’ve got some skin in the game. When you’re invested in something, either through sweat, or cash, or some sort of a sacrifice, that’s the only time it’s meaningful to you.

This is exactly why free consultations over the phone, for example, generally have a very low conversion rate. There is virtually no effort the person you’re helping has to make, and as a result… no value either.

There’s a huge difference between sending out an e-mail to give your prospects a chance to judge your competency, and giving away your precious time for free.

Qualifying your prospect by making them do “something” produces a much higher conversion rate, a much better buyer, and much less stress and anxiety for you.

Remember, having “skin” in the game is critical.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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