Selling: 9 Things you MUST include with your offer:

I’m incredibly busy right now, with client copywriting projects and a new consulting program, on top of regular and ongoing consulting projects, as usual.

And… with some luck on my side, I’ll also be bringing out one or two new products before the end of the year – one for sure, before the end of this month — The Maximum Money Club.

Anyway, since time is money… let’s get right down to it:


Current and prior customers ONLY


One of the things a lot of people find difficult — even me, especially when I’m busy… is keeping track of everything that should be included in one place or another.

There are so many moving parts you need to include in things like you offer… your sales pitch… your USP… and even your guarantees.

So today, let’s talk about offers… and more specifically, the 9 things you’re going to want to include with every offer you make.

Doesn’t matter whether you’re selling online… offline… or in person — because each one of these moving parts adds something.  And when you combine all of them together, the impact is magnified.


O.K., here goes:

1.  Re-state what they’re getting

When people are deciding whether to take action or not… it helps to remind them again, what they’re even thinking about (and why they’re thinking about it), in the first place.

2.  Let them know their cost.

Give ’em full disclosure — anything less is wasting your time and theirs.

3.  Include and allow payments, whenever possible

I can’t honestly say I’ve never tested payments versus non-payment options, but I do know, roughly 75-80% of our sales are on payments.

And I’d bet the farm MANY of those sales wouldn’t have taken place at all, without a payment plan option.

Of course, if you’re trying to generate a lead instead of selling something… instead of giving them the cost and payment terms… make sure your call to action is crystal freaking clear.

4.  Scarcity

If you’re offering any kind of early bonuses or if the offer expires… let them know this first.  The longer I’m around… and the longer I’m selling and working with clients who are selling, the more I continue to appreciate just how important scarcity is.

And speaking of bonuses…

5.  Bonuses and Premiums

If they exist, remind them, and make sure the benefits of these bonuses are understood and spelled out in plain and simple English.

6.  Guarantees

Whenever someone’s deciding whether to take action or not… it’s a great idea to remind them how there’s no risk or downside to their action.

This alone, often pushes people over the edge and onto your side.

7.  Testimonials

Look, when you’re closing, or when you’re putting your summary together, space is tight, and there isn’t much room for things.

But often, it’s not a bad idea (especially if you’re selling via an order form offline, or if you’re in person), to remind your buyer of some cool reasons why they need to order.

And what other people have to say, is usually much more important than any other last-minute benefits you can come up with.

8.  Call To Action

Let them know HOW to order — online… offline… telephone, fax, homing pigeon.  Give ’em all their options.

Oh, one more thing… and this is important — call this one “Number 9”

9.  No HIGH Pressure!

High pressure selling in print is just as uncomfortable as high pressure selling in person.

The LAST thing your buyer wants, is someone hovering over them and making them uncomfortable – and it’s no different in print.

You should have done all the selling you need to do, prior to this, which means this is unnecessary as well as a pain in the ass.  So avoid doing it.

Now have at it, and have fun.

Comments?  Post ’em below.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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