How To Sell Better Than Your Competition

How To Sell Better Than Your Competition

If you want to sell better than your competition, Rule #1 is to know what you’re really selling.

Here, listen to this…

I don’t watch a lot of TV. But when I do, it’s usually things like sports and movies, and lots of documentaries. And sometimes cooking shows – I like to watch people eat all those foods I can’t eat because I’m always watching my waistline :-)

A while ago, I watched a documentary about the history of modern-day wrestling.
You know, the WWF, which became WWE over time.

Although I’m not a wrestling fan, I think the amount of effort and creativity that goes into marketing modern-day wrestling is incredible, and I wanted to learn more about this. It’s also NOT easy – there’s definitely a LOT of advanced planning that goes into these events.

Like most things in life, it just doesn’t “happen.” You gotta work it.

Anyway, Vince McMahon (the majority owner and Chairman of World Wrestling Entertainment) was talking about how, one day back in 1988, he got a phone call from Ted Turner. And Ted, in his southern drawl, told Vince, “Hey Vince, guess what? I’m in the rasslin’ business now!”

What happened was, Turner had purchased a competing league — the WCW (World Championship Wrestling) league and he was calling Vince to let him know.

Vince — ever the astute businessman and shrewd marketer — turns around and says, “That’s great Ted, but I’m in the entertainment business.”

See, McMahon knows exactly the business he’s in and he makes no bones about it. He knows the fans are coming out in droves to see the ENTERTAINMENT he’s providing… so that’s what he focuses on.

In this case, wrestling is just the mechanism Vince uses to deliver this entertainment. Vince doesn’t care about the technical expertise of his wrestlers, and in fact, neither do many of his wrestlers or the fans.

So how about you — what business are YOU in?

Are you a savvy business-owner who’s fully aware of the REAL benefits you’re providing? Or, are you just an “accountant”… or a “land developer”… or a “hypnotist” or a “soil examiner” for that matter?

What are the BENEFITS of what you do?

Me, for example, I do primarily TWO things:

1. I build practical marketing systems that get you more new customers, clients or patients than your business can practically handle…

2. And… I help increase your net profits and net cash-flow by increasing the value of these clients — often, dramatically

The mechanism I use to do this (emotionally compelling sales copy and creative marketing strategy), is just the means to an end. But that’s not why people hire me to consult with them or to write for them. They buy the end result.

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So ask yourself, what business are you really in? And then… be as bold as Vince McMahon is in letting your qualified prospects know what that business is, every time you have the opportunity to do so.

Because if you think you’re better off calling yourself an accountant, and not a a “corporate tax savings expert”, you’re missing out on a lot of opportunities… and you’re kind of asleep at the wheel when it comes to your marketing.

Accountants are a dime a dozen. A commodity, just like wine or frozen shrimp. But “corporate tax savings experts” are hard to come by.

Think about this, next time someone asks what you do.

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Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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