Sell Your Way To Success:
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Stop “convincing” people to buy, and instead,
start ATTRACTING pre-qualified prospects who already
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Craig and Sam
"Create ANY lifestyle you want!"
From: Craig Garber
Lutz, Florida
Wednesday, 2:15 p.m.

Dear Friend,

If you own or operate a business, or if you are simply a man or woman who wants to make a lot of money, very quickly... then this is the most exciting and important message you will ever read!

You see, not that long ago I was dead-broke. And actually, I wasn’t just broke, my life was in shambles and I was at my wit’s end. And frankly, I did NOT know what to do.

Like many entrepreneurs, I had tremendous potential, solid skills, and a good heart. But still... it seemed like the harder I worked, the further in debt I got, and the less business came to me. That is, until I stumbled across a new way of marketing that is actually over 100 years old -- and it changed my life.

I didn’t know it then, but like many things in life that seem to blind-side you, at that moment, I was about to re-write my entire destiny.

What I stumbled across, was “emotional direct-response marketing.”

See, since all buying decisions are made based on emotions... when you can speak (and sell) to someone on an emotional level... they are very open to listening to your suggestions.  And this allows you to attract prospects who already want to buy what you're selling, which makes the actual selling itself, quite easy.

As opposed to... chasing people down like a crazy person, trying to "convence" virtually anyone you can, to buy from you.   Which is what most people selling things, try to do.  I never thought this was possible, but when you speak to people's emotions, this is exactly what happens. In fact, when you do this, even after years of nothing but frustration and anxiety, you'll find...

Suddenly... Prospects Can't Seem To Resist You!

The good news is, there is only ONE thing you need to understand, to master emotional direct-response marketing. You simply need to know how to push your prospects emotional “buy-buttons,” and that's it. This alone, gives you complete and total control over your prospects buying decisions, plain and simple. And it also gives you an unfair advantage over every other competitor of yours out there in the marketplace.

See, ultimately your prospects buy what they WANT to buy, not what they NEED to buy. And these wants are based solely on their emotions and their curiosity over what you're offering.

For instance, just think about it: ultimately, you bought your house and moved into your neighborhood because of how it made you FEEL at the time.  Right?   And you probably also bought your last car and went on your most recent vacation because of how these experiences made you feel as well.


Even if you rationalized your decisions afterwards, by saying thing like, “Oh, the taxes are low in this neighborhood”... or “This home was a great value”... or “It’s more important to see the Grand Canyon than the Empire State Building”... the truth is, ALL buying decisions are emotional decisions, based on how you're feeling about what you’re about to experience, and how you feel about who’s selling it to you.

The bad news is, digging through your prospect's cluttered mind to try and figure out what their emotional buy-buttons are, not to mention -- how to push them... is typically about as easy as digging through the proverbial "haystack" and hoping to find your missing needle!

It's hard to figure out where to start, and it's even harder to know when to stop.

But once you know HOW to engage your prospects emotionally...
you can use this knowledge to sell your prospects virtually ANYTHING!

And see, one thing I always understood, is what makes people “tick.” I grew up on the streets of New York City, so I already had a fast education in “pay close attention to what’s going on, or else!” Plus, frankly... my gut instincts HAD to be good to survive the unusual home environment I grew up in -- but that’s another story for another day.

My point is, once I discovered you can "link" this understanding to selling -- to get your customers to buy -- it was like Picasso or Dali suddenly discovering art, or Jimi Hendrix picking up an electric guitar one day, and changing history forever. I had found my calling!

So back in 2000, when all this first happened... I completely buried myself in the study of emotional direct-response marketing.  And over that first year, I spent conservatively well over 2,000 hours digging into it, as deeply as I could. I’d read books, listen to tapes, videos, and CD’s, and stay awake all night long writing sales copy until 3 or 4 o’clock in the morning. Then I’d wake up a few hours later, and head back to my office where I ran (at that time, but not for long!) my financial planning and insurance business.

Looking back, I don’t know how I managed to do this for so long, but it paid off in spades, because here’s what happened:

For the first time in my life I didn’t have to worry about money, or about getting new business. No more begging for leads, wasting time with looky-loos and tire-kickers... or "hoping" things would get better. I found out how to ATTRACT qualified prospects instead of running around town trying to "convince" people to work with me.

And isn't that what you really want out of your business?
Isn't that why you went into business for yourself in the first place?

See, when a prospect wants YOU, as opposed to you wanting THEM... it gives you a LOT more leverage and much better positioning. It lets you charge a LOT more money for your goods and services, and it lets YOU call the shots.

You suddenly find yourself being able to easily sell in situations where you were completely stonewalled, not that long ago. And once this happens, your entire life changes dramatically. Even the way you see the world starts changing.

And that's because the amount of money you have, really does impact the amount of freedom you have. The truth is, the ONLY people who say "Money doesn't make you happy," don't have any.

You see, the way to get people to buy from you, isn’t by chasing them into a corner and then beating them into submission with every canned “close” you could come up with. You get people to buy from you by gently (but deliberately) pushing these emotional "buy-buttons.” Do this and your prospects will be switched on, the same way someone you’re attracted to somehow pushes your hot-buttons and turns you on.

THIS is what creates a BURNING DESIRE inside your prospects! And you don’t need to be a Rhodes Scholar to understand that when your prospect wants you... more than you want them...

You Now Have TOTAL Control Over Your Business...
And Therefore... Over Your Life!

Once I mastered this, I quickly got myself on my feet, financially. And for the first time in my life I got to decide what I WANTED to do with my life, instead of simply “reacting,” and running around on “autopilot” worrying about what I HAD to do. I scrapped my financial planning business, started plugging away.  Today, I'm an author, speaker, successful entrepreneur, and one of the highest-paid emotional direct-response copywriters in the country. (Whenever I work with clients, that is.)

I own several businesses in several different niche industries... I publish what's possibly the fastest-growing direct-response marketing newsletter around (called Seductive Selling® and read in 14 countries world-wide)... and I run a Mastermind Group and coach other entrepreneurs how to apply these same simple secrets I’ve mastered, to grow their own businesses around the world.

However, along the way, I put down everything I’ve learned about creating emotionally compelling sales messages and effective direct-marketing strategies, into a unique selling system that lets YOU cut right through all the clutter in your prospects noisy lives. This system gives you literally hundreds of strategies that make your prospects take action, NOW! And this is what I want to talk to you about today.

This system, called The Seductive Selling® System, condenses all the emotional selling secrets I’ve developed from over 21 years of hands on “in the field” selling experiences, and 11 years of hard-nosed direct-response marketing successes and failures.

Listen to what these FIVE highly successful entrepreneurs have to say about the Seductive Selling® System, on this LIVE teleseminar recently broadcast:
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This system gives you not ONE way of pushing your prospects emotional buy-buttons... not TEN ways of doing this... and not even TWENTY different ways. The Seductive Selling® System shows you how to push all 47 of your prospects emotional buy-buttons. It gets your prospects buying from you in any selling situation you may find yourself in, and no matter who you’re selling to or where you are.

"Listen to what Dwight Miller says about The Seductive Selling System."

See, once you understand how to SEDUCE your prospects using the selling secrets and sales copy inside this system, you'll be luring one prospect after another into working with you, almost trance-like, the same way Casanova seduced one woman after another into his bedroom.

Knowing how to push these emotional buy-buttons, makes you money faster and more reliably than any other selling skill you can have.

(And as you will see... I am GUARANTEEING this.)

Why? The answer is easy: Because you’re dealing with human emotions. The same emotions that have prompted the same reactions in people since the dawning of time. And once you know the right way to appeal... to the right emotions... your ability to make money goes up, dramatically and immediately.

In fact, I’ll make a very blunt statement and say if you do NOT know how to do this effectively, you will NEVER succeed in selling the way you want to. It really is that simple.

The information inside The Seductive Selling System short-cuts years of “wondering how others do it”... years of “almost” getting it right... and it eliminates tons of very costly mistakes you’re currently making, and missed opportunities you’re currently experiencing. It transforms beginners into pro’s, immediately... and if you’re already an advanced marketer -- it gives you additional very unique ways of positioning yourself at the top of the ladder, using marketing messages that hone in on EXACTLY what your prospect really wants you to offer them.

See, the reason why most advertising fails and why you fall flat on your face when you use it, is because it doesn't tap into the most valuable asset your prospect has, and that is... their emotions -- their WANTS. Most marketing fails so miserably at this, it’s not even funny.

In fact, if you ever wished you had the ability to literally “crawl" inside your prospects minds so you can tell them EXACTLY what they want to hear... so you can sell them EXACTLY what you want them to buy... this system gives you these powers.

Here, let me show you what I mean. These are a couple of ads I recently tore out of my local newspaper, the Tampa Tribune:


As you can see, these ads are basically nothing more than “big business cards.” And yet, the truth is, these ads may not be that different from ads you may have ran, yourself... not knowing any better. I shudder to think how much money these honest hard-working people have blown, running these ads. These ads are utterly useless, lifeless, and a complete waste of money. They are as compelling as a small soap dish and will generate as much business for you, as the Easter Bunny will.

Now compare this to an ad I recently wrote for a very mundane business -- the “bug” business. Check it out:

There’s obviously a VERY dramatic difference between these ads, isn’t there?

That's why this ad set brand new records for the owner of this business -- even in this very "ordinary" business.

You see, when you know the right emotional buy-buttons to push -- and... how to push them... you wind up making an incredible emotional impact -- even with a small display ad in a boring business!

It would literally be IMPOSSIBLE to ignore this sales message if you needed these services, wouldn't it? And in fact, a similar ad I wrote like this, tripled one man's business (Tom Foster) in upstate New York, in one of the poorest counties in the state. Another ad I wrote in the same industry, is pulling a 12-to-1 return, clear across the country in Palouse, Washington.

What About YOUR Ads... In YOUR Business:
Are they working as well as you'd like?

Let’s be candid. If I asked you why you don’t have as many prospects and clients as you want... if you're being 100% honest with yourself, the answer's probably going to be something like, “My ads aren't compelling enough to attract the kind of prospects I need... or as many prospects as I need, no matter HOW hard I try."


Of course!  But don't worry -- the reason you're in this situation is simply because you either don't know the correct emotional buy-buttons to push, or you know them, but you don’t know the RIGHT way to push them.

But marketing doesn’t have to be so unpredictable and frustrating. It doesn’t have to be so hard to get new and repeat business. Reality is, trying to “convince” prospects to work with you, is as miserable and unrewarding as anything you will ever do.

Because The Seductive Selling System gives you everything you need, to push your prospects emotional buy-buttons, NOW. It changes the way your prospects respond to you, NOW.   Frankly, The Seductive Selling System shows you more effective ways of “seducing” your prospects, than you could ever possibly use in one lifetime.

And now, you can get your hands on
The Seductive Selling System, 100% risk-free!

Let's face it, attracting customers by pushing their emotional buy-buttons is the ONLY reliable way of handling your marketing. Until you get this under your belt, everything else you're going to do... amounts to nothing more than wasted effort.

It's like trying to get in better shape by buying a more expensive gym membership instead of simply taking care of the fundamentals: cardio, basic weight-training, and a clean diet. One wastes your time, and the other maximizes your results. And that's what the Seductive Selling System does: it is ALL about maximizing your results.

Here’s What Inside The Seductive Selling System!

First, you’ll get The Seductive Selling System manual, called “47 Ways To Push Your Prospects Emotional Buy-Buttons And Get Rich Along The Way!”, which is stuffed with 185-pages of no-nonsense information, snugly bound into a 2-inch, 3-ring binder!

There is no “fluff” in this book, no half-page of actual information and a half-page of blank space for “notes” -- that's NOT how I do things. With me, what you see is exactly what you get. Just eye-opening secrets about HOW to push every possible emotional buy-button you can think of, along with memorable stories and detailed examples showing you WHEN and WHY to use each one. In fact, there are actually 52 emotional buy-buttons covered, organized into 47 separate chapters.

Each chapter contains AT LEAST 3 specific examples of actual sales copy you can use to push that particular emotional trigger, or... 3 specific unique selling formulas or complete marketing campaign ideas you can implement that same day. And in the hands of ANYONE with even half a brain, this means MONEY. Instant money, if you take fast-action, using proven ideas you can swap out and easily apply. Here's just some of the information you can look forward to getting:

  • On page 134, you’ll get the inside scoop on what your prospects are REALLY afraid of, and why.  You'll also discover how to leverage this information to make serious money!

  • How to appeal to your prospect’s ego, especially if you’re selling high-priced items!  Yes, you want to make them feel special, but not the way most people think! And you’ll discover the correct way of doing this, on page 115.

  • You’ll uncover "The Bermuda Triangle:" the THREE critical emotions you MUST use if you’re selling ANY kind of financial-related services, and how most people totally screw them up! This works to your advantage in ANY economy or in any kind of marketplace, and regardless of what your product is.

  • Most people foolishly believe you need to flatter your prospects to get them to buy. This is totally wrong with one exception, and on page 167 I’ll spill the beans about this, from top-to-bottom! I’ll show you the RIGHT way to do this, without looking like you’re sucking up -- not to mention, when to do it as well!

  • On page 52 you’ll learn a sure-fire way of knowing with almost 100% accuracy, when you’re most likely to be headed down the path of success! This actually has NOTHING to do with marketing OR with writing sales copy!

  • How to position yourself so your customers will gladly pay an arm-and-a-leg just for the the privilege of working with you! (page 64) Finally, stop worrying about money, and start running your business right!

  • 3 Ways to create massive “Paranoia” in your prospects!  Knowing what your prospects are paranoid about, and when to create paranoia... creates a feeding frenzy with your offer as the bait!

  • How to use childhood memories to FLOOD your prospects with a rush of emotions, and which emotional buy-buttons to push while you’re doing this! This gets your prospects engaged and involved in your story... and ready and eager to buy!

Straight out of the starting gate, I’ll reveal the ONE emotional buy-button you MUST press in literally EVERY single sales communication you ever send out, regardless of what kind of media you’re using!  Skip this one and your ability to sell is reduced to "hoping" things work out... being in the right place and the right time... and “luck!” And last time I checked, you can’t buy a hell of a lot of groceries with hope and luck, now can you?
  • There are times you need to get your prospects all fired-up by using “negative” emotions, but if you push this strategy even "a little" too hard... you’re totally screwed!  In Chapter 19, I’ll show you a fool-proof way of using negative emotions, along with the psychology behind what’s going on - this guarantees you never make this mistake again!

  • On page 122, you’ll uncover the PRIMARY reason most marketing -- even GOOD marketing with excellent sales copy -- fails! Get your hands on this one immediately if you want to avoid falling victim to the most common mistake even SMART marketers often make!

  • On page 140, I give you a letter you can customize, to get your customers opinions about ANYTHING you want! You can easily adapt this letter to your business and send it out immediately, to get inside your prospect’s minds and find out what they want to buy from you.  Or, maybe even more important... why they didn’t buy!

  • On page 162 you’ll discover the little-known secret emotional buy-button, one of the most controversial religions out there is using, right now, to dramatically increase their membership levels! And... the two-step lead-generating marketing process behind their EXPLOSIVE growth!  You won’t BELIEVE where they’re finding all their new prospects!

  • On page 41, I’ll tell you the VERY best way of delivering a sales message -- whether in print OR in person -- and why!  (Hint: It has to do with an age-old custom you are already VERY familiar with, and have enjoyed since you were a child!)

Case Study: $42,176 in 25 Days
(Experienced Marketer with sizeable list)

“Hey Craig, I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know a couple of things. First, you are the man! I will never forget the day I called you and shared with you how “scared” I was to communicate to my list on a regular basis. I told you I was simply afraid to ask for the sale.

We talked for a few minutes and you assured me that’s what my list wanted from me. You also told me there were 47 ways to push your prospects’ emotional “Buy Buttons” and get rich along the way! I asked how I could achieve that and minutes later, I invested in your course.

Craig, I was in the middle of a trying to fill a room for a seminar and struggling to do so. Using your system, I began implementing your methods for getting people to buy. I only had 21 days left before the event. Each day I sent an email containing just one technique and each day someone registered for the event. That’s 21 people additional people to my event. You came through for me with flying colors. But it gets better!…

It wasn’t until our post event briefing that my staff and I began discussing how those 21 people allowed us to fill our room block with the hotel, how they registered for future events and the profit that was generated from those 21 people.

Craig, I’m proud to say, your system netted me $42,176.00 in 25 days!  It took me 4 days to get through the material (I’m kinda of slow), and to begin implementing what I learned. Your course is kick-ass and simple to use. You should seriously triple the price.

You are instrumental to my business and I can’t believe you didn’t sell me this course when I met you a year ago. Shame on you!  Please pass this note on to anyone who’s on the fence about investing in your course. If I can achieve this kind of result, anyone can.

In closing, if someone doesn’t own your course, they are LOSING OUT, big-time.  Period!  The price you'll pay by NOT owning The Seductive Selling System, is FAR greater than the small price you're going to pay to invest in it." Mark Sumpter - Kansas City, MO


"My response rate went from a dismal 1/2 percent to a little over 3 percent."

“Seriously, when I initially ordered Seductive Selling I was a bit skeptical. I have ordered other products from other so called marketing gurus and was very disappointed with the materials. When I received Seductive Selling System I immediately poured through the contents of the system and was so impressed with the way you presented the "47 Ways to Push Your Prospects Emotional Buy Buttons". Using your system I was able to systematically incorporate a number of your "emotional buy buttons". Guess what? My response rate went from a dismal 1/2 percent to a little over 3 percent. I am not a copywriter...but I was able to use the examples and apply them to my direct mail pieces. The effort you put into the creation of Seductive Selling System really shows. I would have gladly paid twice the price for this system! Keep up the great work!”  - Brian Deacon - Asheville, NC

“Energy. Drive. Empowerment. That's your main asset."

"Let's take a huge company, with thousands of employees. They lose money. The CEO is changed, and in 6 month's time, they EARN money. In 2 year's time, they lead their market. You have seen this story several times. How is this possible? How ONE human being, out of a thousand, can change the destiny of such a huge business? Because he knows how to instill energy, drive, motivation, belief, enthusiasm, hope, VISION to others.

So if a reader has a choice to choose a mentor, a guru, a motivator, he has no choice. YOU are the best. I don't know why. I feel that with my guts. Spending one hour with Gene Schwartz could get me energized a few months. I still have the imprint of his mind in my mind several years later. After ordering your system, I realize you have the same thing, and you can go even further. "

Christian Godefroy - Cheshires, Switzerland - Christian is an OUTSTANDING marketer, who worked side-by-side with Eugene Schwartz, author of Breakthrough Advertising, for over 10 years. Christian's sold over $300 MILLION Dollars worth of goods and services himself, and is one of the sharpest and most creative people in marketing.

“BTW, the Seductive Selling System is awesome Craig!  I haven’t finished it yet, but I tell you what, it's worth more than any one day copywriting workshop that people pay thousands to attend. I can’t wait to use these emotional buy-buttons in the copy I write for my clients.!”  Darryl DeLong, The SEO King - Nashua, New Hampshire

“Just finished your SS system, and now going back through it again. I'm learning a ton, and appreciate all the value you continue to put out. Calls and newsletter are of course awesome as well. RESULTS: My copy is improving rapidly and I'm able to crank out long copy sales letters with much more speed and precision each time... and close em'! So, your work continues to have a great impact on my growth and development. And I want to thank you tremendously for that. Best, Sean"  Sean Greeley - Durham, North Carolina

"...any way I can get some insight as to what’s going on inside your mind, and how you’re producing such powerful copy, is a MUST-HAVE!"

“Craig, as a fellow copywriter, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on your Seductive Selling System. After all, your clients repeatedly (and gladly) pay you a small fortune plus royalties for your sales copy – and Lord knows any way I can get some insight as to what’s going on inside your mind, and how you’re producing such powerful copy, is a MUST-HAVE! So, here’s my unabashed opinion:

I’ve been a professional copywriter for more than a decade, and I’m finding a ton of value in the Seductive Selling System. I wish this had been available when I first started out – it would have shortened my learning curve considerably.

I love, love, LOVE your new product! The manual alone is worth the price of admission. You are really good at explaining why these emotional buy-buttons work ... and I appreciated your suggestions about when to use them vs. when to avoid them. The real-life examples of HOW you use these buttons in your copy, was excellent, and clarified my understanding of the information you shared (plus, it gave me some great additions for my swipe file). All around, an excellent resource for anyone interested in a shortcut to world-class copy!

As far as I’m concerned, if you want to generate more cash and sales with your copy, the Seductive Selling System is a must-have resource. This will go down as one of the “classics” over time. Thank you so much for making this available!”  Jenny Hamby - Plainfield, IL

Let’s take a short “breather” here for just a moment. Because not only are you going to uncover 47 different ways to crawl inside your prospect’s mind using “arm-chair” psychology to make them buy, you'll also get a 5-Step Action Plan showing you WHICH of your prospects emotional buy-buttons you need to push, to sell more effectively. This way, you’re not left standing there scratching your head and wondering what to do next.

You’ll ALSO get a Certificate good for a FREE Emotional Buy-Button Audit (worth $250 Dollars), that I will PERSONALLY review and respond to, that gets this entire process up-and-running in your own marketing!

PLUS... I’ll toss in ANOTHER Certificate good for a FREE Sales Copy Critique and Review of ANY marketing piece you want (another $250 Dollar value)!

Now let’s take a look at what else you’ll find in The Seductive Selling System Manual:

  • In Chapter 25, you’ll find 17 different words to use, when you’re trying to market to an “exclusive” marketplace, along with a “brain-dead” way of using this same strategy in ANY kind of coaching or membership program. This makes your offer MUCH sexier and more appealing to even the laziest prospects!  I’ll also explain WHY this is so effective, so you can immediately increase your own value to your own prospects and customers, right away!

  • On page 97, you’ll discover killer sales copy to use, to take your prospects on a trip down memory lane, and why this is so effective!  (Once you hear this one, you’ll get the same “Damn, why wasn’t I using this all along!” reaction, nearly everyone gets once they hear this.)

  • Did you know, varying the “tone” of your sales copy communicates as much in print, as your body language and the tone of your voice does in person?  It’s true! And on page 40, I’ll show you three EASY -- and I mean “stupid” easy -- ways of making your “tone” very appealing!

  • In Chapter 46, I’ll show you the biggest mistake entrepreneurs and sales people make, and how you’re leaving a TON of cash lying there on the table right now, because of it! And, how to easily turn this situation around. immediately!

  • For one reason or another, there are LOADS of scenarios where your prospects may not trust you, either because of the profession you’re in, or because they’ve been burned in the past by someone else who does what you do. On pages 108 through 110, I’ll show you how to COMPLETELY overcome this and how to be perceived as a trusted advisor, instead!  (After all, why should someone else’s bad business practices be YOUR problem?)

  • In Chapters 27 and 28, I’ll show you the HUGE difference between Love and Lust, and the most important thing you want your prospects to go through, when you’re selling something having to do with EITHER of these hot-buttons!  Don’t worry, I’ve kept these sections 100% PG-rated -- and in fact, this is one of the BIGGEST misconceptions about this topic!

  • What about greed? You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out there are some products and services people buy, simply because they’re greedy, right?  You’ll uncover the secret to using “Greed” so your prospects are absolutely salivating over what you’re offering. I’ll also explain the “Greed Triangle” you MUST use if you’re marketing any kind of financial-related products and services!  (This one I know from personal experience, because I used it VERY effectively to generate well-over $2 Million Dollars worth of commissions when I was a financial planner!)

  • On page 71, I’ll tell you why you should NEVER EVER sell based on price, and the social, emotional, and financial pitfalls you can count on getting hit with, if you’re foolish enough to do this!

  • And on page 178, I’ll reveal the unusual childhood experience I had, that led me down the path to uncovering all this information, and why it was Destiny waiting in the wings for me to become who I am, today!  Unfortunately, however... this isn’t something you want your own kids to experience!

This is just a very small sampling of what you can look forward to in The Seductive Selling System manual. You’ll also find over 36 headlines you can use... specific marketing “hooks” and strategies... and proven marketing ideas you can pick and choose from, to create your own promotions, and... swipe file fodder galore!

It’s true! Each emotional buy-button comes with at LEAST 3 specific samples of sales copy you can use, and in most cases, you can also use these ideas as the basis for your entire marketing campaigns!

“I knew you had a unique ability to turn words into money for me -- BIG money -- in a way no one else could.”

"Craig, I’ve worked with you in so many different capacities, I don’t know where to begin, so let’s start at the beginning.

I had actually been a subscriber of yours online for a while, before we met in person at a weekend seminar. Within MINUTES of meeting you and hearing you speak (if you remember, we were introduced by a mutual friend), I knew I had to get my hands on every one of your products and somehow find a way to have you fit me into your schedule so I could become a client of yours.

I knew you had a unique ability to turn words into money for me -- BIG money -- in a way no one else could.

So the following Monday morning, first thing, I subscribed to your Seductive Selling newsletter and Audio Success CD of the month (which is BY FAR, the most incisive and comprehensive direct-response marketing newsletter out there today), I bought some coaching time with you, and I ordered a few of your CD’s (again, all of them are FILLED with first-class top-shelf marketing material).  I also got your Seductive Selling System, which is packed with more useable marketing strategies and ideas for quick-turn sales copy ideas, than any other product I own.

Once we got on our call, you immediately identified some GAPING holes in my current marketing, and pointed out several other opportunities I was missing that were costing me a bundle, and you devised a plan I could use to easily fix all this. I knew I wanted to hire you so this project could really get taken care of correctly, and so we set up a time to discuss this as well, and when we got to it, you were very well prepared, again.

Even though you cost a small fortune to hire, and admittedly, it was difficult for me to swallow at first, I knew the money I was putting out wasn’t a cost, but an investment I’d recover swiftly, once we rolled out our promotion.

You didn’t let me down. Within four days of rolling out our project, we recovered 100% of the investment my partners and I made in hiring you. Not only that, but you went W-A-A-Y above board in handling some very unique needs and special circumstances we had in this particular case. I know from prior experiences that NOBODY else would have gone to the same lengths you did, to help us. The quality of your work and the effort you put into taking care of me, and the overall experience I had with you, was second to none. (Plus, it didn’t hurt that we made a boat load of money on the deal, either.)

I’ve been a VERY successful entrepreneur going on 14 years now, and you are someone I want to keep in my own “circle of trust” for as long as I continue in business moving forward. I guess the proof is in the pudding in that the very FIRST thing my very skeptical partners (who are completely new to direct-response marketing and sales copy in general) told me when we finished discussing out next project, was “Make sure you get Craig Garber involved with this, right away.”

Craig, working with you has been nothing but a pleasure. Even though we haven’t known each other very long, oddly enough, I feel like you’ve been a life-long friend. Frankly -- and I’m not saying this to make you feel good or anything -- but even the subsequent FREE critique I got from you was much better than any other paid critique I’d gotten from anyone else, including XXX and XXX (names withheld - no need to slam others).

If you ever need a reference, or if someone is ever on the edge of the fence about working with you, or they foolishly are looking at the investment they’re going to be making, instead of the return on that investment they’ll be rewarded with, please feel free to have them contact me personally and I will be happy to let them know you are the real deal.

Thanks Craig, for everything. Best wishes, Jim Canale" - Warminster, PA

But Wait... There’s Still A LOT More
Inside The Seductive Selling System!

You’ll also get 20 CLASSIC Direct-Response Marketing display ads for your swipe files, including 3 advertorials I wrote -- two of them I was paid over $40,000 to create!

PLUS, to show you EXACTLY what’s going on in each of these ads, you’ll receive 5 FULL-LENGTH DVD’s (with over 4 and a half hours of material on them) where you get to “look over my shoulder” as I sit down and comb through each and every ad in detail, right in front of you on your computer screen or on your DVD player.

On these DVD’s, I’ll show you step-by-step, what’s going on and why, line-by-line in each ad.  What’s right, and what’s wrong... what to do, and... maybe even more important -- what NOT to do. These specific details dramatically improve your results, immediately, and this is NOT an exaggeration. Just plop these DVD’s into your home DVD player or your computer, and sit down and go through them at your own pace.

Watching them, and listening to me go through these ads --- it's as if you were sitting down right here next to me, behind my desk, and we are both looking at my computer monitor together.  I’ll show you what emotional buy-buttons are being pushed and why they’re being pushed, and the DOZENS of common-sense positioning strategies you can use to do these very same things in your own business.

You can literally turn around the very next morning and start implementing these strategies yourself. And you can use them in ALL your marketing, whether you’re using web sites, display ads, direct mail, postcards, val-pack ads, trade magazines, advertorials, whatever -- ANY kind of print media.

I routinely charge $1,497 to do sales copy reviews exactly like this, so you are effectively getting close to $ 30,0000 Dollars worth of value here (20 ads at $1,497 each), PLUS, you’re getting the actual ads themselves, worth over $40,000!.

Here’s just a small sampling of these 20 eye-opening ads I break down and review for you, from A to Z:

  • Unusual but VERY clever business opportunities and “How To Make Money” ideas, selling products, professional services, and “stuff” you've NEVER seen before!

  • Classic weight-loss and body-building ads!

  • “Knick-knacks" that launched million-dollar industries! (Little hinges really do swing big doors open!)

  • Items that require you to get through a "gatekeeper," first!

  • Hobbies and hobby "how to” services!

  • Financial services and real estate!  (My “How To Make An Absolute KILLING In Real Estate, Without Paying Even One Thin Dime Of Income Taxes -- EVER!” ad, may be the very best display ad / advertorial you’ve ever seen in your entire life!)

  • And... much much more!

"At the going rate for copy like yours, this course is worth at least $15,000 - $35,000."

“The formulas for emotional hot buttons and reasons to buy are worth their weight in gold. You giving specific examples on how to use each one, invaluable. At the going rate for copy like yours, this course is worth at least $15,000 - $35,000.

I loved the walk through of the classic ads, as well as your own ads. Seeing how to critique million dollar space ads revealed a number of techniques and unusual things I had never noticed, nor been taught before.

After recently reviewing courses for a number of copywriters, I can honestly say yours is definitely under-priced. One of the courses I reviewed is full of pure bunk - stuff you can pull off any old web site. Yours though, contains nuggets I have never seen nor heard.

The Tales From The Throne is an incredibly useful guide as well... something that has more meat in it than most over-priced books on the market. Also, love the Neiman Marcus analogy.

Your Seductive Selling System is a MANDATORY keeper for your marketing resource library. It is rare to find a course that has so many useful tips, combined with action plans and examples on how to incorporate them into your own business. I just saw some copy that broke rule number 18 and now I understand why it turned me off so quickly. Pick up a copy of this course if you are serious about adding a zero or two to your bottom line. This is one that will never leave my desk and will never be loaned out! Not without a $1,000 deposit anyhow. Powerful info here Craig - I look forward to reporting back my results to you."   Troy White - Calgary, Canada

But That's Not All!

  • You’ll also get a one-hour Audio CD of an eye-opening interview I did, where I reveal “The 3 Most Powerful Marketing Secrets On Earth!” and “The Oldest And Most Overlooked Selling Formula Of The Maverick Marketing Millionaires!” I held NOTHING back on this call! (A $147 Dollar Value)

I’ll explain each of these 3 little-known but highly-effective marketing secrets literally ANY entrepreneur can make a small fortune with, right away -- along with very specific examples of HOW you can use them. PLUS, I’ll also tell you about an ages-old often-overlooked selling formula that completely transforms your business, positioning you at the top of the ladder all your now-hungry customers MUST climb up, to get to you. There are FOUR distinct situations where you MUST use this formula, and I’ll review each one of them in detail with you.

  • You’ll also get the transcript for this interview (a $47 Dollar Value), this way you can absorb this at your own pace, making notes and outlining the strategies most relevant to you and your business.  And rest assured, if you’ve never seen or heard me speak, one hour of ME talking, is like 3 hours of most people talking.

  • PLUS, you’ll also get “Tales From The Throne!” This is a 139-page guide (worth $197 Dollars) that contains 28 different high-impact and easy to implement emotional direct-marketing and copywriting strategies, including:

  • The Most Profitable Product In The World You Can Ever Sell!

  • A Little-Known Secret To Writing Copy, For Serious Copywriters Only!

  • How To Make Hooking Up With Your “Ex” More Thrilling Than It Ever Was Before!  (This one’s definitely NOT what you’re thinking -- this one FILLS your bank account up with a bushel of cash, instead of sucking it dry, like most “ex’s!”)

  • 3 Inside Secrets To Making You Richer Using Direct Mail!

  • The Right Way... And The Wrong Way... To Use “Pictures” To Increase Your Response Rates!

  • What To Never EVER Say To Your Prospects!

  • And... much much more!

"I then realized this is not only the best marketing course I have ever used, but the information in this one actually works... I could see an immediate response in sales."

“I have got to be honest with you...when I received your Seductive Selling System in the mail, I thought it would be just like all the other marketing courses -- full of bull! And believe me, I have all the others, and yours is not full of bull, it is the best!!  After I opened it and started going thru the 185 page book, I then realized this is not only the best marketing course I have ever used, but the information in this one actually works. Upon using just a few of the techniques and "secrets" you reveal in your course, I could see an immediate response in sales. These tools are the best I have ever used to increase my sales. And by the way, the best part is the five DVD's. You go into so much detail and explain everything so well in the DVD's, it makes everything very easy to understand. P.S., I actually picked up a few MORE nuggets of wisdom by listening to the Audio CD’s, than I got from the DVD’s the first time around!”  Richard Myers, The Golf Doc - Greenville, South Carolina

"Just the main manual alone gave me a ton of ideas for USP’s and sales copy for my letters and postcards. I have not even gotten thru the rest of the stuff and so far the money has been well spent."

“I have a few copywriting courses and they just simply gather dust on my bookshelf (I have three of them right now just like that). One of them from a well known copywriter has 12 dvds and 4 huge workbooks…. Who has the time to sit and go thru all that stuff. I need fast and simple information that I can use to write better copy and sales messages to make my phone ring TODAY!!! That is why I found your Seductive Selling System so much easier and valuable than the big huge copywriting courses out there for sale. Just the main manual alone gave me a ton of ideas for USP’s and sales copy for my letters and postcards. I have not even gotten thru the rest of the stuff and so far the money has been well spent. Bottom line is that if you are looking to invigorate your copy and sales message to get more customers WITHOUT having to go thru thousands of pages and days worth of dvd’s then Seductive Selling is a MUST HAVE course. Thanks, Craig”  Cris Chico - Hollywood, Florida

"...another $94K/year income stream..."

"I bought Seductive Selling because one look at your pest control ad was all the proof I  needed you are a freakin' master. That ad is the very definition of a 'greased slide.' Me-Wanne! After studying SS, I pulled out the Table of Contents listing the 47 emotional buy-buttons, and stuck it on my wall. As I write, I keep checking the list - checking the list. Because I know the more buttons I push, the more money I make.  It's a DIRECT relationship (like big breasts and  whiplash). If I hit a wall, I just pop open the manual and review your examples, re-read your instructions.  It's that easy. Not one in a million can write copy at your level, but we don't have to. All we have to do is be better than the competition - and now that's like beating a five year old in a footrace. Most recent application: 81 sales of $97 continuity program membership to a list of 1,100 in 2 days with three emails and a SS letter. If we 'stick-em' for 12 months, which we will, that's another $94K/year income stream. Thanks for sharing what you know, Craig, it's genius.   Eric Ruth, Fitness Marketing Systems Inc. - Raleigh, North Carolina

But Guess What? That’s STILL Not All!

  • When you order the COMPLETE system NOW, you’ll also get 5 Audio CD’s, that contain the COMPLETE tracks from the 5 DVD’s, covering the 20 different sales copy critiques (a $485 Dollar Value). This way, you can listen to the Audios at your convenience -- while you’re working... on your iPod while you’re exercising... first thing in the morning when you’re fresh, or... whenever you want to review the swipe file material without having your television or your computer monitor blaring out at you.

  • You’ll also get all 5 COMPLETE Transcripts from these Audio CD’s as well (a $235 Dollar Value), so you can mark them up and dog-ear the pages, and make notes in the margins for which of these strategies you’re going to be using first.
Hang On, Because We’re Not Through Yet...
There’s Still 26 More FREE Bonuses For You, When You Order NOW!

When you order The Seductive Selling System, if you are not already a subscriber, you’ll also get a FREE 30-day test-drive of my Maximum Money Club, which includes my offline newsletter called Seductive Selling -- which has been published monthly since April 2006 -- along with 26 FREE Bonus Gifts worth OVER $3,632 Dollars! 

These are REAL bonuses, including 12 Special Reports, Workshops on marketing strategies, copywriting and persuasion (along with their transcripts), Sales Copy Critiques on Video, and much more -- not the usual nonsense you get, that's passed off as a bonus but in reality is so worthless you wouldn't even use it to line the bottom of your bird cage. In fact, here are just a few of the many raving comments members have sent in, about what you have to look forward to each month, as part of the Maximum Money Club:

"Its 4 AM and I am up listening to the Secrets of Success phone call MP3. Totally kick ass! I am really happy I signed up today and I look forward to putting all this into action." Greg Bennick - Seattle, WA

"... got my newsletter in my office and snuck away to read every word. I must admit that I learned more in that newsletter than I have in a lot of my other reading. One of the most important reinforcements was the don't work for free, completely appropriate and something I will remember always. The most impressive article for me had nothing but everything to do with copywriting and that was the back page. That article hits home with me setting up a model for success in my head that's not realistic always trying to hit a home run. Thanks for that, that was the most important article for me in the newsletter. This document will help me write and think better and I will be happy to continue to subscribe and look forward to the coaching. Thanks again."  Dwight Miller - Marlton, NJ

"Craig, I got your newsletter the other day. Well worth the wait. I REALLY had a hard time putting it down. Lots of great stuff I can apply to the business I'm in (Internet Marketing Consulting). I laughed when I read the email from that knucklehead that wanted you to work for free. I'm going to steal your "it's an investment that pays for itself" response next time someone asks us for free Internet marketing consulting. Thanks.

One month later, I received another note from Darryl: I got your newsletter the other day, once again another brilliant, information packed, eye-opening masterpiece from the King of Copy. I want to thank you for answering my B2B copywriting question and for sharing so much of your insight and knowledge with me and many other readers. The ads you reviewed this month were terrific examples of what to do and what NOT to do in writing copy. What you wrote on page 4 about properly informing our prospects that we TRULY understand their needs and frustrations before we throw at them all the benefits and features of our product/service is SO true. As you say they “don’t care how much we know, until they know how much we care.”  Darryl DeLong - Groton, MA (If you’ve ever sold something, you know how rare it is to get unsolicited testimonials. Getting TWO of them from the same person, is almost unheard of.)

Here are all the other FREE bonuses (worth $3,632 Dollars) you’ll get with your FREE test-drive of The Maximum Money CLub:

  • One Now Get TWO FREE Sales Copy and Marketing Critiques! ($250 Value each!)
  • FREE Current Seductive Selling® Newsletter Back Issue and...
  • FREE 12 Brand New Special Reports: See what's hot, NOW! ($97 Value!)
  • FREE Video!   Discover how to push your prospects emotional "buy buttons!"  I reveal hidden psychological buying triggers, in this detailed Sales Copy and Marketing Strategy critique of a sales letter I wrote that consistently converts 10% of all buyers of a $47 product, into a $997 Dollar upsell. (You'll even get a copy of the ad for your own personal swipe file!)!  ($897 Value)
  • FREE Aucio CD!  of last month's Maximum Money Q & A Call ($500 Value)
  • FREE Particiation on next month's Maximum Money Club open Q & A call!   ($247 Value)
  • FREE Audio Workshop: How To Outfox The Foxes! 53-Minute audio interview & 16-page transcript($500 Value!)
  • FREE Audio Workshop: Seductive Copywriting Secrets That Sell! 65-Minute audio interview & 29-page transcript($500 Value!)
  • FREE Audio Workshop: How To "Smell" Opportunity! 61-Minute audio interview & 23-page transcript($500 Value!)
  • FREE Certificate good for 50% off ANY Product!($500 Max Value!)

After your 30-day trial, your subscription becomes activated for only $49.95 a month ($59.95 if you’re outside of America), with no obligation to continue. And if at any time you want to cancel your subscription, just give my office a call at 813-909-2214, or e-mail my assistant Anne (her e-mail address is on the back page of every issue), and we will IMMEDIATELY cancel your subscription, no questions asked and no hard feelings.  My office phone number and e-mail as well as a contact name is on the back of every issue - you won't have a hard time canceling anything with us.

But frankly, once you see the HUGE benefits and breakthroughs you’ll be getting every month, the last thing that’ll cross your mind, is cancelling.


“I’m fortunate to possess a Rolodex with the contact info of some of the best and brightest marketing minds on four continents. Craig Garber is one of them. In The Seductive Selling System, Craig’s years of hard boiled insights and business acumen is laid out and unraveled plain-as-day -- it's something NO serious direct marketer should be without.  His "Seductive Selling System" takes on the daunting task of expanding on Joe Sugarman’s landmark "Triggers", going several steps further and deeper, sharing more useful and practical sales copy samples, and more innovative new marketing ideas you can immediately get up-and-running, than you'd ever expect. He’s easily succeeded in this task.  Lawrence Bernstein - Tuscon, AZ


"I've been in Dan Kennedy's top private groups for years now, and Craig's one of the best.  If you are looking for a guide to "crawling inside the minds of your prospects," then The Seductive Selling System is a must-have!  It is NOT just a bunch of theories or "psycho-babble" about how people's minds work, it's WAY more than that.

In the style of a Kennedy, Carlton, or a Halbert, Craig really "tells it like it is," real from the trenches kind of stuff.  He actually lists 47 emotional "triggers" you have to use in your copy if you really want to sell.  And not only that, but he defines and then uses each trigger in a chunk of copy.

Truthfully, this is a little bit of a pain, because instead of just being able to read, I found myself writing down ideas from every page and my brain was actually converting the text into copy I will use in my own writing.

And if that isn't enough, Craig also takes 20 ads apart, piece by piece, easy for anyone to see why piece is there and what it does and how to adapt to my own pieces.   Seductive Selling has become a staple in my "success library" -- a resource I will go back to again and again. Thanks Craig!!!"  Mike Miget - St. Louis, MO

I learned a ton of copywriting secrets from Craig Garber's review of classic ads. In fact, I've been stuck on a sales letter I've been writing for the last 12 days, and Craig's program gave me the HUGE breakthrough that I've been searching for. Finally, with Craig's copywriting program I can create the sales letter that will transform my entire product promotion." Robert Skrob - Jacksonville, Florida - President of the Information Marketing Association

Look, most people gravitate to me because I’m a straight shooter. If you've read my book, "How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers," then you already know I’m NOT a guy who’s particularly good at small talk. But if you catch me one-on-one, then you’ll probably have one of the most meaningful and rewarding conversations you’ve ever had in a good long while. And if you’ve ever dealt with me personally, or know someone who has, then you already know I’m one of those sort of “old school” guys whose word means everything to him.

This also means I’m not very good at hyping things up, so when I tell you this system lets you "lift up the hood" of your prospect’s mind, so you really CAN push their emotional buy-buttons at will, I mean it! But even more important, when you listen to the people who own The Seductive Selling System, and you see the results they're getting, you know for yourself, it's true.

But just in case you’re still skeptical, I am so confident The Seductive Selling System boosts your copywriting skills, and gives you literally HUNDREDS of new emotional direct-marketing ideas and practical strategies you will rapidly profit from... I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is, without any qualms at all. So let me make things perfectly clear:

I Am Giving You Two HUGE Zero-Risk
“Personal Handshake” GUARANTEES:

  1. Listen, when I was growing up, your handshake meant MUCH more than any legal document a lawyer could draw up. And call me hokey, but don’t you miss those days when your word was all you needed to get something done? So let’s just say this GUARANTEE is my “personal handshake.” It’s my own personal promise to you:

“If you aren't TOTALLY satisfied with the results you get from my Seductive Selling System... your overall experience using the system... AND the knowledge and wisdom that's packed inside... then I will GLADLY buy your system back from you, any time within 180 days.  You have my ABSOLUTE WORD on this."
Craig Garber

If I don’t deliver, you don’t owe me a thing.  That’s a pretty bold promise, isn’t it?

That's because I'm VERY comfortable making you this promise. 

Look, invest in The Seductive Selling System right now and you can evaluate it for FREE, for 180 days. After you go through it, if, for whatever reason you’re displeased, just box it up and box it back to me and I will BUY IT BACK FROM YOU any time within 180 days from the time you placed your order, no questions asked.

The material inside The Seductive Selling System, will make you awash with fresh new prospects, eager to work with you. And the effect of this will be a surge of cash-flow running through your hands. So please look at everything inside The Seductive Selling System IMMEDIATELY once you get it.

There is simply NO other investment you could ever make in your own future, that pays off so fast and so richly. Not only today... but for years to come.

  1. I’ll even take this one step further. I’m not just going to do a wham bam thank-you ma’am, hit-and-run on you either. Use The Seductive Selling System for a full year. Submit your FREE Emotional Buy-Button Audit Certificate, and your FREE Copywriting Review Certificate... and let me give feedback on your projects. If after one full year, you haven’t been able to make at LEAST an extra $10,000 Dollars by using all these resources, I fully stand behind my system and will BUY IT BACK FROM YOU, no questions asked.

In this case, all I ask is that you send me a brief note showing exactly what you did, and what your results were. A bit of a challenge, yes -- but it’s one I’m prepared to honor on my end, no questions asked, and it also lets you know I’m serious about all this.

I’m THAT confident about the success you’ll experience, and I’m THAT willing to go out of my way to stand behind what I'm offering you and what this system does for you. But don’t believe me -- as soon as you receive The Seductive Selling System, rip it open yourself and prove or disprove it at MY risk, immediately.

Craig, I want “in” on this, and I want in NOW!

It’s Easy To Order, Here’s How:

The Seductive Selling System is easily worth $9,997 dollars. After all, who wouldn't give up 10 Grand today, in exchange for a lifetime of extra annual earnings? After all, how much is it worth to you, to have a better life? Seriously?

But don’t worry -- you’re not going to have to pay $9,997 to get this program.  And in fact, you're not even going to have to part with half that much.

When you order now, you can get your hands on the COMPLETE Seductive Selling System for only $997.  And if you have a major credit card, you can even make 4 convenient EZ-installments of only $255 each.

Or, only $797 if you want the “Light” System (or, 3 convenient EZ-installments of only $277 each).

The bottom line is, you do not need very many transactions to recoup your investment in this system, regardless of WHAT you do for a living, and the truth is, if you can't get your investment back within a relatively short time, you have other business problems that are W-A-A-Y beyond the scope of this program.

There are actually two versions of this system, and here's the difference between these two systems: The COMPLETE Seductive Selling System contains all 5 Audio CD’s, along with the 5 transcripts of the Audios -- a $720 dollar extra value, for only $200 more. The 5 Transcripts and the 5 Audio CDs are NOT included with the “Light” System.

Before you place your order, let’s just go over everything inside The Seductive Selling System one last time. You get this all delivered to your front door, by trackable first-class U.S. Priority, or Global Air Express Mail:

Here's What You're Getting
Inside The Seductive Selling System!
“47 Ways To Push Your Prospects Emotional ‘Buy-Buttons’ And Get Rich Along The Way” 185-page manual
(47 x $100 ea.)
5-DVD’s containing 4 ½ hours of LIVE step-by-step detailed sales copy critiques and reviews of 20 Classic Direct-Response Ads
(20 x $897 ea.)
20 Classic Direct-Response Ads, including 2 ads I was paid $40,000 Dollars to write
$40,000 +
1-Hour Audio CD Interview
Transcript of the Audio CD Interview
Tales From The Throne: 28 New Hands On Strategies
Emotional “Buy-Button” Audit Certificate
FREE Sales Copy Review Certificate
FREE Test-Drive Of The Maximum Money Club
26 FREE Bonus Gifts, including Special Reports, Audio Workshops & Transcripts, Sales Copy Critiques, and more
5 Audio CD’s with 4 ½ hours of LIVE step-by-step detailed sales copy reviews of 20 Classic Direct-Response Ads
(5 x $97 ea.)
5 Complete Transcripts from the Audio CD’s
(5 x $47 ea.)
Total Cost Buying Each Item Separately
Your Low Investment, But Only When You Take Fast Action, Now
Or... EZ-Installment Program
4 at $255
3 at $277


“Craig Garber's Seductive Selling System is bloody brilliant. With this system you will become a virtual puppet master and the world is your stage. You'll effectively be able to pull the strings of every prospect you target and control every move they make. You want them to opt in - they'll opt in. You want them to call - they'll call. You want them to buy - they'll buy. And he shows you quickly and easily how to work them, inside the system again and again, to recreate your desired results over and over.”  Jimmy Vee & Travis Miller - Orlando, Florida


“Just wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know my thoughts on your new "Seductive Selling" home study course: The truth is... You did a damn good job!

     It's true. You really out-did yourself on this one. I consider myself a fairly well-rounded marketer and copywriter, but as embarrassing as it is for me to say this -- I realized that I have a LOT to learn in the world of direct response marketing after reading your course. Heck, of the 47 emotional "seductive triggers" that you disclosed, I was only aware of and actively using 20 or so. The other 27 "seductive tactics" are going to explode my sales and profitability once implemented, without a doubt. I admit, I'm quite pumped up about it (and may even get started tonight, even though the clock is about to strike midnight any second now).

You're a true direct response genius as far as I see it, and look forward to putting my newfound knowledge to work for me.     Thanks again Craig, and keep up the good work.

P.S. I LOVE the fact you didn't "dress up" the package with useless bells and whistles. Just straight content -- from start to finish, which is VERY different from most of the products I review. I just wanted you to know that did not go unnoticed. Again, great job."  Marty Crawn - Wharton, NJ


“Craig, I ordered your The Seductive Selling System and there is certainly no shortage of content! You definitely under-promised and over-delivered on that.

      The issue I’m having right now, is I’ve spent the last 3 days going through your complete system and I feel like I just took a sip of water from a fire-hydrant. I have all these ideas running through my head, and I somehow need to sort through all my notes so I can start taking ACTION NOW! I’m suffering from anxiety like a runner at the start of a race, and I want to run already!!!!

      Much thanks and appreciation. I love all the content, and I’ll definitely let you know my success. Looking forward to it.” Gabriel Anderson - Santa Ana, CA


Let’s face it, your ability to persuade, lead, and motivate your prospects today, right NOW, is SOLELY responsible for the kind of lifestyle you and your family get to enjoy. Whether your “vacations” (if you even get to take vacations) will be short weekends spent at the Days Inn, all stuffed into one room together, smothering one another. Or... whether they’re 2 week excursions around Europe, staying in the finest 5-star hotels available.

Whether you retire comfortably -- content, and at peace with yourself and the world around you -- or whether you will be working at something you never really did get to master, for far less money than you deserved, and for far longer than you wanted to.

The choice is yours. However, the selling secrets, marketing formulas, and sales copy swipe file giveaways, along with the critiques and strategies jam-packed inside this system, have the power to alter your destiny, changing not only your life, but the lives of your children, and their children as well. I know they changed my life in ways I never could have even imagined at one time.

And if the home you live in, the type of car you drive, and your overall quality of life depend at all on your ability to sell your goods and services, even if you’re selling “passively,” like a doctor or a lawyer -- then your ability to get your prospects to take action now isn’t only important, but when it comes down to it, it is the most critical skill you need. 

And if you're not doing something to improve this skill... your business is guaranteed to go the way of the 8-Track tape player and the walkman.  And sadly, this isn't a scare tactic, it's a fact.

Today, I live on a sprawling lake-home just outside of Tampa, Florida. Our property is filled with Orange, Grapefruit and Banana trees, where I sit and write sales copy, publish my newsletter, and talk to my Mastermind and consuting members, while overlooking my boat-house. Worlds away from the apartment housing projects I grew up in, in the Bronx. And if you want to find me on Friday evenings and Sunday mornings, just check the south-side of my lake, where I’ll be bass fishing, smoking a good cigar, and enjoying the most valuable thing The Seductive Selling System gives you:

FREEDOM... To Enjoy... Your Life!

See, I’M the guy who USED to stuff all five us all into one small hotel room. I'm the guy who was embarrassed about driving around in a car so old and worn down, the paint job was completely corroded.  However, SOLELY by mastering these skills... today my family stays in five-star hotels and Presidential suites -- yes, even in Europe -- because of the secrets inside The Seductive Selling System.

So why not live the rest of your years out, like a KING!

“Bottom Line: if you are serious about making more money right now... and you need instant feedback... and you want to seriously take your game to the next level, then you need THE KING OF COPY, Craig Garber. He is my NEWEST secret weapon. If you are serious... get his Seductive Selling System. It will easily pay for itself before you get your first credit card bill!”  Ed O'Keefe - Chicago, IL, President of Dentist Profits

So obey that urge you’re feeling, and order NOW!

Thank you for reading this message, and I truly wish you the very best in life.

Craig Garber

P.S. “Hoping” things will change certainly won’t make this happen... and “thinking” about things really really hard, also won’t do a thing for you... and even "praying" won't make this happen, either. You simply can't learn this stuff on your own, any more than you can learn martial arts on your own. You need knowledge... lessons... experience... wisdom... and someone who’s walked in your shoes, to guide you through.

The Seductive Selling System gives you all this, along with much much more.

P.P.S. You have absolutely NOTHING to lose by taking this 180-day test-drive -- absolutely nothing. But you have everything to lose out on, by ignoring this.

Because here’s the cold harsh reality: you only get one life to live. So why not live it wealthy, experiencing all the riches you deserve, and the life you’ve always dreamed of living?

The Seductive Selling System doesn’t just show you WHERE the money’s hiding -- it shows you exactly HOW to get it! And if other men and women are making their businesses (and their lives) more rewarding... then why shouldn’t you?

Remember, opportunity isn’t just knocking at your door here... it’s practically kicking your door down!!

See, most people foolishly believe success comes from working long, hard hours... being very “good” at what you do... and maintaining a high level of ethics. The problem with this is that it sounds great, but... it’s all wrong.

These things will keep you in business, but they simply don't make the phone ring, and they don't ever get you new prospects. They may keep the door opened, but they don't get your foot IN the door in the first place. The truth is, the ONLY thing that makes the phone ring and gets you a steady stream of pre-qualified fresh new prospects, customers and clients... is knowing how to consistently push your prospects emotional buy-buttons.

What I’m offering you is a turn-key way -- in fact, I’m actually offering you 47 turn-key ways -- of doing this whenever you want, and each one of them are as reliable as a Swiss watch.

So if you’re ready, then roll up your sleeves... because this just may be... the most thrilling ride... of your life!

Look, between your risk-free 180-day NO commitment, and when you consider that The Seductive Selling System is probably 100% tax-deductible for you... what possible reason you could have to justify ignoring this opportunity?


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