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less than 7 hours left to take your free test-drive of the Seductive Selling Newsletter, and this month’s issue is PACKED with great stuff!  Top five reasons to JUMP on this:

5.  “Of all the subscriptions I get, I love Seductive Selling and your writing style.  You’ve been a great inspiration to me and in my thinking and writing. Keep up the great work.”  Dr. EJ Tahir – Burr Ridge, IL

4.  “Craig, first, I have to thank you for putting together such an incredible product in your Seductive Selling newsletter.  I know there are “some” newsletters on the market, but I truly feel smarter in marketing every time I read your newsletter.  I really can’t thank you enough for what you do. I think the only way I can thank you is to put it to use in my own business.”  Lee Smith – Las Vegas, NV

3.  “Craig, After getting your emails for 1 1/2 years I finally signed up for your offline newsletter.  I have learned so much from you that I am able to give valuable input to others and seriously, it was to help others and not for any money at all.

So what happens when we follow your advice? 1) The first time I used one of your emotional buttons in an email it was read by 160% of my actual email list (more people read the email that I actually had on my shorter list at that time)… God bless you Craig, I’m so glad some one pointed me in your direction.  I really am!”   Edwin Soler – Avondale, PA

2.  “Hi Craig, I just thought I’d write you a quick note to let you know about a HOME RUN product launch that I just completed in dating niche. In the end this campaign ended up netting me over $30,000 and I have YOU largely to thank for its success.  Some of the strategies that I got from reading your Seductive Selling Newsletter were key in making my launch a smashing success.

Your newsletter has so many cutting edge strategies you can’t find ANYWHERE else.  There are a lot of gurus out there to follow but I’m really happy that I got plugged into your stuff.   If anyone is out there that is serious about taking their business to the next level, they’d be crazy not to follow the King. Thanks again, Ron”   Ron Reich – Claremont, CA

1.  “Craig, Thanks for the ass-whipping you gave me on the evaluation of my direct mail piece in your newsletter.  I appreciate the pearls of wisdom and will implement them ASAP and gladly share the results with The King.  I’m anxiously waiting for the next “round-house” kick from you.  And by the way — your newsletter F#$&ing ROCKS!” Bob Maunsell – Worcester, MA

–  MOST IMPORTANT lesson in Seductive Selling this month:  Bottom of page two – shows you why nearly ALL lead generation attempts don’t work, and what to do instead.

This issue also includes 7 unique LIVE marketing examples, critiques and break-downs!  You’ll discover:

*  A postcard ad that’s being used to generate leads:  find out what to do, and… what NOT to do.  (Including an important comment about saying things like “first notice.”)

*  The right way and the wrong way to chase down a high-paying niche in the service industry.  And… how to decide whether or not to even do it, at all!

*  FOUR “classic” ads from the 1960’s and 1970’s, that ANYONE can use as templates in their business.

In these ads, we’ll cover positioning, guarantees, unusual products, lead generation strategies, sales copy, and layouts!

*  In this month’s main section, which is called “Free, for the next one-million people only…”, you’ll discover:

– The four psychological stages of your marketplace, and how to use them — regardless of WHAT kind of media you’re marketing in.  You have no way of knowing what to say to your buyers and how to sell your goods and services, until you can identify what stage they’re in.  But once you do this… your ability to communicate, goes up DRAMATICALLY.

–  How to bullet-proof your products using your own marketing (on pages 1-2) – Now you can stop worrying your competition’s going to “steal” your marketing, once and for all.

–  A 14 Word phrase that combines scarcity and risk-reversal, in one fell swoop: Discover how to increase your response using this very clever technique!

–  A simple technique to make your claims MUCH more believable (on page 2)

–  Four very costly mistakes (related to positioning, headlines, how to tell stories, and more) almost always made when trying to generate leads and how to fix them.  Even the most experienced marketers continually make these mistakes – but after seeing this, you’ll be able to eliminate them, forever.

–  Examples of titles to use if you’re writing “free reports”

–  A classic ad that reveals an easy way to sell subscription services, and THREE primary reasons why people can’t sell, or get into trouble when they’re selling ongoing continuity services (page 4)

–  Another great classic ad reveals an easy way to eliminate buyer objections, right up front – right there in your headline!

–  And still another classic ad shows you how to create ANOTHER “bullet proof” marketing process, this time in the name of the product itself.

–  The right way… and the wrong way to use “samples” — yes, even for high-end consumer items!

*  Two book reviews in this month’s “On My Night Stand Right Now”

*  In this month’s Q & A column (maybe I’ll be answer YOUR questions, next month), we cover:

–  How to be a hard opener, as opposed to a hard closer.  Discover how to avoid high-pressure closing tactics, and create instant positioning that ATTRACTS prospects, instead of CHASING prospects.

*  In this month’s Weekend Update News column…

–  Amazon’s latest lead generation offerings are a HUGE hit!

–  How to rich keep getting richer: where the cash is coming from!  (And that’s not a bad thing at all, is it?)

–  New shopping demographics, new information on using direct mail, and 10 reasons to get into this GREAT consumer niche

–  And… “Cool URL’s” as always

*  Lastly, in this month’s Back-End editorial… 6 Questions you MUST ask yourself, if you’ve ever wondered why your business (and your life), isn’t moving forward as fast as you want it to be!

*  And on this month’s Audio Success CD: our guest reveals how to double your revenues using direct-response marketing, in literally one of the most BORING businesses out there!

All this, and more when you take your free test-drive of Seductive Selling: headed into its 6th year of publication, discover why Seductive Selling is read in 15 countries, world-wide.

And… get THESE 18 (Real) gifts, when you take this test-drive, now.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

P.S. One more:

“Craig, I have spent tens of thousands over the past 8 years in training seminars pertaining to real estate, self help, NLP, you name it… It’s all been great, but sometimes you meet somebody that’s a breath of fresh air and it helps you put it all into perspective… That man is you “Craig Garber.”  Your Seductive Selling newsletter is the most informative Newsletter I read every month — it causes me to think and get back to the basics. So all I can say is the amount of money I invest to belong to your circle, is ultimately better than FREE, compared to all the other stuff I have reviewed in the past 8 years. Thanks for your time.  By the way, I loved you newsletter last month… One idea (Only Get into projects with forced continuity) alone on your thoughts on if to get into a project or not, will make me alone next year in the range of $200K. Incredible.”  Chris Curry – Gainesville, Florida  – (youngest realtor in Florida to be included in the top ten most successful realtors in the state, for not one, but for several years running)

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