Seductive Selling Newsletter: "Dad, you joined the NRA?"

We’ll get to this subject in just a second.  But first, just a quick announcement to let you know that early this morning, me and my older son Nick flew up to New York City.

On Sunday, we’ll be riding in the Five Borough Bike race – all 42 miles of it.

As little as we trained, for us it’s going to be more like a ‘casual stroll’ than a race, but I didn’t do this to win.  I did it to spend time with Nick, which for me, is a much more meaningful experience than winning.

I’ll try and post up some photos over the weekend, of some of the cool stuff we’re seeing or doing.  Wish us luck – we definitely need it.

Now, let’s get to that subject line: “Dad, you joined the NRA?”

That’s the title of this month’s Seductive Selling Newsletter.  Not only is April the start of our 6th year publishing Seductive Selling, but this issue is PACKED with great stuff — and as of right now, you’ve got less than three days left to get your hands on it.  Here’s what you’re missing in this issue:

*  11 LIVE marketing examples, including direct mail pieces… classic space ads… a website… and ad that sells to consumers, one selling to women — and one selling to parents

*  On this month’s Audio Success CD, you get a rare interview with the legendary Eugene Schwartz — author of Breakthrough Advertising.  On this interview he discusses:

–  The most important aspect of his success…

–  How the selling power of your product or service is NOT in your sales copy

–  How to eliminate the stress and anxiety associated with writing sales copy

–  How copy really isn’t written, but instead… “assembled”

–  The difference between your conscious and unconscious mind — and how to leverage this.

–  And why he never works on one thing at a time (This one is FASCINATING!)

In this month’s Q & A Column, you’ll discover:

–  The absolute WORST time to send out an e-mail…

–  The time of the year that’s best to launch a newsletter…

–  Some insight into graphic design…

–  A very important lesson on the right way… and the wrong way… to use social proof: this one covers your sales copy, presentation, testimonials… the whole nine yards!

*  In this month’s Weekend Update News Column:

–  A new development in California that can be devastating for anyone using direct mail!

–  Top 10 Jury Verdicts of 2010…

–  And Cool URL’s

*  In this month’s “Back End,” are 6 very personal questions to ask yourself, regarding your own self-development and your ability to really achieve your dreams

*  And in the main Marketing & Copywriting section, here’s just some of what you can look forward to:

–  The difference between intelligence and applied intelligence, and why so many brilliant people are ultimately… failures.

–  The good, the bad… and the ugly: what you MUST know about direct mail, BEFORE you start mailing!

–  The one CRITICAL difference between direct mail and the internet, and the painful 4-letter reason why most people will never EVER use direct mail (and why they’ll miss out on all it’s incredible benefits!) – (on page 2)

–  Why you’ll find MUCH better quality leads offine, NOT online

–  Why lead acquisition costs are lower…

–  Why direct mail is more believable…

–  And why direct mail is FAR more intimate

–  A CRITICAL… and I DO mean a critical mistake nearly EVERYONE makes when it comes to guarantees — especially if you offer very strong guarantees.  This alone will pay for your newsletter subscription… for LIFE!  (see page 3)

–  How to start a sales letter:  Dear friend?  Dear neighbor?  Dear Fellow American?  Find out on page 3!

–  The smartest way to leverage a great offer, and get a tremendous response from it!

–  What happens when guru’s start believing their own bullshit!  And I don’t mean what happens ‘spiritually,’ I mean… how and why they start making a SLEW of mistakes.  Find out what they are on page 4.

–  How To Make A LOT More Cash-ola by never EVER selling to bargain-hunters

–  A GREAT example of how to charge a LOT more money… AND give your customers a MUCH better experience along the way.  When you’re doing this — selling is EASY!

–  A Major marketing screw-up from one of the biggest newspapers in the world!

All this, and much much more in this month’s issue!  Test-drive it free, right now – see why it’s the fastest-growing marketing newsletter published today!

Craig Garber

P.S.  Look, doing something great… one time… is an outstanding achievement.  But creating something meaningful and valuable once a month for 60 months is a damn miracle.  Yet… that’s exactly what’s happened and what you’ll find with Seductive Selling.

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Don’t ENVY the millionaires — BECOME one! “Craig, I have to tell you that I really resisted becoming a subscriber.  With all that I have going on, I really didn’t need “something else to read” each month, but after borrowing a few past editions from another subscriber, I couldn’t put them down. It’s like you said… It’s not the wonderful marketing information… It’s not the incredible sales copy re-writes and “A-Ha” ideas… It’s the fact that you put your heart and soul into every single word every month which helps you to connect with those folks who get it.”  Mike Capuzzi – Downington, PA

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