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Today’s the last day to take your free 30-day test-drive of this month’s Seductive Selling Newsletter – which is literally STUFFED with exciting new emotional direct-response copywriting and marketing ideas.

Here’s what you’re about to miss out on:

*  On this month’s Audio Success CD interview, you’ll get a full run down on the new FTC Disclosure Guidelines and how to apply them to your business, when I interview a highly qualified legal expert who’s specialty is marketing regulation and litigation.

*  Six pages of live marketing examples, including 3 “classic” direct-response ads for your swipe file, along with step-by-step copy critiques.

*  The big fallacy of all the ads you see in magazines and newspapers.  Understand this one concept and your own efforts at creating productive ads will be ten times stronger.

*  How to create dogmatic-like ground rules about your business, that make your prospects follow you around, like sheep follow around their shepherd.  (page 3)

*  The Pepe le Pew advertising philosophy and how to leverage it in your marketing.  (and I’m not kidding, either)

*  What you MUST know about using photographs in your display ads and sales letters (on page 4).  There’s a clever psychological principle at work here.

*  How to sell very high-priced ticket services using two-step lead generation.  This article includes a real live lead generation ad re-write.  If you sell ANY king of high-priced items, you’ll discover loads of short-cuts and psychological string-pulling you can use in your next ad.

*  How to use headlines to “double bond” and “call out” your buyers ONLY.  This lets you speak to the prospects you WANT, instead of having to deal with loads of tire-kickers and looky-loos who never should have responded to your ads in the first place.

*  How to use Schwartz’ “Psychology of the marketplace” in a “Stage 1” marketing scenario!  This is timeless advice you can use in any business, anywhere.

*  How to leverage your most well-known competitors ad dollars!  Yes, you can let your competition’s ad budget work for you, and in this article you’ll find out how.

*  Why “Bling Bling” doesn’t work in ads.  And… what you’re saying in reality when you use this approach.

*  4 Headline examples:

*  One flags out the right prospect…

*  One shows you how to create paranoia…

*  One shows you conventional “fear of loss” issues and how to use them…

*  And the last one is a basic “How To” headline with HUGE pulling power.

*  You’ll also discover some of the biggest disappointments, mistakes and lessons I learned during my recent book launch, including the biggest mistake I made.  Here’s a rare chance to profit and learn from my mistakes.

*  You’ll also discover the original “two men” ad, that went on to sell millions of Wall Street Journal subscriptions.

*  In the Weekend Update News Column, you’ll discover:

* What to never ever rely on, and why!…

*  Recent FTC legal actions and their basis…

*  And… Cool URL’s you can start using.

*  And in the “Back End” column you’ll uncover sneaky mind tricks your brain plays on you, and… how to control them!

Like I said, now you can get take a free test-drive of this special issue, and get all this and much much more, including 18 bonus gifts I mentioned.  (Make sure you watch the video so you can see all these freebies.  These are REAL gifts that can actually help you, not the usual garbage you get when someone offers you “bonuses.”)

Today’s the last day to get this issue so take action, NOW, because tomorrow’s too late.  And in life, there’s a BIG difference between knowing when to move, and… being too lazy to move.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

P.S.  “Crag, been reading every issue of the Seductive Selling Newsletter religiously.  I get it in the mail, rip it open and don’t put it down until I’ve read it thru completely. It’s that GOOD.  The copy examples you review and pick apart are extremely informative. It’s an opportunity every month to learn from one of the best minds in copywriting and improve on the copy I write for my clients.”   Darryl DeLong – Groton, MA

So take your free test-drive, NOW.


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