Sales Strategy Consulting: Do you sell face to face, over the phone, or to groups?

If you sell face to face, in person… over the phones, or by speaking in front of groups… then what I’m about to tell you, will eliminate over 90% of the anxiety you’re feeling, when it comes to selling.

It’s a very simple thing, and yet… for some strange reason, people have a hard time accepting this.

Here’s the deal: If you want to reduce — and practically eliminate — any stress you have… when it comes to selling, and especially when it comes to closing… all you need to do, is keep this ONE thing… and one thing only, in the back of your mind.

All you need to do, is remember… “It’s OK if your prospect doesn’t buy.”

See, your job as a marketer is to first find those people who are most LIKELY to buy.  This is what  successful lead generation is all about, right?

Of course.

But as a sales person, your job isn’t to MAKE the prospects who come through your lead generation funnel, buy.  This is where all that stress comes in.

You’re thinking, “They must buy.”

Which is like telling a woman, “She must go out with you.”

It makes no sense.

See, your job as a sales person is to ENTICE qualified prospects to buy, using proper sales and closing techniques.

If they don’t buy, of course, you then put your marketing hat back on and make sure you’ve got an appropriate follow-up system, which does the post-meeting selling for you.

But once you acknowledge that it’s 100% OK (in your own mind) if your customer doesn’t buy… not only will you feel a LOT less anxiety… but your prospect will also “sense” this.

And when someone doesn’t feel like you are trying to sell them — or really, trying to “force” them to buy (like forcing someone to go on a date with you)… they’re a lot more relaxed and actually, much more LIKELY to buy.

So this really is a win-win scenario.

This is really simple, but the truth is, it takes some getting used to, to understand and really believe in this, when you’re in front of people.  And if I’m honest, it’s easier when you have some more years on you, as well.

The older you get, the more mature you become at understanding, “Your problems are not your prospect’s problems.”

And that’s really what’s at the heart of “It’s OK if they don’t buy.”

Got it?


Hey, we are about to release a Closing product over in Germany.  It’s for people who sell in person, belly-to-belly… over the phones… or through group presentations, and it is Guaranteed to DOUBLE your closing rates.

I am wondering some of the people who are on my list — which is a direct-response marketing list – would be interested in this product?

If you would be interested in ordering this product, let me know by replying to this e-mail or by posting your response or comments, below.  My business partner, who has been involved with over 1 Million sales transactions, is making it.

If there’s enough interest, maybe we’ll release a version here in the states, as well.

Now go sell something,  Craig Garber

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