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This is the FINAL day to take your free test-drive of this month’s Seductive Selling Newsletter.  Here’s what you’re missing in this issue:

*  I reveal some very simple, yet incredibly powerful marketing strategies that add LOADS of ‘free munney’ to your bottom line.  And when I say this, I’m referring to the additional dollars you’re going to collect, AFTER you’ve already spent money acquiring your leads…  and AFTER your first sale.

*  You’ll discover very inexpensive 2-step lead generation techniques that show you MULTIPLE entry points to attract pre-qualified customers.  (Along with actual ads and critiques that break down ad copy and strategy!)

*  6 Extra marketing examples — I do not one, but TWO sales copy re-writes this month!

*  On page 1, you’ll uncover the ONE most important question you need to answer, that will give you the most profitable and highest likelihood of attracting highly-qualified leads!

*  A simple low-cost strategy that makes SURE a lead is qualified… even if you’re in a low-margin business (on page 2)

*  Detailed descriptions on 8 different components of your ad, you MUST consider when generating leads, including…  your headline… your story… how to cause your buyers pain!… your call to action (what you want them to do)… and, your “close!”

*  How to dramatically increase your sales by making it easy for your customer to buy (on page 3)

*  The right way… and the wrong way… to put out the best lead-attracting ‘bait’… and how to apply these same 8 ad components, to yet another type of lead generating ad, in another high-priced service business.

*  Some insight into one of THE highest producing ROI letters I’ve ever written!

*  On page 3 & 4, you’ll learn about “The Easiest Sale You’ll Ever Make,” and… how (and when)… to make it!

*  Insight to how I develop and release products — and yes, there is a system and strategic process to this!

In this month’s Q & A Column:

–  More on personality marketing including…

–  3 Reasons why you MUST be using personality marketing…

–  The DOWN side of personality marketing (this is a lot more involved than you’re probably thinking)

–  What you MUST avoid doing (on page 7)…

–  And, a big “trap” I see with many gurus using personality marketing

*  In this month’s Weekend Update News column:

–  The one thing MUCH more important to your success, than the quality of your sales copy!

–  Google Ad-word news and lawsuits you must be aware of

–  When NOT to Google!

–  And more!

*  And in this month’s Back-End Editorial: A bittersweet story about (finally) getting to cross an item off my Bucket List — maybe you can relate to it.

And… on this month’s Audio Success CD… the second part of an outstanding classic interview with the legendary author of Breakthrough Advertising, Eugene Schwartz.

So take your free test-drive of Seductive Selling, right now, AND get these 18 (real) bonus gifts along with your free trial — including… not one, but TWO free copywriting and marketing critiques.

Read below and find out why Seductive Selling is read in 15 countries, world-wide, and is now in it’s 6th year of publication!

Now go sell something,  Craig Garber

P.S.   PLUS! 100% Money-Back Guarantee: you will make at least $15,000 over the next 12 months using the ideas inside Seductive Selling, or… your money back!

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Your positioning article this month was dead on! That should be mandatory reading by every business owner and entrepreneur!”   Mike Capuzzi – Downington, PA

“Craig, I just got back your critique of my sales letter. One word: WOW! I appreciate all of your feedback and I’m blown away that this free critique was so detailed. It was easy to see that you really read my letter to the end, very thoroughly, and I’m sure that the profits I make once I implement your feedback, will be multiples of my investment in your newsletter. You really over-delivered.” Ron Reich – Claremont, CA

Thank you for answering my “value” question in the latest edition of Seductive Selling Newsletter.  It’s greatly appreciated.  The ad breakdowns this month are FANTASTIC! I can’t stop reading them. OK, I’ll leave you in peace now.  Warm regards, Frank”   Frank Edwards – Kent, UK

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