Sales Letter Bullets – Sloppy mistakes that cost you orders:

Before we get started today, let me tell you that I’ll be releasing information for my upcoming Lead Generation & Client Attraction workshop in the next day or so, so keep your eyes opened for it.  The workshop will be here in Tampa on Friday and Saturday, June 22nd & 23rd.

Now let’s get to it…

An important thing to remember about selling, is… your readers don’t have the same sense of familiarity with what you’re offering, as you do.

And no matter how much you’ve explained all the bells and whistles and bonuses they get when they order… when it comes time to make a decision, it’s not like they’re down at the grocery store with the item in hand.

They can’t inspect what you’re offering and look at all the creases and crevices and turn see it over in their palms, to see how it “feels.”

So… you have to do the best you can, to bring that grocery store experience home to them.

And a simple way of doing this, is to restate your entire offer again, right there at the decision-making time of purchase.  You want to look at the “Add To Cart” button, the same way you might look at the check-out counter.

And how do you do this?

You simply give a summary — either using bullets, or… if you have a multiple-choice offer — you use a table with columns and rows, to lay everything out.

Remember, selling should be a passive activity for your buyer.  If they have to think too much, or stress out over the details… it’s not going to work.

Give them the entire recipe — don’t rely on them remembering the ingredients — and they’ll wind up eating… a lot.

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Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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