Sales lead generation: Why most sales never wind up working like you thought they would

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Now let’s get busy with the present.  Lots of people have been trying to “move” inventory or other kinds of goods and services during this recession (which thankfully, seems to be on its way out, at least here in the U.S.), by offering a variety of discounts.

And while some of these promotions are no doubt successful, simply because of the sheer drop in prices, others… aren’t so successful.  And here’s why:

Remember that people are far more motivated to take action so they can avoid potential losses, rather than merely from the expectation of a gain.  It’s weird, but that’s just how it is.

For instance, think about how much you’ll go out of your way to avoid having the government take even $100 more in income tax money from you, versus how much you’ll go out of your way to make that same extra hundred.

If you’re like most people you’re willing to expend a lot more effort in the first scenario, right?

Like I said, it’s strange, but what’s important isn’t that this is strange or not.  What’s important is how you can take advantage of this quirk in our psychology, when it comes to you making a few bucks.

So for example, instead of emphasizing the sale and how much savings you are offering, one way to boost the response of your offers like this, is by emphasizing the limited nature of this deal.  And you do that by giving a reasonable and truthful explanation “why” this is so.

For example, “Between the recession and the fact that November and December are our slowest months, I can offer you this deal through the end of the year — but that’s it.  Come January 1st, these sale prices are null and void.  Your check will be sent back and the regular price of $300 will be back in place.”

Or, “We can keep these low prices in force only until our current supply of inventory is sold out.  Last time we offered this same exact deal, it took 21 days for stock to dwindle so figure you have at MOST, until March 3rd to take advantage of this offer, and that’s it.  Once our supplies are gone we simply have no “extra cushion” to work with.”

See, both of these examples create a sudden ‘surge’ in demand, simply because you’re letting your buyers know what they can’t have, instead of what they can have.  And for most of us, the grass is truly always greener… on the other side.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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