Registration Closing For Tonight's Free Call For Loan Officers & Mortgage Brokers

Tomorrow we’ll get back to our regular tips, and I also want to thank you if you’ve been sitting patiently through these announcements for the teleseminar for loan officers and mortgage brokers.

At 4:30 Eastern time we’ll be shutting down the registration page to sign up and participate on tonight’s call. It’s been nothing shy of chaos here the last few days, with now close to 400 LOs signing up during this time alone.

If you haven’t already signed up, this is truly your last chance to participate on this mammoth 3-hour long event. And believe me, if you’ve never heard me speak, you’d better be prepared for a burst of energy — so if you’re the sleepy and tired type, this call may not be for you — especially as it moves into the night.

Here’s what you can look forward to, just in the 21-page handout for the call alone!:

You said you wanted good, solid marketing information — with NO selling — and so Mike and I intend to give you all this and much much more. If you are an LO or a MB, you’ll be receiving no less than the equivalent of a FULL marketing seminar on how to eliminate the mistakes you’re making, and how to do things right instead.

Plus, right off the bat, we’re giving you two more freebies (stuff with REAL value — and with no strings attached), just to kick-off the meeting on a big power note.

Now hold on to your hats because here’s just a small sampling of what’s inside your handout and what we’re going to cover on tonight’s call:

* The three (and a half) biggest mistakes LOs make that are completely ruining your chances of selling anything — and… how to fix ’em!

* The “Golden Rule” of selling — and pretty much of all relationships, when it comes down to it. Get this one right and you’re on your way to getting what you want, when you want it. And you don’t need to be some kind of a marketing genius to get it — this one’s based on plain old common sense!

* Specific (and somewhat humorous) ways you’re communicating and prospecting the wrong way.

* If you want to start making the green, then you MUST change your thinking from “selling” to something much greater. You’ll find three ways of doing this.

And guess what — this is just on the first two pages of the handout!

We’ll be sending you the link to download this handout later on this afternoon for everyone who’s registered for tonight’s call. If you’ve registered already, then make sure you call in early because we’re up to 643 LO’s that have registered along with you! If everyone shows up, it’s looking like there will probably be over 700 LOs ultimately on this call.

To register, go right NOW to

And don’t worry — absolutely NOTHING will be sold on this call — you have my word.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

P.S. Make sure you call in early for the Teleseminar tonight, where we’ll be able to get much more specific and cover much more ground. If you haven’t registered for it yet, please do so NOW at

If you enjoyed this, pass it on to a few of your friends and business associates, and if you have any comments about this message, PLEASE — leave them here on our special LO blog, it’s important you let us know what you’re thinking!:

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