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No doubt you’ve seen umpteen lists of FAQ’s — “frequently asked questions” about a particular subject.

The other day I showed you a list of FAQ’s about my new book, “How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers.”

But in business, what usually costs you a small fortune and winds up rendering you helpless, isn’t the information you know.  In reality, it’s what you DON’T know that winds up killing you.

So I’ve put together a QAF list.  Instead of giving you answers to frequently asked questions, I’ve created a series of very short videos (less than 1.5 minutes each) answering the questions you SHOULD be asking.

Because this is where the REAL money is hidden.

Go and check out these QAF videos right here:

Here’s a listing of the questions in case you’re wondering.  Pay special attention to the ones you’d never have thought of asking, because that’s where your “big” answers are:

1.    How do I know what strategies to use first?  Where do I start?

2.    Do I need to use ALL the strategies to make money?

3.    Are there any strategies I shouldn’t use?

4.    What about hidden lessons?  There are obviously loads of marketing strategies inside that are quite transparent — but is there anything else I should be looking out for that will also make an impact on my business?

5.    Is there anything I should focus on, in particular?  What should I study the most?

6.    You have loads of information in here about building trust.  Are there any “bottom line” secrets or issues I should be focusing on?

7.    What strategies are going to have the biggest impact on my cash-flow and on my bottom line?

8.    What strategies are going to have the biggest impact on saving me time and eliminating frustration and anxiety?

9.    Why do you reveal so much about yourself?

10.    Are these strategies and ideas difficult, or hard to use?

11.    What if I’m new to business?  Where do I start or what’s the best thing to do?

12.    Craig, I’ve been in business for years and I’m already doing well.  How can your book help someone like me?  And lastly…

13.    Craig, I’ve read hundreds of books over the years.  How is your book different and how do I know it’s not just the same recycled stuff that’s been out there forever?

By the way, the book is selling quite briskly so get your copy now if you haven’t already done so.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

P.S.  The American dream is alive and well.  I started 10 years ago with literally nothing but a scrap of paper, a mountain of bills and a fuzzy dream.  Read my complete story — the good, the bad, and the very incredibly ugly, all yours with a lifetime guarantee.


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