q & a: i am jobless and without cash, how do i make money?

If you like people who are politically correct and shy away from brutal truth, then don’t read this e-mail, because you will surely hate me and get a bad taste in your mouth.

But if you’re the kind of person who finds it refreshing when someone is open and honest, then sit back and relax because today’s e-mail is for you.

On top of that, there’s also a valuable marketing lesson here, which we’ll discuss afterwards.

Ready?  O.K. then, here’s the deal.

Someone recently posted this question on one of the pages of my blog:

“Hi Craig,  I lost my job and I don’t have an income nor good credit so what can a person in my situation do?  I have some friends that we are all in the same situation and we don’t have income and we’ve been looking for something that we can do that we can implement and help us to create income what do you suggest.

Look forward to your words of wisdom”

And here was my response:


While I genuinely feel for your situation and hope it gets resolved quickly, asking me for advice on this matter is like going to your chiropractor and asking him what to do about your leaky roof.  I consult with entrepreneurs who have existing businesses and help them make dramatic, sweeping changes to these businesses. This is done by implementing emotional direct-response marketing strategies that when executed correctly, are generally predictable and systematic, and offer superior lead generation marketing and results.

Your question implies there’s a “secret” I know that takes you from jobless and without cash, to incredible success, immediately and without pain.

After being in sales for over 20 years and being self-employed and involved with direct-response marketing for over 10 years, and frankly after being jobless, homeless, and without cash… I can tell you with the utmost of confidence, you should run run run as fast as you can, from anyone who tells you this is possible.

To quote from my latest book, “How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers,” on page 31 – in the first sentence of the very first Strategy, “If you’re looking for easy, then this book isn’t for you. Despite what you may read in sales letters and what fake gurus online might intimate or even come right out and say, making money isn’t easy, not by a long-shot. But that’s life’s filter for success. Those who are willing to work hard, get the money. And those who aren’t, piss and moan about not getting the money.”

Good luck in your journey.”

Not politically correct, but perhaps the best piece of advice this woman can get.

You agree?

Now there’s also a marketing lesson in here as well.  And it’s important, so pay close attention to it.

Most people, from a sales standpoint, would have answered this woman, “hoping” she’d buy something from them.

Let me tell you why, even if I “hoped” this would happen… I didn’t do this.

For starters, “Hope is NOT a good business strategy.”  (That’s actually the title of one of the chapters in my new book, by the way.)

And second of all, what I told this gal was true.  She’s NOT in my marketplace.  My marketplace is entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized business owners who want to know how to use unconventional emotional direct-response marketing strategies to leverage their time and money.

The lesson here, with no disrespect meant to this woman at all, is to never ever waste time with prospects who are unqualified.

Because while you can always increase your sales… the one thing you can never increase, is the amount of time you have here on earth.

So, use whatever time you’ve been given, wisely.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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