Pride Or Prejudice?

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O.K., so here’s a question someone asked me a while ago. They said, how do you use “pride” in copywriting? When does this emotional buy-button get pushed?

The truth is, pride isn’t a trigger you’re going to push too often, but let me explain when it might come up and how to use it.

See, pride’s sort of an ego “push.” What happens is, you push the pride “trigger” when you want someone to feel proud of the action you want them to take. What makes this difficult is, you can’t “feel” anything, unless you first experience it.

So… what you have to do, as the writer, is put the experience you want your buyer to have, inside their head, as if it’s already happened. Not easy, but let me try and show you a brief example of what I mean.

Let’s use the example of getting engaged. Buying an engagement ring is one of the biggest transactions a man’s going to be involved with, and this would be an appropriate situation to use pride in. You might say something like this:

“Frankly, a ring like this, isn’t for everyone. It’s not for men who kid themselves into believing, “It’s just a ring”… and it’s not for men who kid themselves into believing their wife really would be as happy wearing a cigar band as she would, wearing a diamond like this. (Don’t mistake how much your future wife loves you, or what an amazing person she is… with how special she’s going to feel, wearing this beautiful diamond ring on her finger. These two things are completely mutually exclusive. And in a case like this, nothing’s worse than regretting something you didn’t do.)

This ring is for the man who’s going to feel proud, that his wife’s ring looks ten times better than all the rings, other guy’s wives are wearing.

And it’s also only for the man who’s smart enough to realize, any short-term anxiety he has over buying something like this, will be nothing but a fleeting memory, very soon — just like most things in life you’re initially anxious about. It’s for the guy who knows, the only memories that really linger, are the ones you’re going to make together, for the rest of your life.”

This… is how you use pride. And you can take that… to… the bank.

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Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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