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Today is the last day to get your hands on this month’s Seductive Selling Newsletter. In addition to a very candid interview with Peter Thomson from the UK, an excellent marketer who sold his business for 4.2 million UK pounds (over $8.4 Million dollars) and retired at age 42, you’ll get:

* An incredible example of a 2-page advertorial to promote a marketing system (that I wrote!)
* A new contest (win a free half-hour of consulting with me!)
* 12 marketing and copywriting examples, including:
* An incredibly simple lead-generation postcard that no one would suspect is a marketing piece!
* Big headline mistakes, along with 15 different headline templates (and live examples of them)!
* The absolute worst e-mail ad I’ve seen so far this year! (Hope it isn’t yours!)
* A conventional “lift letter” and why it’ll never work — along with an effective lift letter I created for a campaign I wrote!
* A bad display ad selling a “How To” book in the real estate business, along with a complete re-write of it!
* A re-write of a financial services ad that leverages the “bermuda triangle” of emotional buy-buttons!
* The Dark Secret Underbelly Of Selling! Uncover the truth about how much you can “push” the truth in your sales copy!
* Find out how to put scarcity, authority, a call to action, positioning, and… how to pre-qualify someone, all in one 3 x 7 postcard!
* Discover a sneaky little trick used by a roofer to generate leads, and… how almost any service person can do the same thing in their own business! (And yes, these leads will contact you for help — you do NOT have to chase them down!)
* 3 Bottom-Line Rules to follow when creating your lift letters! Ignore any of them only at your own cost!
* In “Little-Known Copyrighting Secrets From The King’s Treasure Chest,” you’ll discover:
* The secret of long copy!
* 3 Reasons why you should avoid graphics ad colors!
* 6 Rules to follow when you’re creating space advertising!
* And the big critical flaw almost everyone overlooks when using testimonials in their lead generation ads!
* Go-Daddy’s back-door secret to saving a bundle on domain name registration! (NO ONE I’ve spoken to, knows this!)
* “You’re not the boss of me!”
* Cool URL’s!
* How to be “abundant” — or not!

All this, and… much much more! To get this issue, and to get 15 free (REAL) bonus gifts, simply take a free 30-day test-drive of Seductive Selling, right NOW at

Here’s what Ashley Latter, from Manchester, England, has to say about it: “This is no bullshit, because I have not got time/hardly ever write testimonials letters, but I am enjoying fully your newsletters and seductive selling. I like your style and your ideas are superb. It certainly is making me think. I am re-writing my website, adverts, brochures etc. Every piece of Marketing/Newsletter that goes out, gets an offer/deadline and I always use the phrase, ‘we have only a few places left,’ which works well. So thanks Craig. I am happy for you to use my details for a testimonial if you need to.”

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