Oh, the thrill of it all!

A long time ago, a very sharp marketer I know told me he loved working with clients right up until the time they paid him. (He got paid ahead of time, like I do.) He said, “From that point on, it’s all downhill.”

At the time I didn’t quite understand what he was talking about or where he was going with, but I do now.

It has to do with the inherent high entrepreneurs get from pursuing new ideas, chasing dreams, and chasing big pay days. Our thrill is in the chase and in the creation, not in the deliverable.

That’s what we live for and that’s what we crave. The thrill of victory that comes from connecting on something your creative juices made out of literally nothing, is hard to explain, and it’s hard to compare to anything else.

It’s kind of like being pregnant. You really can’t “imagine” what it’s like to be pregnant or to deliver a baby, unless you’ve done it.


The frustrating part is, and frankly the reason why more people don’t get to experience this, is because creating a business is like delivering a baby in a sense. You conceive an idea, and eventually that idea gets birthed.

The problem is the labor. Nobody enjoys going through the labor pains or the 9 months of gestation.

For instance, I recently started another business (which we’ll talk about some other time), and I was talking with my business partner (who we’ll also talk about some other time) last night.

We’re at the stage where we’re going through labor – mine comes now, and his will come later, based on what each of us does.

Anyway, over the last few days I’ve been doing the market research we need to get this thing up-and-running.

Last night was the final push of this, and I was up until 4:30 this morning. Today I have a little more work to do on this, and then it’s on to the next phase, which will be a little easier.

Frankly, this was a miserable experience. I hate walking around the house like a zombie, with my eyes burning through their sockets.

But… it certainly wasn’t the first time I did it, and it certainly won’t be the last time, either. However, I’m fortunate to have the energy and enthusiasm to do this. As my partner, who’s about 9 years younger than me, said to me in a text message yesterday, “I love the rattle ‘n roll. It’s what keeps me breathing. I’ve just never met someone that can outdo me like you!”

Let’s face it, the same way you can’t deliver a baby without going through labor… you can’t birth a business without going through some kind of “labor” there as well.

And while it’s not glamorous, and while no one talks about the labor pains, this is what separates the winners from the losers… the doers from the dreamers.

The good thing is, unlike real labor, which can be scary, and sometimes things happen out of your control… in business labor, you get to control most of the labor process of your business.

So the wonderful question you need to ask yourself, isn’t whether or not you’re gonna have a baby, it’s how beautiful do you want your baby to be?

The choice is yours.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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