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Offers, How To Make An Offer: Does your offer make your reader salivate?

Last week I sifted through a few copy critiques, and there was one common recommendation I made on all three of them, and it had to do with the offer:

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If you really want to make your offer irresistible, it has to make your reader almost “salivate.”

And most offers simply don’t do this, because there are a few key elements missing.

Let’s talk about three things you want to make sure your offers include:

1.  First, whenever you can… let your buyers know the current price isn’t the price your product sells for normally.

That it normally goes for “X” but today you can have it for “X minus, whatever”

See, no matter what you’re selling or who you’re selling it to, the thought of getting something cheaper, is always an incredible pull.  (“Greed” is one of the most powerful emotional buy-buttons around.)

2.  Second, you’re better off breaking your offer up into smaller pieces, and including some of these pieces as bonuses.

In other words, instead of selling the entire line of frying pans together… sell one or two of them, and offer another one or two, as a bonus when you buy NOW.

This creates a higher perception of value, and especially if the offer is temporary (as in, “Good till Friday, only”) it gives someone a reason to act now.

3.  Lastly, do NOT offer your buyers too many choices.  One or two, at most.

Offering people too many choices — especially when you’re selling non-commodities with few, if any, standards of comparisons… just makes people frustrated and puts them off.

Ordering should be easy, VERY easy.

In selling, in general, you want to minimize stress.  But when it comes time to making the offer, you want to eliminate ANY chance of stress or anxiety.

So review your copy and make sure it’s inviting, not creating conflict or doubt, or tension or stress.

Got it?


One more thing, is that you have to make sure you’re talking to the right audience in the first place.

This, by far, is THE most important component, and it has nothing to do with your offer.

Just remember, the source of your traffic is directly related to the success of your offer.  Think of this first, and foremost.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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