Offbeat Ads

Have fun! Make money! Business opportunity ads!

Order Now!  Business opportunity ads never change!

You gotta problem?

One of the greatest actors ever.

Another Business Opportunity

I bet, at the time this ad was written, people couldn’t have imagined it would one day be much easier to replace, rather than sharpen a lawnmower blade.

No unpleasant after taste, like other cigarettes…

Is this the most unappealing photo you’ve ever seen, or what?

Beautiful Picture on a Christmas Ad

Great to touch on nostalgia for ads like this, well done.

Genesis of the Original “Tan Mom”

Seriously, there’s a woman in my gym who comes in there, and she’s downright crispy looking.

One of those people who, you’re not really sure what race she is, or where she may be from.

Then I figured it out — she’s just fried — and I mean, literally fried.  She makes Tan Mom (capital “T”, capital “M”) look albino.

What’s an iron?

I mean, seriously?  Does anyone even use these things, anymore?

By the way — does that Santa have an overly horny look, in a not-too-healthy-kinda way, or what?

Christmas Gift “Reminder”…

Sheesh, if I bought my wife a Vacuum for Christmas, she’s have my balls in a sling.