Offbeat Ads

That’s what wives are for

Amazing to see how submissive and unessential women were portrayed as, in our culture. Judging from the looks of this ad, this was probably in the late 1960’s or early 1970’s.

That’s pretty wild when you think about how much things have changed during our lifetimes.

Weight GAIN Ads:

A Skinny man, hasn’t got a chance.

Fast food, processed food, etc. has made these products obsolete.  They offer much simpler, cheaper solutions to this problem.  Which is why virtually no one has this problem, anymore.

Teeth Whitening (1924)

Think teeth whitening is new?  Think again.  This 1924 ad shows otherwise.

“No need now for yellow, discolored, spotted, tobacco-stained teeth.”

Gay New Year’s Eve Celebration (NYC, early 1970’s)

The Continental Bath House was a popular in a New York City hotel, during the early 1970’s.  Check out this Wikipedia entry for more information.

Cigar Marketing:

How come none of these presidents ever inhale?

Zach Galifianakis, before he was Zach Galifianakis?

“Are you man enough to fill it?”


Venus Pencils

“Pencils of precision.”  From a marketing standpoint, of course, “pencils of precision” sounds great, but is fairly meaningless to the customer.

Don’t be fooled… Hydrox cookies

My parents would get these instead of Oreos, because they were cheaper.  And in late night moments of Oreo desperation… it really didn’t matter.


“Excuse me, sir.  I’m looking to buy a pair of jeans that has a massive crotch.  Do you have anything in stock like this?”