Now get 136 compelling direct-marketing strategies… yours, free!

Here’s a taste.

Strategy # 18: A simple copywriting secret that literally no one uses, which makes your goods and services, effortless. Hey, in today’s day and age, no one wants to work, so if you’re not using this, you’re clogging your sales funnel instead of whooshing people through it.

Strategy # 30: This often overlooked component of your intuition will either save you small fortune, or allow you to be used and abused by everyone. Better turn yours on, so it’s the former and not the latter.

Strategy # 136: In this recession survival strategy #3, you’ll uncover the right way… and the wrong way to be aggressive in this recession. The right way allows you to have prospects beat a path to your door, and the wrong way… well, the wrong way is what everyone else is experiencing.

And in Strategy #129, you’ll experience the fallacy of branding, and the REAL way to measure not only your success, but your positioning in your industry. (And how to capture any positioning you want, using a simple, but incredibly profound formula.)

You will get all these strategies free, as a bonus, when you attend my Emotional Copywriting & Ad Writing Workshop, next Friday, Saturday and Sunday, here in Tampa, Florida.

You will also get 15 different formulas you can use, as opening lines of any sales letter or display ad you’ll ever write, along with 67 different examples of these templates in action.

Not to mention, everyone who attends this workshop, will walk away with a draft of a sales letter or display ad, and I will not only help you with your strategy for this project, but you’ll also get to have a follow-up conversation with me, so I can review your final ad copy before you send it out.

The bottom line is, you will walk away from this workshop with literally hundreds, if not thousands of new ideas and ways of growing your business and making money you wouldn’t otherwise have any other way of doing.

I will also be available in the evenings to discuss your business with you, and to help you with your marketing in general.

And rest assured, the opportunity to work alongside me this closely, is NOT going to happen any time soon, if ever again.

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Look, this workshop takes place in 6 days. That means in 6 days, you’ll experience the single most powerful opportunity to grow your business, you’ll ever have.

Frankly, most people are terrified of something like this. It is much easier to carry on, hammering away at the big rock that is your business, to eek out the modest gains you’ve come to accept as your destiny.

Few people are willing to instead explode that big boulder, and then walk through the place where it used to be, into a bright new future.

Which one are you?

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

P.S. See you in Tampa:

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