Good Customer Service

Not one, but TWO cool customer service stories

I figured we’d end the week on an up note, so check this out.

Now as you know, retail store clerks aren’t exactly known for how accommodating OR how motivated they are.

However, a few weeks ago I was up in New York City, at Saks Fifth Avenue. I was walking through the store and had one of the absolute best customer experiences ever, with a random clerk (you can see her photo on today’s blog posting).

Anne and I were about to leave the store, and before leaving, I wanted to grab a drink of water.

So I turned around to this woman, and I said, “Excuse me…

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“Can you please tell me where the water fountain is?”

She was just about to point me in the direction, when she suddenly stopped and said, “Would you like a bottle of water?”

I said, “Oh my gosh, you’re kidding me, right?”

“No, not at all.” And with that, she reached underneath her counter and pulled out TWO bottles of water — one for me, and one for Anne.

Is that great customer service, or what?

For sure.

Here’s another good one.

My mother in law was recently in town, and while she was here, she ordered something from the Disney Store’s website.

Apparently, they got the order correct, but they accidentally shipped her the wrong product.

Within almost minutes of e-mailing them to let them know about the error, Anne received this message:

“Dear Disney Guest,

We appreciate your interest in

I apologize about your order being delivered with incorrect items. I have requested that another Mickey glass is sent out to you. You may keep the extra Minnie glass for inconvenience.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions. We look forward to future opportunities to be of service to you.

Sincerely, Telia”

And see, what’s cool about this is, when you’re getting service like this, and someone says to you, “We look forward to future opportunities to be of service to you”… you actually believe it!

In today’s day and age, where it’s VERY easy to point out loads of examples of poor service, good service like this shines very brightly.

How about you?

Have you had any recent situations where you’ve encountered extremely good service?

If so, let me know by posting on today’s blog post.

And either way… have a great weekend.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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