No one cares how much you know, until…

There are literally dozens of ways to eliminate buyer’s remorse — so many in fact, you can probably put together an entire course just on this alone. But let me tell you about one of them today.

The EASIEST thing to do is to just care about your clients, and let them know this by the frequency and quality of your contacts, and the personalized level of your service. I know this sounds “hokey”, but by far, this is the best way to reduce buyer’s remorse.

Here, let me give you a real example of what caring does. A few months ago, we had a guy here in the house doing some work for us. Basic handyman stuff.

This guy pissed and moaned about all the work he had to do from the moment he picked up his hammer, until the last day he left. Now personally, the only reason I let him do anything was because in general, most handymen are like this, and frankly — we had a bunch of stuff we needed to get done and the pain of listening to him whine, was far less than the pain of having to leave all these chores left undone and start from scratch.

I will tell you this, though. Even though this fellow charged me far less than what I thought he was worth, I wouldn’t have him over here again, even to clean up the dog crap off the front lawn.

Why? Because he simply didn’t care about anything he did. All he cared about was “getting done.”

Now here’s another example of how someone cares. The fellow who does my printing and most of my fulfillment, is a man named Dave Brady. Dave’s in Chicago, and I’m here just outside of Tampa.

Now there are loads of printers here in Tampa who’d love to have my business, and yet… I’d prefer to pay shipping charges for Dave to ship my stuff from Chicago to Tampa instead. Plus, I’m sure many of these folks here in Tampa may be cheaper than Dave is too. (I have no idea if he’s expensive or not because I’ve never priced him out.)

The thing is, Dave lets me know in more ways you can count, that he cares about my success, and that to me, is worth more than anything. That’s not something you can measure in terms of “dollars and cents,” and it also lowers my buyer’s remorse to zero.

Remember, no one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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