Niche marketing: Pimples, new markets and how to pop – I mean tap – them

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Now let’s talk about today’s strategy:

I love the New York Times and I’m a digital and print subscriber.  The variety of topics in every issue is simply amazing, and of course, it’s very well-written.

A few weeks ago there was an interesting article in there, about women having adult acne.

You can check it out here, if you want to:

Here’s why I like articles like this: they give you insight to new markets you can tap into.  And markets like this are especially rabid, because not only are you solving a problem… but you’re actually eliminating a pretty significant emotional pain, in doing so.

And make no mistake about it, the more passionate, and the more emotionally reactive, your audience is, about the problem you’re solving — the faster and more rabid, your buyers will be.

So let’s take a look at all the information you can quickly get out of an article like this, and how you might use it to enter a market:

Who has the problem?

45% of all women ages 21 – 30

26% of all women ages 31 – 40

12% of all women ages 41 – 50


Fairly easy to specifically target your most LIKELY buyers – women between ages 21 – 30.

In fact, if you do your research, you’ll find this population to be ENORMOUS.

Offline: Direct mail, magazines, joint ventures with other professionals who have access to, and who also provide services to this group.

Online:  Banner ads where this group hangs out – which is a MASSIVE population of places.

What causes this problem?

Diet, hormonal surges (during, post, and peri-menopause… coming off the pill… during the monthly cycle)


This presents a great opportunity to target specific people with specific “pain relief” messages, like:

“Are you a 21-30 year-old woman on the pill with occasional acne?”

This is a very specific message that attracts prospects directly.  It’s much easier for these people to relate to this message, than to relate to something general, like, “Are you a woman with acne?”


There is no known cure — only a variety of treatments that reverse the problem to one degree or another.

Things like dietary adjustments, drugs (prescription and over the counter creams), herbal remedies and physical treatments, like laser-light therapies.


This gives you a LOT of different things to offer.  You can distribute products offline and online (I’m sure there are a TON of CPA offers online for this)… you can EASILY set yourself up as a marketing company specializing in attracting leads to dermatologists and other treatment providers, for sure.

Or, you can even find existing information out there and create your own information or pay someone else a license or royalty to sell theirs.  Although, since there really aren’t too many “non natural” treatments or cures, I don’t think this route is going to be financially productive — but… you never know.

Point being, there are lots of ideas out there – all you need to do is look for them and be open to discovering them.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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