New business idea: I'm too busy… but pay attention (esp creative types)

So yesterday in the gym, one of the guys I work out with said something as a joke, but I actually think in the right hands, this could be a fast money-maker, so I wanted to pass this idea along to you.

He said he wants to get a t-shirt that says:

“I’m not worried… the government’s paying for it.”

To me, this is one of those ideas that can take off pretty quickly, simply because it reflects what everyone’s talking about right now.

And it’s been my observation and experience that the way to make big HUGE swaths of money — in any given marketplace — is to directly entertain the mental traffic of that particular marketplace.

Meaning, give people something that entertains their current thoughts and conversations, and they will show little resistance to whatever you’re offering.

Pop culture has allowed this to happen many times.  People like Perez Hilton and TMZ are well aware of this, and their entire business model is based on this.  But there have been products as well, that have leveraged this.

Things like the Pet Rock, smiley faces, Barbie dolls and pet products, are all examples of this.

Anyway, my buddy Chuck, who had the idea, isn’t going to launch this as a business.  But… if you have access to this kind of distribution network and you’re creative and you know how and where to promote this, and how to make offers and write copy (all simple stuff, especially in this situation), this could be a very fast way to pick up a NICE chunk of change.

So run with it, if you want…

Oh, and if you do run with this, I wear a men’s large.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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