Monster Love: Real Controversy Or Simple Discomfort?

In this month’s OFFLINE Seductive Selling Newsletter, I talk a lot about reality TV and its impact on your marketing and on the marketing persona you need to portray, if you’re looking to communicate with your prospects successfully.

The other day though, I read about a new reality show that’s cloaked in controversy.

It was first called “Monster Love”, and then the powers that be dubbed that too racy, so the name was changed to “Love at Second Sight.”

The show is basically a dating show, only instead of pairing some smokin’ hot babes with a magazine-model looking hunk who’s sporting a six-pack of abs; this show is a dating program that matches up men and women who are physically disfigured.

Yes — this is W-A-A-Y outside the box here.

And while the producers claim the point of the show is to “remove” public prejudice about folks like this, there are a lot of other things that need to be noted.

For starters, the amount of “public” prejudice (at least in the short-term) against visibly disfigured people WILL probably be reduced. But others will say “Sure, but these folks are making spectacles of themselves.”

So what? ANYONE who goes on a reality show makes a spectacle of themselves, whether they’re disfigured or not. Should you penalize someone who’s disfigured from voluntarily doing the same thing? That’s BLATANT discrimination, isn’t it?

You can see then, why this show’s raising such a ruckus — for “some” reason, maybe because it’s just not something you regularly see, or have to think about or deal with — this just doesn’t seem to be as straightforward as you’d like it to be.

Perhaps the answer is to do nothing. Let the marketplace be the determining factor about the show’s success – just like it pretty much determines the success of everything else.

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