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"How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers!"

 Discover the step-by-step proven direct-marketing strategies that allowed this entrepreneur to make $578,648.44 in one year, with a small online list of less than 5,000 names. He did this without any joint venture partners or affiliates... without any celebrity "product launch" endorsements... and without spending even one thin dime on advertising. He made this money both online and offline, and... almost all at 90% profit!

How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers!
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Wednesday, 10:45 a.m.

Dear Friend,

I hope you are not reading this unless you want to make a lot of money, and here’s why: My name is Craig Garber and I have just written and published a ground-breaking new book called "How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers: 21 Proven Direct-Marketing Strategies ANYONE Can Use!"

This book gives you, in plain and simple English, the exact strategies I used to make $578,648.44 in one year, with only a small handful of customers.  In fact, my total online list was less than 5,000 names at that time.  I did this without spending even one thin dime on advertising... and I wasn't sponsored or promoted by any launch partners, either.  Almost all these earnings were at 90% profit, and I made this money both online and offline.

And I am so convinced this book will give you a dramatic and almost immediate cash-flow surge... you can order it right now and examine it absolutely risk-free -- not for 30, 60, or 90 days... but for LIFE.

I also reveal somewhat personal and private information inside this book.  I did this because running a business isn’t just about making money. Ultimately, and I'm sure you'll agree with this... it’s about creating a life worth living.

As I say on the inside cover, this book is for "anyone who’s ever been the underdog.”   In fact, if you’re the kind of person who excels when someone says, “you can’t do that”... and if striving to be the best -- especially against all odds -- is important to you... then you will love this book.  And, it will make you a LOT of money.

See, for quite some time now, although I’ve been making a lot of money myself... not that long ago... I was dead broke.

And actually, I wasn’t just broke... I was desperate.

My business was floundering, going nowhere.  I could barely pay the rent on my small, over crowded apartment. Not to mention, paying my ex-wife... my lawyer... child support... health insurance... day care... car payments, and medical bills.  Some days it felt like I was carrying a one-million pound weight on my shoulders.

But then, something happened that let me literally “toss away” my old life, and all the stress and aggravation that came along with it.

I went from barely getting by and living week-to-week... to making over a half-million dollars a year.  I earned all my money with only one full-time employee, and as I said, without any joint venture partners or affiliates promoting me... and without any celebrity "product launch" endorsements, either. 

And this, of course, keeps you free and independent, so you don't have to answer to anyone other than yourself.

I left the crowded city and bought my dream home on a spring-fed lake filled with bass. A place where my family could create a lifetime of memories in a small, friendly citrus town, just outside of Tampa, Florida.

I ditched my "formal" office and now I work in a roomy spare bedroom with a wood-burning fireplace, on the second floor of my house. In the morning, I see brightly-colored carp swimming along the shoreline of our lake. And I hear squirrels scampering up and down the cypress trees in my back yard, chasing after hoot-owls.

Once the sun starts rising, I let the dogs out back and they go racing up and down the dock, running around my boat house. In the afternoon, I often take a break and pluck a Florida orange, or a pink grapefruit, or a small tropical banana, from one of the fruit trees in my yard.

But here’s the best part...

I do what I want... I work, and don’t work with who I want... and I only work on those projects I enjoy working on. I come and go as I please. And when I first got into business, this was my goal.

Yeah, sure, I wanted to make a lot of money. But if you're anything like me, what really gets you motivated is being your own boss, calling your own shots.   Instead of having to listen to anyone tell you what to do -- ever. In fact, the truth is, I’m probably “allergic” to being told what to do.

I came up the hard way. I started working at age fourteen.  I worked almost full-time and bootstrapped my way through college, and that’s how I’ve pretty much done everything in my life -- on my own.

In fact, I didn’t really even have a mentor or anyone to look up to for guidance, until I was about 40 years old.

My point is, I’m in this for the freedom. The money’s great -- don’t get me wrong. But money buys you FREEDOM... and that means more to me, than anything.

Craig Garber & family
“This is what FREEDOM buys you. Here I am
with my family, at Yellowstone National Park.”

Freedom lets me drive my daughter to school in the morning. Some afternoons, I knock off early and go bass fishing with my teenaged sons. And sometimes, my wife and I will just sit out back and do “nothing” together, over a cup of coffee. Especially in the fall when the air is crisp and the sun is warm enough to keep the chill off you, but there’s no Florida humidity. That’s what freedom buys.

I’m not a millionaire yet, but gosh, if I live the rest of my life like this and never become a millionaire, you're not going to hear me complaining any time soon. Sounds strange for me to be saying this, but some months we’ve made so much money, I literally haven’t even known what to do with it all.

My mortgage will be paid off in 4 more years, and soon, there’s going to come a point in time where I really can just... “walk away from it all,” if I choose to.

Funny how things turn out sometimes, isn’t it?

But things weren’t always this way -- not by a long-shot. In fact, for most of my life, the outlook was pretty bleak and miserable.

I grew up in a crowded housing project in the Bronx. A place where people and their problems constantly rub up against one another, like rotting shingles pressed together on an old, tired, worn down roof. Nothing but concrete and traffic for the first 26 years of my life.

And I’m the least likely guy to succeed based on my upbringing. My parents were blue-collar workers with no college education, and if I tell you my home life was “dysfunctional,” rest assured I’m being conservative. (I get into this more, in the Introduction to “How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers”)

I somehow managed to escape from there, but once I was out on my own... without any direction, I floundered around and went nowhere, for years.

I’m telling you all this because while most people will be quick to tell you, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” the greatest lesson I’ve learned, is that this is completely wrong.

The truth is, when it comes to marketing,
what you know is FAR more important than who you know.

As you'll see in just a moment.

By the time I filed bankruptcy back in 1997, I was so burned out and depressed, I thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown.

But then, after years of nothing but bad breaks, and making one wrong decision after another... a few things started to go my way and my life slowly began turning around. For the first time ever, I began seeing a light at the end of my very l-o-o-n-g tunnel.

My personal life finally started coming together. Instead of constantly having to handle things in “survival mode,” and running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off... I had an opportunity to sit back and think, with a clear mind, about what I really wanted to do.

And what I wanted to do was create a business driven by emotional direct-response marketing and copywriting principles. And I wanted to be “the best” at it, whatever that meant.

In the beginning, it wasn’t easy, but it seemed I had a “knack” for this kind of work. I’d been in sales for years, plus I had spent a lot of time thinking about how people do things and why they do things. Originally, I thought about these things just to get through my daily grind as a kid growing up in an incredibly difficult household environment...

But in the end, understanding human behavior...
turned out to be my biggest asset!

So I began setting up shop and getting my name out there. I started generating leads and getting clients. And clients and peers seemed to gravitate to me.  At first, they were attracted to my energy and enthusiasm.  Then, by the results of my work.  I started creating some great promotions and I developed some excellent strategic advice that worked like a charm.

Then I started hearing, “Hey, go hook up with so-and-so. They can really help you.” Or, things like, “Once you’re in with this guy... your list will grow and so will your business.”

But that’s just not how I operate. See, I know there’s no free lunch in life, and even more so when it comes to business. I wasn’t interested in being someone’s right hand man.   After all the stuff I’d been through in my personal life, I figured, if I could survive that, then I could figure out how to make things work on my own in business, as well.

See, when you've always been told what you can (and sadly, what you can't) do, there's a fire burning inside you that says, "I want to be successful on my own terms, not on someone else's."

Have you ever felt like that?

Of course you have.

And so, unlike lots of people who look for “who you know” short-cuts, I decided to differentiate myself another way. I wanted to build a solid reputation on my own, and I based it around these 3 things:

  1. Providing great content. As you’ll see inside “How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers,” the entire premise of successful lead generation (getting highly qualified leads who want what you have to offer, and who can afford to pay you) is based on giving your prospects quality content. You see, educating your customers and giving them enough information and advice so they can make good buying decisions... and helping them get better at whatever it is they want from you... ultimately creates customers who love you and buy from you, for a VERY long time!

And this is true whether you own a dry cleaners, or a publishing company, or anything else in between.  So that’s what I focus on -- content. I consistently offer top-quality content and information, in whatever business I'm involved in. In fact, inside my manual I have several chapters devoted to explaining exactly how to do this in your business on a consistent basis -- regardless of what kind of business you have or what industry you’re in. I also show you the three biggest mistakes people make when they do this (Chapter 11), and... how to offer content without being boring (in Chapter 8).

And how’s this worked out for me?

In a nutshell... Incredible! For example, my offline newsletter, Seductive Selling®, has a ridiculously high "stick" rate (how long your customers stick around). While most vendors have a stick rate that hovers in the 2 to 3 month range at best, our average customer stays with us for 8 - 9 months, conservatively. Loads of members have been with me since day one -- that’s almost five years now!

And, between 85 and 90% of our customers continue with us after their first month, while industry standards are in the 30% range. More than 50% of these customers then go on to either purchase more products from me or join one of my consulting programs, or they become private consulting or copywriting clients.

I'm not saying this is “easy.” If you think making a half-million dollars is as easy as falling off a log, then you’re dreaming. However, there is a systematic way of doing this, and I spell this out for you in VERY easy terms, inside “How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers.” 

I've pulled the curtain back and made everything 100% transparent, so you can start implementing and start getting things up and running.  Without any kind of difficulty, and without having to worry about what comes first, next, or last.

  1. I give you your money's worth, and then some. Here’s what I mean by this: over my career, I’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars on loads of information and consulting, for my own education. More so in the early years, less today. And while some of this money has been spent wisely, frankly... much of it has not. I’ve been taken advantage of, just like you have, and I’ve made good buying decisions as well.

The truth is, it's disappointing when someone makes you a promise and they don't deliver on it. It’s a sickening feeling investing your hard-earned money into something, only to find out you’ve been set up for the next sale. And that the real advice, or product, or information you were promised... can only be had for a higher price point on your next purchase.

I hate that, and so do my clients, customers and newsletter members. So I approach things differently. I approach everything I do with the mindset of, “Unless I over deliver on what I'm doing for you right NOW, you might not stick around.”

You see, people aren’t stupid. Your customers are STARVING for fresh new ideas, good products, and great service. And when you give this to them, they’ll buy from you over-and-over again, simply because you did what you said you were going to do. When you're giving people what you promised them, you don't have to use things like trickery to make a sale.

And you know what?

People LOVE this!
And that’s why they stay with me for so long.

Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but to me, that’s just the right thing to do. So I go out of my way to “WOW” my customers on a regular basis. And the numbers don’t lie, so I must be doing something right.

  1. Lastly, I keep things REAL. One of the things I hated about working in big companies was all the politics that goes on. I’ll be the first one to admit, I’m not good at making small talk, but get me alone or in a small group, and you’ll probably have one of the most meaningful, funny, and relaxing conversations you’ve had in a long while. And frankly, it’s taken me a long time and I've paid a lot of dues to actually get to the point where I enjoy my own company.  So when I share information, I share it straight from my heart. When I give out advice, I tell you what’s really going on -- both in business and in my life. Not what I think you want to hear, and not what the politically correct thing to say, might be.  Just... the truth.

I’m not some “guru” who pretends everything in my life is perfect and everything I touch turns to gold.  That’s just not reality.  At least, it's not my reality, anyway.

I have my own share of projects I work on that don’t turn out the way I wanted, just like you do. My kids drive me nuts just like your kids... my dogs tear up my house just like your dogs... and although no one could love their wife the way I love mine, reality is... sometimes we DO fight like cats and dogs (mostly over the kids and the dogs, by the way). Again, I share much of this inside “How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers,” because balancing your business and personal life is as much of a challenge as anything else we do.

And while I’m not perfect at it, I’ve got my life set up so I use my time VERY wisely. Because as you already know, you can always make more money, but time is the one thing you can’t ever make ANY more of.

Mind you, these are the traits or qualities I’m known for, and this is how I built my business reputation. Doesn’t mean you have to do the same things in your business. And that’s the nice thing about the strategies inside this manual. You can apply them to any business, anywhere... the way YOU want to.

Remember, this is all about freedom and control.
YOUR freedom... and the control YOU want.

After all, isn’t that how your business should be? Isn’t that why you went into business in the first place?

To me, in the end... when it comes to business, all you really have is your reputation. So why not make it a good one?

I guess what I’m saying is, what I’ve done isn’t magic. I’m not pulling rabbits out of a hat, and a beautiful blonde isn’t disappearing behind the curtains. And I had no formal training. The price of my tuition was the cost of the mistakes I made out there on the business battlefield.

All I did was use a specific set of proven strategies, that I’ve spent the last ten years field-testing and refining to almost perfection. To the point where, now my results are quite consistent and predictable.

Fortunately, “How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers” lets you avoid all the mistakes I made. You get to quickly identify and find all the money you’re losing right NOW, without overlooking the obvious.

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Dwight Woods - Miami, Florida


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Carlos Redlich - Miami, Florida

And by the way, if providing great content, giving your customers incredible value, and keeping things real appeals to you, then keep listening, because that means you and I are going to get along great. And it also means “How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers,” is very likely to be the single most valuable business investment you ever make, in your entire lifetime.

Now let’s talk about the content of this manual. First of all, you don’t need to go through all 21 of these strategies to make a LOT of money -- not by a long-shot. In fact, using just one or two of them creates an immediate surge of cash-flow.   And if you use one or two of them consistently, every month... I promise you, the next 12 to 18 months of your life will be the most financially productive time you’ve ever experienced and enjoyed.

In fact, we’ve received many comments about this manual and the impact it’s had on peoples lives. These first two are particularly unusual because they come from two people at opposite ends of the spectrum. One, a relative "newbie" to business, and the other, a very successful and seasoned veteran. Listen to what they have to say:

"The techniques in “How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers” have allowed me to walk away from my full time job and transform my part-time freelance business into a thriving career."

Genuine.  This is the first word that comes to mind when I think of Craig Garber.

In fact, read no further than the dedication of this book to his family and you’ll know everything you’ll ever need to know about Craig Garber the man… but keep reading to discover Craig Garber the genius copywriter and marketing strategist!

The techniques in “How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers” have allowed me to walk away from my full time job and transform my part-time freelance business into a thriving career. Before using the techniques in Craig's book, my business was just another job. My clients pushed me around and dictated how my time was spent.

I used to take calls from clients at all hours, I was a slave to my email and I'd do a ton of extra work without being compensated, because I thought this was the right thing to do. Thanks to Craig and the strategies he shares, I discovered this was the exact opposite of what I SHOULD have been doing all along.

My business really started to take off once I implemented the strategies in Craig's book, specifically Strategy #10 “How To Become #1 In Your Industry." I was able to transform my business and started dictating how others would work with ME. Using this single strategy alone I created a huge demand for my services and I was able to pick and choose who I wanted to work with.

Once I positioned myself as the industry leader I was able to use Strategy #13 to increase the amount of money customers spend with me, without incurring any additional costs! I've used just about every strategy in Craig's book but if I had to pick out two, Strategy #10 and #13 by far, have had the biggest impact on my business.

One of the things I love most about Craig's book is the "Money Making Action Steps Checklist" at the end of each strategy. It really helps you focus on the most important aspect of the strategy, so you can implement it right away! Bottom line is, this is a complete blueprint to running a business, and if anyone has any doubt about this, you can contact my office and speak to me personally, at 484-556-4309.

Bill Parlaman - Chester Springs, PA

Now listen to these comments, from a man who’s been involved in direct-marketing for over 37 years, as a successful publisher and health care products distributor. During this time he’s sold in excess of $300 Million worth of goods and services around the world, primarily in Europe.

His name is Christian Godefroy, and I first met Christian when he became a customer of mine.  Little did he know I was familiar with his own ads and marketing strategies.  That I was studying them when I was coming up in this business. So it was very humbling for me to find out, years later after I was up and running, that he was studying my material, the same way I’d studied his!   Here’s what Christian had to say:

"Last year, using just two of Craig’s Strategies in this manual (Strategy # 4 and Strategy # 6), I pulled in $304,044.82 in 7 days alone. At 90% profit, I am forever grateful to him for sharing these Strategies, which are now yours for the taking."

Since 2007, I have come to know Craig professionally and personally -- and my life is definitely better because of this. After reading this manual, you will also know Craig personally and professionally, and I promise, your business life, and your personal life, will be equally enriched.

Reading this manual will be like studying Craig under a magnifying glass, spying on him every day, stealing his best ideas and taking microfilms of his best sales copy.

Even better, you will be reading his mind to understand how you can achieve such outstanding results with a small online list of less than 5,000 names -- which is simply unheard of!

Let me tell you, it takes courage and dedication to read 360 pages, even when it is so well written. But your courage and dedication will pay off, many times over.

First of all, this book is FILLED with diamonds. In fact, it is a veritable diamond mine, with nuggets liberally scattered all over. And you will easily be able to bend down and scoop these diamonds up into your hands, page after page after page. I urge you to write them down and apply them, immediately.

Second, Craig is one of the brightest guys I have ever met in my life. Although he reveals a lot about himself, he never brags about himself or about his intelligence -- even though he easily could. I love brilliant guys, because they always have new ways of seeing things, clever shortcuts to use, and breakthrough systems that are easily applied. And, they are very practical in their vision.

Third, I don’t need to tell you there are people you meet who drain your energy, even when they are writing. Craig, on the other hand, is like a powerful dynamo.  He leaves you filled with MORE energy than you started with before your interaction with him. In fact, the more you read him, the more energy you have and the more motivation grows inside of you. The clearer you think, the smarter you will act, and the more money you will make.

In fact, last year, using just two of Craig’s Strategies in this manual (Strategy # 4 and Strategy # 6), I pulled in $304,044.82 in 7 days alone. At 90% profit, I am forever grateful to him for sharing these Strategies, which are now yours for the taking.

Fourth, Craig is the most generous guest - or host - you could have. When I met Craig here in Europe, his arms were filled with gifts for my kids, my wife and myself. And these gifts were so carefully selected we were full of joy and gratitude. We still are.

And this is how you will feel after reading this manual. You will have the “sense” Craig has just given you some of the most valuable gifts and treasures you may ever stumble across.

The bonus section by itself is worth several times the price you paid for the entire manual. Many concepts and strategies are so deep and so well explained, you’ll have sudden insights that will bring you a rush of money from out of the blue, like in a casino when you hit the Jackpot or win the Grand Prize.

Fifth, Craig is ORIGINAL. He thinks like no one else thinks, and he will show you how to do the same. Why keep using old approaches when his new ones work 5 times better? And the nice thing is, Craig reveals everything about these secret strategies, holding nothing back.

I could go on like this for hours, because Craig’s work is carefully crafted with the same precision Stradivarius uses to craft a custom violin. There are very few men like him on earth.

He always finds a way of surprising me with the deepness of how he thinks about life, about business, and about money. And you too, will be moved in this same way.

Craig is the Leonardo da Vinci of direct marketing: creative, easy to understand, a beautiful soul, and successful in all aspects of his life. Follow him!

Christian H. Godefroy - Chesieres, Switzerland

As you'll see, I haven't gone out and rounded up a bunch of celebrities and well-known marketers to endorse me.  I wanted any feedback on my book, to be sincere, and meaningful to you.  Each one of these testimonials were written by people who were in the exact same position you're in right now.

Then they ordered... went through the material... and voluntarily sent in their comments.  No hypey nonsense or anything else like that - just genuine, heartfelt comments from regular folks like you and me.

It may be the "Breakthrough Advertising" of our time. It's THAT good, easily one of the best $97 investments I've ever made.  It's the best explanation of, building a REAL business and creating lead generation systems I've had the pleasure of reading.  More solid than courses I've paid 10x the price for.  Motivating, inspiring... and a million dollar lesson in marketing.

Craig, by the way, I mean every word of this, it's a phenomenal book. Sorry for taking so long to get the testimonial to you. I had a hard time with it, I don't recommend copywriting/marketing books lightly and it was hard to write one without just sounding like you paid me to kiss your ass or something. I usually try to point out something negative in a testimonial to keep them genuine, but I honestly have no gripes about the book.

"How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers" is one of the very few books I still refer to on a weekly, sometimes daily basis... And I've owned it since you first launched it. It may be the "Breakthrough Advertising" of our time. It's THAT good.

It's MUCH better than I expected and easily one of the best $97 investments I've ever made. It's the best explanation of personality marketing, building a REAL business and creating lead generation systems, I've had the pleasure of reading. There are other great books on the subject, but none put together in a way that just "makes sense" the way you do.

I knew the importance of back-end business and strategy before reading, but it's given me a TON of great ideas (that have made myself and my clients a lot of money), and this is coming from someone who constantly studies marketing systems. You could have sold the Bonus Copywriting Section as a book on its own, it's better than 95% of modern books on the subject.

I do have one gripe. You should have named it "How To Make Maximum Money In Any Business"... I'd say this is required reading for ANY business owner. If a friend or family member was starting a business, I wouldn't just recommend it, I'd DEMAND that they read it. It's that good.

The info is more solid than courses I've paid 10x the price for. It's a complete marketing education, and should be required reading for anyone who needs to find new customers and make them customers for life. You're writing style is captivating and your enthusiasm is contagious. It's motivating, it's inspiring, and it's a million dollar lesson in marketing.  In a world full of "get rich quick" schemes and boring out of date marketing books, you've truly set a new standard. Thanks!

Scott Murdaugh - Springfield, Missouri


Yes Craig, show me all the money I’m losing, without even knowing it!  Send me "How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers," right now!
(Click here to order online or by phone or fax)

Let me also tell you the strategies and secrets in “How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers” are effective both online and offline. And you'll find liberal examples of both, throughout the text.

In my business, for instance, the lion’s share of communication with my prospects takes place online. But my goods and services are delivered both online and offline.

Your own mileage may vary on this. The thing is, how you deliver your goods or services isn't an issue. The strategy you use, however, is critical. And that’s what this manual gives you -- incredibly effective selling and direct-marketing strategies you can use in any industry, using any kind of media you want.

Oh, and if you’re concerned about my numbers, don’t be. In an early chapter called, The Proof Is In The Pudding,” I show you snapshots of my shopping cart sales, list size, and everything else you need, so you can see I'm not making any of these claims up.

How Is This Manual Set Up?

Good question. The manual is divided into three sections: The first section, “What To Do,” covers the nuts and bolts of the actual short-cuts and strategies themselves. This section starts on page 31 and runs all the way through page 222. Here’s just a small sampling of what you’ll find inside:

  • In Strategy #3, I waste no time in revealing what has proven to be the single greatest secret for making money in ANY business.

    How powerful is this secret?

    Quite simply, it allows you to make what’s probably the best ongoing, predictable, and long-term source of income in the world. And since it has almost ZERO downside risk, anyone can implement this, right away.

  • On page 31, you’ll uncover the filter for success and why some people have a hard time squeezing through it.   Look, loads of people can probably tell you “where” the money's hiding, but in this Chapter you'll actually find out... how to find it!

  • Uncover “the most profitable product in the world you can ever sell,” and... how to make a HUGE net income with it! And the nice thing about this is, there are loads of examples showing you how to use this strategy, regardless of what industry or what type of business you’re in, right now.

  • How to publish information as a core business, or... as a way to dramatically improve your sales of hard goods and personal services! Pay very close attention here, because subtle differences in how you use this information will create dramatic surges in cash-flow for you.

  • 8 questions to ask your prospects to find out what kind of products they want to buy from you! (on page 40)

  • On page 43, you’ll discover how a local 26 year-old whiz kid used my “secret weapon” to generate over $100,000 in sales in just 12 months! You’ll also see how to use this secret weapon to build enthusiasm... create relationships... convert prospects into paying customers... and convert average customers into long-term high-ticket customers!   If you read nothing else, read this!

  • When is offline marketing FAR more effective than online marketing? I’ll show you on page 47.

  • How to create continuous streams of monthly income - no matter what business you’re in! This is the fastest and easiest way of creating financial stability and bringing predictability to your business... and therefore to your life!

  • In Strategy #5, you’ll discover why most ads (and most marketing) fails. And while this has a LOT to do with the ad itself... you’ll be shocked to discover it has more to do with who you’re speaking to, than anything else!

  • On page 65, I’ll reveal how to get your foot in the door with buyers, and... how to keep these doors open!   This seriously changes your approach to finding new, pre-qualified customers and clients.   In fact, after reading this, you’ll probably make a few, subtle changes to your marketing that will have an immediate impact!

  • How to use “Free Reports” to generate an avalanche of leads. You’ll get the inside scoop on a live sample of an incredibly effective “two-step” ad on page 66. (You’d also normally have to pay me a small fortune to write an ad like this!)

  • Discover the REAL secret behind all great business relationships! This 14-word parable is so old-fashioned it might sound funny, but use it... and you'll wind up laughing -- all the way to the bank!  That's because it converts prospects to customers, faster than anything else you can do.   (As a side note, this strategy also gives you incredible positioning, and completely differentiates you from your competition.)

  • Want to know why people unsubscribe from your list? No problem, I’ll give you the 8 Reasons why people unsubscribe from your list (on pages 72 and 73), including one (#8) that’ll truly open your eyes!

  • Most people think e-mail is great because it’s free, but if this is the way you think, then you’re overlooking the obvious. The greatest thing about e-mail is that it lets you establish UNSHAKABLE trust and rapport with your prospects and your customers. However, few people actually understand the right way to establish this level of trust. In Strategy #7, I’ll cover e-mail from soup to nuts and this will revolutionize the way you do business, and the strength of your relationships with your list. (Make sure you pay VERY close attention to the sentence in bold on page 75. It reveals one critical piece of marketing psychology you can easily leverage into more sales, starting right now.)

  • At the bottom of page 93 I explode what's turned out to be a real marketing “time bomb!” More people have expressed gratitude over this one specific concept, than anything else I’ve ever said. If you’ve ever felt “frustrated” or anxious about speaking to your customers or to your list of prospects, online or offline... then you MUST read this!

  • Discover how much... and how often... you should be e-mailing your list. And... find out the ONE thing you should never ever say to them!

  • I’ll give you 17 resources you can use to generate compelling and ongoing content for your blog, e-mail, or any other kind of communication.   Each of these resources can be systematically set up, literally within a few minutes.

O.K., let’s pause here for just a minute here and take a short “breather.” I think you’re starting to see, even if you only put one or two of these strategies in place... their impact on your sales and on your cash-flow will be HUGE!

And that's because once your marketing is doing all the “heavy lifting” for you, your business -- and your life -- becomes much easier, and far more rewarding on many different levels.

Make sense?

Good. Now before we go on, let me teach you something very important. Regardless of what you do for a living, understand that while people may initially come to you for information or guidance on one particular issue, they will STAY with you over the long-term, because of your ability to entertain them. I don’t care what topic you’re an expert on, reality is, people can only handle “so much” information about marketing, puppies, juggling, or whatever. You simply have to be able to put a smile across people’s face on a consistent basis, if you want to have any kind of long-term retention.

That’s why, in Strategy #8, you’ll get the behind the scenes secrets about:

  • How to "entertain" your list! And don’t worry, this doesn’t involve putting on a red nose and a Bozo the Clown suit. This gives you a very practical and natural way of getting your list to like you and want more of you. You’ll find out what to say, and topics you can talk about "besides" your primary business topics. This way, you'll be able to engage and entertain your prospects on an ongoing basis, instead of boring them.

  • And on page 109, you’ll find out the big difference between “positioning” yourself at the top, and being an arrogant you know what! There’s a fine line between the two -- but pay close attention here, because you do NOT want to cross it... or else! You'll also discover:

Yes Craig, show me all the money I’m losing, without even knowing it!  Send me "How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers," right now!
(Click here to order online or by phone or fax)

  • 5 handy resources you can use, to come up with compelling stories about yourself, which you can share and entertain your list with. Nothing creates a better relationship with your prospects, than you sharing personal stories -- and these five resources make this much easier for you to do.

  • 3 Ways your prospects process information: discover which one of them is most important, based on who you’re speaking to. The old adage, “How you say things is as important as what you’re saying,” is very true. At last, discover how to use this to your advantage.

  • Strategy #10, which has been extremely popular, covers “How To Become Number One In Your Industry.” This reveals the secrets behind, what for some people, is the most challenging part of marketing: positioning yourself at the top. You’ll discover exactly what positioning is, why it’s so critical, and... the fine art of making yourself “scarce.” This might be the most important thing you can do for yourself... for your family... and believe it or not, for your customers and clients.

    This one strategy alone, allows you to constantly charge (and collect) much higher prices than any of your competitors.

  • On page 136, you’ll find out how to “create” demand for your goods and services.  This is simple, once you understand human nature and how to make it work in your best interests.

  • How to STOP being a slave to your business... and to your clients and customers! This is what gives you ultimate freedom!

  • You’ll also find multiple examples of sales copy that shows you how to create scarcity in your ads, and...

  • You’ll learn the secret of how to “discipline” your clients! Don’t worry, this isn’t about being rude or mean, at all. It’s about learning how to set healthy boundaries that let you run your business the way YOU want to run it.

  • How to use guarantees, price points, and your own personal “differential,” to pre-qualify your clients! If you’re sick and tired of wasting your time with looky-loos and tire-kickers, then this is the most exciting and important information you will ever read!   And with respect to making sure you're using your time wisely...

Let me tell you something critical:

As far as wasting time with tire-kickers -- whether you have a small list like I did, or even if you have a big giant list, time is money, and life is way too short for headaches. The LAST thing you need is to be wasting time with wishy-washy people who can’t make decisions, and who probably shouldn’t even be on your list in the first place.

You need to be able to filter these people out before they get to you and commit the Cardinal Sin of wasting your time. You want to be dealing with prospects who already like you... who want to do business with you... and who can afford to pay you.

You don’t want to waste your time “convincing” people to buy.   Is is MUCH easier to fomd prospects who are ready to buy NOW, and then simply attract them using the methods I explain inside “How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers.”

You'll never have to waste your time with unqualified customers and prospects, or do anything you don’t want to do, ever again. You'll know precisely how to attract the kind of leads and the types of people you want to do business with, and... how to repel the ones you want to stay far, far away from.

This way you can spend your time productively, doing what YOU want, instead of wasting your time, doing things others want you to do.

Make sense?

Great, now let’s move on with the rest of what’s inside just this first section alone:

  • In Strategy #11, I’ll uncover the 3 most critical and costly selling mistakes people make, and how to fix them, immediately!  You’ll also discover why conventional advertising simply can’t ever work.

  • In my e-mails I am selling something almost every day. There is one reason, and one reason ONLY, why my list lets me get away with this. Find out what that is, on page 154!

  • One of the simplest, yet most often ignored ways of making a LOT more money, is by increasing the value of each customer transaction.   On pages 160 through 164, I will show you how to do this, and how to get as many as 98.4% of your customers to pay you MORE money!   Even if you only increase your sales by one-tenth of these results, that’s still a LOT of money you’re leaving on the table right now, isn’t it?

  • The secret to “upselling” and how to use it to make yourself a King’s ransom! (This one’s a LOT easier than you think, and on page 172 - 174 you’ll get the six “Cardinal Rules” of upselling!)

  • The material is fantastic.

    "Craig, your book is brilliant. I've just fnished Chapter 13.  I thought I knew upsells pretty well...apparently not. The material is fantastic. Thanks so much. Nick." 

    Nick Penney - Richmond, United Kingdom (England)


    You should run for President.

    "You're the first guy I've met who articulately describes the transition out of the blue-collar neighborhood into the white and now being in Limbo. I totally made the connection. Thanks for sharing that in your book. Also totally true about people watching. Growing up in Vegas gave me plenty of variety...loved having that background. Imagine it was a lot more intense in New York vs the vacation atmosphere of Vegas. Still a bunch of crazy people come into that place. whew.

    You should run for President -- represent everyone who isn't aware there's a better life out there. You do such a great job of bringing that out in your book."   Tom Collins - Las Vegas, NV


  • One thing I’ve learned is, the first sale in business, is very much like the first kiss in a beautiful romance -- it’s only the beginning!  You’ll learn how to make these important first sales, and how I made an additional $135,904 in subsequent sales, using a little-known, yet incredibly powerful strategy ANY business can use!

  • In Strategy #15, you’ll discover how I turned a small failure... into a small fortune! And... how you can do this exact same thing in your business... or better!

  • On page 191 you’ll find out the truth about where all your money is really made and the somewhat ugly truth about where all your wisdom comes from. There’s one primary reason why I’ve done so well, and it has absolutely nothing to do with any personal skills or "talent." If you do this, you’ll have a LOT more control over your income, your life, and your destiny!

  • I have been embarrassed in business on more than one occasion! I’ll share one of these stories with you, starting on page 191. And I'll also show you how I took that embarrassment, added some righteous indignation... and created a HUGE (over six figures) second income for myself as a result of it! This is a terrific example of something only a few marketers are good at: turning a weakness into a strength. Understand how to do this, and you will profit from it for a long time to come, year-in and year-out.

  • On pages 219-220 you’ll get what one client of mine - a man who’s been in direct-marketing for over 35 years, and one of the first people to ever sell real estate by direct-mail, calls... “the best ad he’s ever seen!”  Model this ad and watch your cash register go "ka-ching!"

See, when you remove the burden of “selling” off your shoulders, and your marketing starts doing all the selling for you, business gets a LOT easier. You wind up wasting a lot less time... you deal with better quality customers and clients... and you can finally start relaxing.

You also begin living a more fulfilling and more care-free lifestyle, because your business no longer “owns” you or runs your life. You begin running your business and your life, the way you want to. And the pressure and aggravation you normally have to deal with on a day-to-day basis, finally becomes a non-issue for you.

Which is the way things should be, right?

That’s because your business is no longer so dependent on you to make it work. Instead of you being the sole engine that has to constantly produce all the energy that makes your business run, your marketing becomes this new engine.   All you need to do is turn the key to this engine, and get things moving -- whenever and in whatever direction you want.

Yes Craig, show me all the money I’m losing, without even knowing it!  Send me "How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers," right now!
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Now let’s talk about the second section of the book. Section Two is called “How To Think.” But don’t worry, I’m not going to sit here and tell you, or even imply you can “Think” your way to success. I’ll tell you right now, no one ever “thought” about becoming successful more than I did. But reality is, you can’t “think” your way to becoming successful, any more than you can “think” those few extra pounds off your waist line.

However, there is a certain mindset you need, and certain realities you’re going to have to face, that come with owning or operating a successful business. And that’s what’s inside this section, which runs from page 223 through page 273. Here's just some of what you can look forward to:

  • You’ll find out the most profitable investment you can ever make. I have relied on the fruits of this investment and it has been literally 100% responsible for the success I am experiencing today. This investment is so powerful I have been telling my children about it for as long as I can remember, and once you see the results of it, you’ll no doubt be doing the same thing.

  • Nowadays, especially with the continuing growth of the internet, there are so many people out there giving advice, it’s sometimes hard to know who to trust, and... who you should run from! So on pages 225 through 229, you’ll get 11 different ways to figure out who you should (and shouldn’t) be taking advice from, and what to base your decisions on. Making even one mistake here can set you back not only thousands of dollars, but even more important -- years of time!  Unfortunately, most people (myself included) learn this the hard way -- you don't have to.   This will save you YEARS of frustration and anxiety, and loads of time and money you will otherwise be wasting.

  • In Strategy #17 you’ll find out the simple secret to making money... really fast! I’ll share a few heartfelt stories with you, along with the formula you need, to get where you want to go, as fast as possible!

  • As I said earlier, some of the projects I work on don’t pan out. And although people don’t like to talk about this, setbacks are a normal part of being an entrepreneur. But failing at something isn’t a problem -- it’s how you react to that failure that’ll make you or break you. I’ll share ELEVEN different things I did, that didn’t work, and I’ll tell you the fastest way to bounce back from mistakes like this.

  • One of the most meaningful stories I ever heard, was told to me by a postal worker who was getting ready to retire. We met in the waiting room in a local hospital and what he said, will stick with me forever. And in Strategy #20, I’ll share this special story with you. It is a lesson you'll remember for as long as you live.

  • While I’m no spring chicken, I’m in great shape and I have more energy than most people half my age. To the point where people constantly tell me they were initially attracted to me simply because of my energy level and enthusiasm. And rest assured, I’m not like this because of good genetics.   I was an overweight child who wore “husky” clothing, and that didn’t change until I was in my early 20’s. I do have a specific formula I follow, for good health and great energy, however... and I’ve been it this for years now. This formula allows me to have endless motivation and child-like curiosity about darn-near everything! And on page 258 and 259, I'll reveal it to you.

  • I will tell you right now that success is NOT for the weak and timid! I’ll share a few stories with you that’ll put things into perspective, so you can decide -- honestly -- if you’ve really got what it takes... or not.

  • There is one personality trait (that can easily be learned) which has been scientifically proven to determine your likelihood of success, more than anything else. In “The Mother Of All Your Success,” you’ll find out what this trait is, and you’ll learn how to acquire this habit.

"a must read for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to increase their sales and conversions"

"Craig Garber's "How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers" is jam-packed with solid marketing advice and is a must read for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to increase their sales and conversions (and who wouldn't want to do that?).  Instead of working harder, Craig teaches you how to work smarter and attract ideal clients and he is an absolute genius when it comes to direct-marketing and copywriting."  Jit Uppal - Ontario, Canada


"It is 1:03 a.m. right now and I just checked my bank account
and I made $14,000.00 in under a week.  I credit this to you."

"Craig, I seem to write you a lot. I never feel compelled to give testimonials or anything to people but it is 1:03 a.m. right now and I just checked my bank account and I made $14,000.00 in under a week. This has NEVER happened to me.

After the postcard critique you gave me I took a hard look at the niche I was going into and decided to let it go. I was scared about being broke forever and not making this "be-in-business- for-yourself" thing actually work. I was feeling desperate, scared and alone. You name it... I felt it. But I just checked my bank account and have 2 people paying me $7,000 each for a project they need help on.

I credit this to you. I opened your book up again in search for light at the end of the tunnel and read your ad on page 198. I used the same kind offer and sent a 1 step mailer to about 20 of my previous prospects and made $14K. Craig, I spent like less than an hour doing this! Your book has more gold in it than Fort Knox! Every time I reread it I make more money. Thanks for putting this book out. I really mean it. It is like the modern day Breakthrough Advertising. Take care."  Carlos Redlich - Miami, Florida


Yes Craig, show me all the money I’m losing, without even knowing it!  Send me "How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers," right now!
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And lastly, Section 3, “What To Say” covers how to write effective sales copy, and how to put together successful sales letters and display ads that work. (And by “work,” I mean generate leads and make you money!) For most people, whether marketing online or offline, since the printed word is going to be your primary means of communication, this section covers selling in print, in detail. It runs from page 274 through page 326, and here’s what you can look forward to:

  • In this Section, I will take you by the hand and walk you through the twelve sections of a sales letter and give you over 55 different examples of sales copy to model your own sales letters from. I’ll also reveal...

  • How to write... and maybe even more important -- how not to write, if you want people to pay attention, and respond to what you’re saying! You’ll also discover one of the biggest problems people have, when it comes to relationships -- especially business relationships -- and how this consistently weakens your copy.

  • You’ll get 12 different examples of how people normally say common phrases, and why they’re ineffective... along with the right way to say each one of them! Remember, there’s a time to use 5-dollar words... and... there’s a time NOT to!

  • 3 Rules to follow, to make sure you’re not turning on your prospect’s “someone’s trying to sell me something” alarm: This is one bell you don't ever want to ring!

  • You’ll discover the right way... and the wrong way... to tell stories that compel your prospects to take action NOW! Along with a few examples of stories to model from.

  • When it comes to sales, you’d better remember that nothing gets bought unless it gets sold first. And yet, few ads are making any offer, let alone making the right kind of offer. You’ll get four solid examples of the kinds of offers you should be making, and how to adapt them to your business. These particular examples come from the service business... a restaurant... financial services... and a retail store setting!

  • We’ll cover money-back guarantees from head-to-toe, and I’ll dispel the two biggest “myths” out there about guarantees: One, that if you give a guarantee, people will rip you off... and two, if you offer a guarantee you’ll lose money. You will never look at a guarantee the same way again, after this. And... you’ll make a lot more money because of it! (I’ll even walk you through the numbers, step-by-step, so you can see for yourself!)

  • You’ll find out what to do when you’re in the kind of business where you simply can’t guarantee results. Contrary to what most people think, there are still loads of other things you can, and should be, guaranteeing. And you’ll discover them all in this Chapter!

  • You’ll get 7 different examples of fill in the blank “headline formulas” to use... and 9 examples of headline strategies that work like a charm!  You can easily write any ad you'll ever need, using the information in this particular section.

  • I’m even going to give you the secret formula for creating attention getting headlines, that’s PROVEN to put money in the bank since the dawning of direct-response marketing! (I first revealed this at my $5,000 Ad Writing workshop!)

  • After your headline, the most important part of your sales letter is your opening -- this is even MORE important in print, than opening a conversation in person, since there’s no “body language” to rely on, in print. You’ll uncover three different ways to engage someone right away, so they’re motivated and compelled to listen to what you have to say.

  • I’ll also let the cat out of the bag and tell you:

    • How to build real credibility! No matter how good your copy and your strategy are, if no one believes what you’re saying, it's all wasted.

    • How to introduce your product or service in your sales material (even in person)... without feeling “awkward” about it!

    • How to create mouth-watering bullets that are BURSTING with benefits your prospects can’t resist!

    • 2 different ways to “pre-qualify” your prospects ahead of time so you don’t wind up selling the wrong things to the wrong people! (And so you don’t have to deal with cheapskates looking for “good deals” at your expense!)

    • How to “eliminate” your competition and the myth surrounding this!

    • How to “close” your sales letter: the three most critical and costly problems people have with “closing,” and... how to overcome them!

    • And... you’ll find out why the “P.S.” is such an important part of your letter or ad. You’ll also get 14 different examples of P.S.’s that work like gangbusters! And I’ll also reveal the little-known psychology behind writing a good P.S. and how (on page 316) the wrong P.S. literally destroys everything you’ve worked for, up until that point! I even cover "how many" P.S. endings you should use, and why.

  • You’ll find out how to get other people to bring you business... “Why Men Crack!”... and, much much more.

Yes Craig, show me all the money I’m losing, without even knowing it!  Send me "How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers," right now!
(Click here to order online or by phone or fax)

As you can see, “How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers” isn’t an “ordinary” book. At 360 (8 ½ x 11”) pages long, this is one of the most ground-breaking money-making manuals ever released.  Here are the chapter titles:

How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers Chapter Titles

But you know what?  More important, listen to what these people are saying about this book. These folks aren’t any different than you are. They’re independent entrepreneurs, located all over the world in loads of different industries... and each one of them has their own particular Achilles heel they have to deal with:

Craig Garber has a knack for taking expansive, complex subjects and turning them into simple concepts, understandable by the common person...

In his new book, “How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers,” he does just that, taking what is essentially a lifetime of experience and knowledge in sales and marketing, and boils it down into simple ‘a la carte’ strategies almost anyone can use.

Even just the tidbits of sales copy and examples he gives are well worth the price of admission. Do whatever you can to get your hands on this gem and then devour it!

Mike Miget - St. Louis, MO


Instead of just telling you what to do, Craig shows you step by step exactly how to finally do it for yourself... Every day that goes by without you having this information is costing you money.

There are a lot of reasons you may have been held back from living the life you’ve always dreamed about. Weather it’s what’s going on inside your head or a lack of knowledge about how to do what you need to be doing. That is all about to come to an end.

Inside Craig’s book he pulls the curtain all the way back and holds NOTHING from you. He reveals exactly what he has done to overcome a very rough start in his own life, to becoming a world class marketer and copywriter. Instead of just telling you what to do, Craig shows you step by step exactly how to finally do it for yourself.

I have a huge library of books and manuals about writing copy and marketing. I’ve spent a small fortune and years compiling these. Yet all of them combined don’t come close to explaining in laymans terms exactly how to sell and market all my services like this one does. This is a reference manual I’ll keep on my desk and use for the rest of my life. Every day that goes by without you having this information is costing you money.

Chet Rowland - Odessa, FL


I can tell you that Craig has genuinely helped transform my software business... When I look back at my Profit figures, we are looking at nearly double the yearly income. And this has been achieved by following the simple rules you find in this book – the very same techniques we speak about at every Mastermind Meeting I pay more than $25,000 a year to attend (including airfares and accommodation etc).

You might think that this testimonial is just glorified words on paper to help sell his book, however nothing could be farther from the truth. What I will tell you, is when Craig asked me to write this testimonial for him I was actually “Honoured,” to be candid. He is truly a gifted person, and my entire family - my wife Kathy, and our children Zachary, Benjamin and Alyssa -- can vouch for this and highly recommend this book to you. That’s because Craig has helped me deliver everything my family could ever want, by helping me pull my business from the depths of desperation... to delivering a life changing experience for us all.

P.S. Even if you only read one part of this book, make sure it’s Section 14 ("The Incredible Power Of Your Back End"). The content of this chapter alone brought me in an additional $40,000 in just over 3 weeks.

Matthew Jones - Jamboree Heights, Queensland, Australia


Craig spares you nothing from the moment you crack this open. This is an endearing tale of triumph and accomplishment (on HIS terms), and now he lays bare what you can model to do likewise...

I’ve always admired Craig for being a direct, straight-shooting guy and his writing style, while sometimes blunt, is always genuine, conversational, and yes, even filled with emotion, as any life worth living always is. There’s a ton about the person in here and that makes reading his insights and suggestions all the more powerful and “sticky” for you.

Reading this book is like getting a crash course in modern business success. I’d say it’s like drinking water from a fire-hydrant, but Craig’s much more precise with his advice here than that. He tells you exactly what you should be doing to elevate your business above the mere “rest.” If you don’t devour every word on every page, it’ll be your loss. There are plenty of posers out there, but Craig isn’t one of them. This book gives you a roadmap to success, but don’t fool yourself into thinking it’ll be easy, requiring little to no work. Nothing worthwhile ever is.

Read Craig’s new book with a pen and paper nearby - you’ll need it to write the pages of profitable notes you’ll take. You’ve got in your hands essential lessons from one of the best... don’t squander it.”

Christopher Hurn - Orlando, Florida


I’ve known Craig Garber personally for over a year now. Initially, I “met” him when I began subscribing to his Seductive Selling Newsletter, and for the last year I’ve been a member of his Mastermind Group...

So I expected “How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers” to be good, because Craig’s always delivered on anything and everything he’s ever promised -- and then some. In fact, his work ethic and his integrity are second to none.

However, what I didn’t expect his book to capture, was his ability to give you all this content, in the same “real” and straightforward manner he does in person.   Craig has a very unique and old fashioned “common-sense” way of explaining things, so you’re able to go out and quickly put his advice to use, in a systematic and measurable manner.

And in today’s day and age where anyone can, and often will -- say, and promise you anything -- perhaps this is Craig’s greatest gift. He gives you genuine, quality information you can profit from... and it’s given from a genuine, quality person you'll enjoy working with.

I will tell you, I worked with Craig one on one, specifically on the techniques in Strategies 6 - 8 (pages 68 - 123), to create a brand new business that has brought me in over $1.4 Million dollars in the last 6 months alone. Make sure you study these Strategies because there is absolute gold inside each of them.  (These strategies are "The REAL Secret Behind All Great Business Relationships," "How To Establish Unshakable Trust And Rapport," and "How To Entertain Your List.")

In fact, don’t just read the information in this book -- eat it up! And then smile, because you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.

DC Fawcett - Apollo Beach, Florida


I’ve been to all the marketing seminars over the years; I’ve read enough marketing books to fill the Library of Congress, and then some...

But when it comes to finding that one person who can help me take my thinking and my copywriting to the next level that person is Craig Garber.

Believe me I have studied all the masters over the years: Bencivenga, Halbert, Ogilvy, but you are the only writer that I actually break out the copywriting magnifying glass, and go back over study your work, like I was Gil Grissom from CSI/Vegas looking copywriting clues off of a warm body.

Craig is the real deal and so is “How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers.” In fact, it felt like Strategies # 2 and 3 inside this book, were written specifically for me. See, I’m a huge believer in newsletters for a service business. This alone is worth the price of admission. In fact, let me be more specific:

  • The information inside these two chapters makes you realize your newsletter is worth more then you think it is, and that when you have superior marketing and you understand pricing, this lets you charge more then your competition.

  • Nobody knows how to peel back the “Wizard of Oz” curtain and give you a voyeuristic view in to ones life that creates such a bonding effect with his readers like Craig does. He sets the bar high, while revealing one example after another, about how you can do the same thing in your business.

  • And lastly, nobody -- hands down -- can help you understand how to “brand” your own personality for profit, using an off-line newsletter, like Craig can. And then using everything within your personality to addict the flock to you, and making even more money while doing so.

I can whole heartedly say that with being a member of Craig’s Maverick Coaching group has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life.

After joining the group and with his guidance I have started my 3rd business (like two business wasn’t enough) which is information marketing for my industry, and this lucrative side business knows no boundaries. It has taken my life in a new and completely exciting direction I never dreamed possible.

Bob Maunsell - Worcester, MA Former Sergeant - United States Air Force (USAF)


There is a phrase used where I grew up. This phrase is always used to make sure someone isn’t talking hyperbole or bul@$it and that phrase is “KEEP IT REAL.” This one phrase explains why I love this book...

In “How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers,” Craig Garber keeps it real. Here’s how: No over hyped crap about how you can make money simply by turning on your computer. In fact, Craig says it in the 1st chapter, “Easy doesn’t fit anywhere into this mix. Which is exactly why so few people have any kind of real money.”

He ain’t afraid to tell you his story, either. Craig outlines in sometimes painful detail, the backdrop of his life, and he includes his personality in everything. So Craig keeps it real by revealing not only his good side but the warts as well. Takes courage and keeps it real but also makes money.

Craig keeps it real by not being afraid to call a spade a spade. He tells you in detail what he thinks about much of the “advice” that’s being bantered around today, and why.

Craig keeps it real by understanding that to get you must give. So he does that generously, I might add, in this book.

Craig keeps it real by explaining the concept of continuity income. He understands that owning a business requires developing a consistent stream of predictable income. That’s continuity income.

So here is the bottom, bottom line. If you are playing at business DON’T BUY THIS BOOK, but if you want real advice about how to create a real business that provides a continuous stream of predictable income for you and your family, you MUST BUY AND READ THIS BOOK. It will be the best investment of your life.

P.S. If you are really motivated to create a business, subscribe to Craig’s offline Seductive Selling Newsletter, and if you’re even more motivated do like I did and subscribe AND join his coaching group. The benefits are enormous.

Dwight Miller - Marlton, NJ


It is my number 1 business book!!!!

"Craig, I just wanted to write and thank you for the book "How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers." I'll admit I swallowed hard when I clicked on the "buy now" button and saw the price. However after reading the book it's worth at least ten times what you are asking.

Not only do you layout your entire process from beginning to end, you explain the thought process behind why you set your business up the way you do. One would think with over 300 pages there would be a lot of "fluff" in the book but there isn't, just a complete breakdown of your business. It is my number 1 business book!!!! I will keep it on my desk to use as a reference manual. Thank you"

Jeff Cotterman - Brownsburg, IN


Yes Craig, show me all the money I’m losing, without even knowing it!  Send me "How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers," right now!
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A Money Tree, In Your Own Back-Yard?

Before I tell you how to get your hands on this manual and the 6 (yes, six) bonus gifts that come with it, let me share an interesting tid-bit with you.

If you walked into the library at Harvard University when it was started in 1638, you could read literally every single one of the books on the shelves there -- all 400 of them. In fact, if all you did was read one book a week, you’d read 50 books a year, and you’d have the whole thing finished in 8 years flat.

Today, there are over 16.1 million books in Harvard’s 70 libraries!

But of course, the world is different today in more ways than any of us can really understand. For example, it used to be, when you wanted to speak to one of your family members who lived out of state, you’d pre-arrange a time to call one another. Usually, late at night or on the weekends, when the long-distance rates were low. And if you called and they weren’t home -- no one would even know.

Today, you can pick up your cell phone and call anyone, anywhere you want, and they’ll know you're calling... before they even pick up the phone! You can instantly text someone who’s on their way to dinner, while you’re watching a movie in your living room. And then you can whip out your iPhone and have it pinpoint their exact location within a half-mile!

Today, you turn on your television and BAM! You get to choose from literally hundreds -- if not thousands of channels on cable, satellite, and hundreds of other independent networks. And that old transistor radio you used to cling to as you fell asleep at night, has gone the way of the horse and buggy! Internet radio lets you listen to anything from Scandinavian “fuzz rock” piped in directly from Sweden... to conservative talk radio coming at you from the heartland of America -- 24 hours a day, non-stop!

And every time you blink... there's another e-mail sitting in your Inbox!

This is no longer our parent’s world we’re living in. Today, we are living in a world filled with uncertainties. 50 years ago, and maybe even 25 years ago, you could get ahead by working harder than the next guy. Show up, bust your butt, do what you’re supposed to do... and the money would come rolling in, as sure as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. But nowadays, working hard isn’t nearly enough.

Today, you’ve got to be working hard, just to make ends meet! You not only have to out work your competition, but if you want to stick around and have the chance at getting everything you deserve, you’d better be able to out-smart them as well.

The bottom line is, if you want to increase, with absolute certainty, your cash flow and your net income, today... and if you want to take complete control over your business and dramatically improve the quality of your life as well... if you're ready to stop merely “surviving” or “getting by,” the strategies inside “How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers” aren’t optional for you any more. They’re mandatory, just the same way “eating” is mandatory if you want to stay alive.


I am so confident in your ability to profit from the information inside this manual, when you order the “Maximum Money Bonus Program,” which comes with the 360-page manual itself along with SIX immediate-impact bonus gifts designed to get you up-and-running with these strategies as fast as possible... you also get a completely UNCONDITIONAL LIFETIME GUARANTEE.

That’s right, this Program doesn’t come with a 30 day guarantee. And it doesn’t even come with a 60 or a 90-day guarantee. “How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers” comes with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE: If at any time you're dissatisfied, simply return the information for a prompt and courteous refund, for life!

On top of this, I will also give you DOUBLE your money back if the strategies in my book don't work profitably for you!  So order now, because you have absolutely nothing to lose... and truly, everything to gain.

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(Watch this short video and see how there are no strings attached to your Lifetime Guarantee!)

But That’s Not ALL:

Order Now And You'll Receive "How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers" Along With These
SIX Bonus Gifts (a $538 Value), 100% FREE

  1. “How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers: 21 Proven Direct-Marketing Strategies ANYONE Can Use!” This 360-page “blueprint for business success” includes all the information we just covered, PLUS... the 21 Strategies themselves, PLUS loads of other information I’ll leave as a surprise for you. Also, each of these strategies comes with its own “Money-Making Action Step Checklist,” which takes you by the hand and gives you step-by-step directions, so you can take fast action on every single one of them. Many, you will be able to implement within 24 hours -- some, even faster than that. Any one of these strategies alone, may bring you $25,000... $50,000... or even $100,000 in extra cash-flow for your business in the next 12 months alone.

  2. TWO DVDs of a special recorded interview I did, LIVE from Washington Square Park in New York City! (2 DVDs - $197 value) On this candid 1 hour and 20 minute long interview, I get up close and personal, live from one of my favorite childhood stomping grounds. On these two DVDs I reveal:

    • The MOST critical component of your marketing success! (And it has absolutely nothing to do... with marketing!)

    • Why growing up with “tales of a misspent youth” as my backdrop, has actually been the biggest and most productive influence in my life. And the important lessons you can take from this, to help your business grow!

    • The ONE communication skill that makes your marketing more effective than anything else! (“How to speak to “the common man.”)

    • How to immediately get your prospect's attention and cut right through any clutter or chaos going on in their lives! Master this and you'll get ANY ad noticed... by ANYONE you want!

    • Why LOUD messages fail: The right way... and the wrong way... to be heard!

    • 3 Reasons why you should FORGET the Internet for at least a little while, and what you should do, instead!

    • Why some entrepreneurs are making a ton of money -- even right now as we’re speaking -- and... why others can’t even seem to get things started. Here’s the lone difference!

    • A sure-fire way to avoid making mistakes! This one’s so simple yet most people are completely afraid of it. Find out why at 18:25 into this movie.

    • How to make a small fortune from “inherent curiosity!”

    • The REAL reason why two-step lead generation is so incredibly effective, and... how to make a bundle of cash using it!

    • A step-by-step guide to the most difficult problem marketers struggle with: positioning. Mastering this one skill alone allows top to earners collect the bulk of their income. You’ll get a complete lesson and some “real life” secrets about how to position yourself at the top of the mountain (even if you are brand spanking new at what you do) in your industry, so you can crush your competition and bathe in a shower of success... forever!

    • IMPORTANT: How to use “content goggles” to produce and publish unlimited amounts of compelling and curiosity-provoking content!

    • The lion’s share of my income is continuity-based, with an over 80% “stick” rate on one of my continuity streams. Discover how to get your customers to stick around, and... find out why they leave!

    • Taking on a business partner isn’t an easy decision, not by a long-shot. And taking on the wrong business partner is not only stressful and financially devastating, but it’s also one of the primary reasons why many businesses fail. I’ll reveal -- for the first time -- the best way to evaluate whether or not you should take someone on as a partner, based on years of successful (and not so successful) experiences!

    • And... much much more!

  3. The Audio CD of the 80-minute interview I did, live from Washington Square Park. ($97 value) This way you can listen to it at your convenience in the car or where ever you want. You don't have to be anchored to your computer monitor or a DVD player, to make money in your business.

  4. SEO Secrets Revealed! A Very Special Double Audio CD Library (over 84 minutes long) with my own personal SEO expert, who’s taken my website from an Alexa ranking of over 213,000... down to under 100,000... in just a hair over three months! You'll get over two dozen strategies to use on your own website! (2 CD’s - $197 Value)

  5. And... a Hilarious “Bloopers” DVD ( $47 value) with out takes and screw-ups from the filming we did up in New York City, including footage of locations not shown during the launch videos and scenes like this:

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Yes Craig, show me all the money I’m losing, without even knowing it!  Send me "How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers," right now!
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Inside: What Every Entrepreneur
Should Know About Making Money

Look, let’s face it, if I packaged this information up in a 3-ring binder, or if I sold it as a monthly business-building course, this program would easily justify its value at a $1,997 price tag, just for starters. Heck, I can sell the manual alone for $997!

After all, how much is it worth to you, to get over a decade's worth of field-tested strategies that have literally been responsible for millions and millions of dollars in sales, condensed into one place and packaged in an easy-to-read, easy to use manual... that comes with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE?!

But don’t worry -- I’m not going to charge $997 for this Program. In fact, I’m not even going to charge half that much. I’m going to practically “give” this away for less money than it costs to buy even a halfway decent pair of Nike’s. For a limited time only, you can get your hands on the entire “Maximum Money Bonus Program,” which includes the manual itself... 3 Audio CDs... and 3 DVDs, for only $97 plus shipping and handling, or 2 EZ installments of $49.95 each! You’re getting:

Maximum Money Bonus Program Value
“How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers: 21 Proven Direct-Marketing Strategies ANYONE Can Use!” 360-page “blueprint for business success, 8 ½” x 11” manual $2,100
(21 @ $100)
A 2-DVD Library Interview: Craig Garber LIVE from Washington Square Park in New York City! ($197 value) 1 hour and 20 minutes long $197
Audio CD, Craig Garber live from Washington Square Park (80 minutes) $97
SEO Secrets Revealed! Double Audio 2-CD Library (84 minutes long) $197
Hilarious “Bloopers” and out takes DVD $47
Total value when you order right now:


Yours for
only $97
(or 2 EZ installments, $49.95 each)

That's right, all yours for only $97 or 2 EZ installments of $49.95 each, shipped out by U.S. First Class Priority Mail. And no, you’re not hearing things and there are no tricks or small print involved. No surprises in the shopping cart or anything else misleading.

Why am I practically giving this away?

The answer is simple. The truth is, once people get their hands on my information, they tend to buy a LOT more of it. They subscribe to my Seductive Selling offline newsletter... they buy my marketing systems... and they hire me for consulting or join my coaching and Mastermind groups, or they hire me to write copy. This is simply my way of introducing myself to as many people out there, as possible.

This manual, along with the rest of the items in this Program, is my "silent salesman." It does a far better job of selling me, than anything else possibly could. After reading this manual, you'll feel like you "know" me better than people you've been doing business with, for years.

Yes Craig, show me all the money I’m losing, without even knowing it!  Send me "How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers," right now!
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Before we wrap up, I want you to know something important: Running a business is like taking care of your health in many ways. Most people just keep plodding along, keeping their fingers crossed, “hoping” nothing bad happens. However, “hope” isn’t a very good strategy when it comes to taking care of your health, and it’s an absolutely horrible strategy when it comes to generating leads and converting them into long-term, high-paying repeat transaction customers and clients.

No one ever “hoped” their way to the top, I can assure you. When it comes to business, you can either hope for the best... or you can seek out the best advice you possibly can, and then use it to get you anywhere you want to go. And that’s exactly what this program is giving you.

And let me be candid. Of course there are people out there making more money than I am. But as far as I know, no one’s even made anything CLOSE to this much money with such a small list. And no one os pulling down these kinds of numbers with one employee, zero advertising costs, with virtually 90% profit margins, and... without being beholden to anybody else for leads.

See, list size doesn't matter when you have access to the strategies inside this manual. And besides, I don't need to tell you how much easier it is managing a small base of customers than having to deal with and manage hoards of people.

What these strategies allow you to do, is comparable to a one-legged man running a marathon and placing in the top ten -- twice!

“When riches begin to come... they come quickly”

I remember reding "Think And Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill, for the first time. There’s a passage in there, where Hill says, “When riches begin to come, they come so quickly and in such great abundance, that one wonders where they’ve been hiding during all those lean years.”

When I first read that, I didn’t think it was true. I couldn’t ever imagine myself living any way, other than week-to-week. It was like imagining what it would be like to land on Mars, or to be 6-foot 5-inches tall (I’m 5’9”) -- it just didn’t seem real to me.

But today, I look at things differently. I have far more freedom than I ever imagined, and I have traveled all over the world to so many beautiful places, and met so many wonderful people since I first read Hill’s classic book.

I’m living proof, that when you possess a slight edge... even the little guy can still win BIG, today. “How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers” gives you ALL the slight edges and short-cuts you need, to do this.  It takes you by the hand and walks you through each one of them, step-by-step. It lets you experience these same things in your business, and in your life.

So... fast-forward the clock to today. How does it feel to be free from money worries? How does it feel to have the “debt monkey” off your back? How does it feel to have, within reason, “everything” you want?

I’ll answer these questions by saying this. I used to dream of a time when I'd have enough money simply to pay my bills on time, every month. To not have to look at prices on the menu when we ordered food. To know I could afford to buy everyone Christmas presents without feeling that lump in the back of my throat whenever I thought about it, or whenever I walked through the mall or saw the ads in the Sunday newspaper.

Indeed, that seemed to be the limit of my possibilities. Because I was an average guy, without wealthy friends, without money and with no one to look up to... that’s all I felt I was worth.

With nothing to begin with, I have, however, from these
humble beginnings... become the sole owner of multiple businesses
that have paid me quite literally, millions and millions of dollars.

During this time, the entire “theme” of my life has changed, dramatically. Instead of living in a small cramped apartment in the city, soiled with dirty walls, stained worn down carpets, and office papers strewn all over the place... we live in a beautiful lake-side home in a small quiet citrus town.

We barbecue on weekends, walk through the woods, fish, swim, and relax on the hammock.

There are three cars parked in my driveway. My children go bass-fishing and tubing, and jump in the lake after school -- a lifetime away from what I did as a kid growing up in the projects.

We have our good health, and we have everything else we might want for. Instead of dreaming about merely “paying my monthly bills,” I now dream about making millions and about taking far-away vacations to exotic places.

And what brought about this remarkable change? What transformed me from a blue-collar “average Joe” to a decisive, clever, determined entrepreneur?

It was a voice inside that kept whispering to me, over and over again, “You can do better than this.”

And then, one morning I woke up and looked at myself in the mirror and I didn’t like what I saw. The pain of ignoring that whisper finally became greater than the fear of listening to it. That’s it, plain and simple.

I wish I could tell you some sort of grandiose story about a pilgrimage to some far away place... or a reunion with a long-lost relative that inspired me, but if I said that, I’d be lying. The truth is, I just got sick and tired of being sick and tired. So I began this incredibly exciting journey... and “How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers” is the end-product of it, yours for the taking.

For a mere $97 bucks, this is the greatest single investment with the highest return potential...
you will ever make.

Yes Craig, show me all the money I’m losing, without even knowing it!  Send me "How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers," right now!
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...if anybody would only follow the ideas in your book and as long as they have a credible and good value product or service I really don't see how they would fail to be successful.

"Craig, thank you for your book, I knew it would be quite substantial but it is more like a manual. I decided to take it away with me for two weeks to read it, that was a mistake. You don't read this book, it is indeed a manual and is packed with useable ideas and techniques.

In fact there are so many good ideas I could only pick a couple to work on for now and I am pleased to tell you that we have implemented these and from a very small mailing (550) we got a 200 replies and of these 124 have bought in to the system, I think that is pretty damned good and a whole lot better than we have ever done before. Craig, if anybody would only follow the ideas in your book and as long as they have a credible and good value product or service I really don't see how they would fail to be successful. Thank you Craig."

Robert Plumb - Norfolk, United Kingdom (England)


"...nobody else is talking about the things you do. Nobody else is laying out a step-by-step action plan for conceptualizing, creating, and starting a profitable business.  Thanks for being honest, and thanks for delivering on your promise."

"I have to be honest: at first, I didn't get all the value. Not consciously, anyway.  But during the course of a week, I usually read about 3 books.

After I read yours, I started on the others. It was then that I REALLY realized something: nobody else is talking about the things you do.

Nobody else is laying out a step-by-step action plan for conceptualizing, creating, and starting a profitable business. A business that makes you the most amount of money with the least amount of resources.

Some of the chapters in this book (Like Creating Continuous Streams of Income or the chapter on Copywriting) alone justify the price tag.

You really deliver on the value, piling the information on.

I'm in the process of re-reading it a 3rd time... and the only other book I read that many times in the span of 3 weeks was Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene Schwartz!

Personally, I think anyone who owns this book should do all of the following:

A) Read it through... jot down a few notes... and choose ONE thing to put into action immediately.

B) Read the book AGAIN, but slowly this time. Take your time, really "digest" everything. This is the part where your write down about 40 pages of notes.

C) Keep it as a desk reference. Always go back to it, to see if you're staying along the right path.

By the way, I really enjoyed getting to 'know' you in the book. Thanks for being honest, and thanks for delivering on your promise."   Angel Suarez - Palm Bay, Florida


There is more money making information in the first few chapters alone, then I've seen at 4-day seminars that cost over $4,000.

You'd be foolish not to stop everything you're doing to buy and immediately read this book. You’ll especially benefit from the part about building and maintaining a relationship with your list of customers. The strategies and techniques in this section alone have helped me generate over $100,000 in sales.

Want more money? Then get this book, NOW!

Dustin Mathews - Tampa, Florida

You know, the truth is, I still live modestly.  I drive a Jeep Wrangler.  And I wear jeans, t-shirts, and flip-flops. So money hasn’t really “changed me” per se. But what earning over $11,000 a week does, is... it makes you feel secure against want. It gives you the money to buy whatever you need, to support your family and take care of them properly.   It gives you the opportunity to take a chance on an investment here and there, without having to worry “Am I putting all my eggs in one basket?”

And it makes you healthier... more contented, and keener-minded.   Sharper... and yet, more peaceful inside.   Because now my time has much more value, and so I am forced to think very clearly about how I want to invest it.   It is the greatest recipe I know for happiness.

Won’t you join me?

Are You Too Busy Working To Earn Any REAL Money?

Let me prove to you that your business, and your life, can be a lot more rewarding than it is now. I’m not even asking you to believe me. All I’m asking you to do is to just "try it.”

If I’m, wrong, you’ve lost absolutely nothing.

But if I’m right and you ignore this message, what a shame.

My bet is, you’re going to “sense” you’re on to something special, before you even get into the Strategies themselves. If you’re like most people, the Foreword and Dedication alone are going to create sudden and dramatic “shifts” in your thinking that make you realize the way you’ve been running your business and communicating with your prospects... and frankly, the way you’ve been treating yourself and the way you’ve been a slave to your business-master, is all wrong.

Look, if you’re still with me at this point, then it means I’ve struck a nerve or stirred something deep inside of you, and rightly so. Because the information inside this Program has done so much for me and for my family... and for so many other entrepreneurs and their families -- enhancing all of our lives in so many wonderful ways.

As soon as you rip open your package and start digging in, you’ll instantly know you’ve made the right decision. Everything will be right there in front of you and ready to go.

So obey that urge you’re feeling inside -- because it is the right thing to do. Order now, and your “Maximum Money Bonus Program” will be rushed out you, right away by U.S. First Class Priority Mail.

It is my great privilege to invite you to come along on a remarkable journey that’s destined to make you wealthy. Very wealthy. Thank you for reading this message and I wish you nothing but success, good health, and a life filled with wonderful things.

All the best,

Craig Garber

Yes Craig, show me all the money I’m losing, without even knowing it!  Send me "How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers," right now!
(Click here to order online or by phone or fax)

P.S. Let’s face it, for most people, running a business is a bit of a “crapshoot,” at best. And while sometimes the dice roll around the table and come up in your favor... most of the time, they don’t.

I assure you though, there is nothing random, irrational, or “lucky” about the strategies inside “How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers.”

The “good old days” when you could just sit back and easily attract loads of new business, like ants to a splotch of grease on top of a picnic table, are today... nothing more than a distant faded memory. A slice of nostalgia to reminisce about, the same way you might reminisce about the first time your daughter wrapped her gentle little hand around your index finger, or the first touchdown you ever made.

Today, competition is FIERCE, and the formula for survival is VERY simple, yet.. very complicated to master, unless you have the right tools at your disposal. That formula is, you’re either staying ahead of the curve, or else you'll get eaten alive by those who are. In tough times you have to think smarter, not work harder. Merely “keeping up” is no longer enough.

If you’re unsure of this, just ask all the frustrated small business owners and entrepreneurs who depended on the “economy” to keep their doors open, but who were forced to close these doors during this recession. Or the “dot com” companies who were wiped off the face of the earth in the blink of an eye in the early 2000’s, as fast as you can hit the delete key on your keyboard.

Ask these folks if “keeping up,” or "doing the same thing everyone else is doing,” is a smart thing to rely on, if you want to stay in business and make lots of money.   And, if you truly desire in your heart of hearts, to accomplish everything you’re capable of and attain everything you deserve.

And I’ve got news for you: things aren’t going to be getting any easier in the future. In the future, only those entrepreneurs who have complete and total control over their businesses, will be strong. And the strong will get even stronger, while everyone else will simply crumble and fall off the radar screen, even faster.

And the fastest and easiest way to ensure your survival, is by creating simple and effective marketing strategies your competition can’t copy.

But while this is the harsh reality of business, and of life... that only the strong really DO survive... the good news is, it’s also a matter of choice which side of the economic scales you'll end up on.

What choice... will you be making?

Yes Craig, show me all the money I’m losing, without even knowing it!  Send me "How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers," right now!
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I have made every mistake in the book by following the 'fast cash' Internet Marketing crowd...

Hi Craig, Just wanted to thank you for the book. I have been working online for almost four years and have made every mistake in the book by following the 'fast cash' Internet Marketing crowd. I would urge anyone who is intertested in long term business to get your book and learn how to build real, trusting, honest relationships with their customers rather than treating them as cash machines. Thanks for waking me up!  Rob Plevin - C'mouth, United Kingdom (England)


How did Craig do it, you ask? I mean, I’m a complete stranger and ultra conservative with my money. How did he get me to spend $6,000 with him?

“Craig who?” I asked my business partner. “And how is some guy way on the other side of the country who doesn’t know a thing about mortgages going to help me make more money?”

I didn’t have the time or the desire to sit down and listen to what anyone from Tampa had to say. My business partner had to ‘convince’ me to sit and listen to a webinar put on by Craig Garber. Even after the webinar I still was more than skeptical… especially when he said the program he was ‘pitching’ cost $6,000.

I’d never spent a dime on getting help with my marketing before, so the thought of dropping 6 GRAND on someone I didn’t know from Adam and had no prior history in lending or in my industry, wasn’t something that made any sense at the time. After all, wasn’t it much more logical to do the ‘normal’ thing: find some local joker who knew mortgages and then use his advertising template that he uses for every other lender in the area? You know…if everyone else is doing it then it must be working, right?

Thankfully, I have a very persistent business partner who saw the underlying value of what Craig could offer our business. We went to Tampa and went through his workshop. When I left I still wasn’t convinced what he was ‘selling’ us was going to work. I mean, c’mon…who in the world is going to read a 16 page sales letter talking about mortgages? That’s almost as painful as dumping salt in your own eye - or so I thought! But since we’d committed $6,000, I was convinced we at least had to see the project through to the end.

We did an initial mailing of 3,400 and had a response rate of 2.2%. Not too shabby considering these people were being hammered by other lenders on a monthly basis. In fact, this was DOUBLE the response from the mailers we’d done in the past. Looks like Craig’s lead generation material was working much better than I’d even expected.

I learned that this two-step lead generation process, when done properly, produces incredible results!

I engaged Craig on another project to help me draft another direct mail ad to be mailed out to the highly competitive FHA loan marketplace. As of this writing we’ve sent out 2,005 mailers and had 19 responses. At first glance you’d think that was lousy… and maybe for a response rate it is. However, of these 19 people, we’ve set 12 face-to-face appointments, taken 9 loan applications, and already closed one loan (which paid for the whole marketing cost). And we’re only two weeks into the campaign!

Based on what we have in the pipeline we fully expect to convert over 50% of the responses we’ve gotten! So, let’s do the math here. We spent $2,658 on the mailer, closed our first deal with a commission of $3,051, and expect 7 others at roughly $3,500 each for a total of $27,551 gross return… and we’re only half way completed!! Let’s just say, I’m more than happy all my competitors are using the ‘traditional’ advertising.

How did Craig do it, you ask? I mean, I’m a complete stranger and ultra conservative with my money. How did he get me to spend $6,000 with him?

In “How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers,” Craig gives you a blow-by-blow detailed checklist that shows you exactly how to get hard-nosed entrepreneurs like me, to trust him enough to pull out my wallet -- not once, but many times over and over again. Remember, three weeks before I cut Craig a check for $6,000, I’d never even heard of him - and that’s saying something.

If you want to know how to get guys like me -- complete strangers and absolute skeptics -- to give you mass quantities of money and then stick around and pay you even more money while continuing to maintain an ongoing and very solid business relationship, then you must pay very close attention to Strategy’s #7 and #8 in Craig’s book. Craig is the master when it comes to this, and he tells you everything in these two chapters.

Jason Oswald - Boise, Idaho


"This book gives real life examples and strategies you can implement in any business and achieve measurable results... And Craig’s wisdom and knowledge comes from where it counts... from the trenches of real business."

After many years of struggle and failures I finally was able to make my business a success. Looking back on those struggles, many of them could have been avoided if I had the right mindset, tools, and know-how. This is the likely scenario with any entrepreneur.

I wish I had “How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers” as my manual while I struggled as an early entrepreneur... it would have saved me much grief and made me even more money. This book gives real life examples and strategies you can implement in any business and achieve measurable results.

And Craig’s wisdom and knowledge comes from where it counts... from the trenches of real business. “Real” business with “real” money and tough consequences for getting things wrong. He tells you what you NEED to hear, even if you don’t WANT to hear it. Because in business, like fighting in the trenches of war... there is little time for formalities... or mistakes.

Cris Chico - Hollywood, Florida


Yes Craig, show me all the money I’m losing, without even knowing it!  Send me "How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers," right now!
(Click here to order online or by phone or fax)


"The true meaning of "insanity"...trying to market your business WITHOUT the information you have in your book."

"Craig, first, I have to thank you for putting together such an incredible product in your Seductive Selling newsletter. I became a subscriber when I bought your book (which I practically carry with me everywhere) and you should have charged more. A LOT more.

You explain stuff in your book that would probably solve the "recession" problems many business owners CLAIM they're having. And the newsletter?    Don't even get me started. It's a mini-seminar in every issue.   No kidding. I know there are "some" newsletters on the market, but I truly feel smarter in marketing every time I read your newsletter. I really can't thank you enough for what you do. I think the only way I can thank you is to put it to use in my own business. Don't get me wrong - it's a little scary stepping out on my own, but your information gives me a TON of confidence in doing it. I'm looking forward to being a customer of yours for a VERY long time!  P.S. - I've discovered the true meaning of "insanity"...trying to market your business WITHOUT the information you have in your book or newsletter. Someone would be crazy to not have this information...seriously."  Lee Smith - Las Vegas, NV


"How to make Maximum Money with Minimum Customers" is an eye opener...

I've been in business since 1991 (I started out in the last nasty UK recession) and have invested in many marketing courses, which whether down to me or otherwise were a less than a success.  "How to make Maximum Money with Minimum Customers" is an eye opener and I think that you are the most talented and believable copywriter I've come across to date, truly congruent.  Keep up the good work.

Colin Morgan - Hants, United Kingdom (England)


... this book made me understand how much better I should be doing, and what's more, exactly how I need to go about it...

Craig I bought your book, and its so good I'm still going thought your marketing to get more pearls of wisdom. I just wanted to say to anybody who is umming and arring, BUY THE BOOK. I have been running a consultancy company for 6 years - it's not massive but it does GBP £100,000/year, so I have a good base.  But reading this book made me understand how much better I should be doing, and what's more, exactly how I need to go about it.  Well if you will excuse me I am just off to start reading through it again."  Damien Bove - Doncaster, United Kingdom (England)


"...that tiny bit IS my competitive edge. So, thanks for all that you have already done."

"Craig, I just placed my order!  Excited to check it all out. One thing that is in my opinion an incredible value in what you offer and not nearly stated often enough, is that even if I do NOTHING with the ideas you write about, the very fact that I have taken the initiative to sign up, order, etc, and to have those ideas flowing into my mind and my world keeps me on my game. Without that influx of ideas and input, I, like all people, tend to slack a tiny bit, and that tiny bit IS my competitive edge. So, thanks for all that you have already done. My investment in your book and SSNL Program is well worth it."  Greg Bennick - Seattle, Washington


"... that last Chapter alone, on what a sales letter must have, is worth so much"

"Well done, Craig! It's an amazing book: thank you so much - that last chapter alone, on what a sales letter must have, is worth so much.  All the best"  Stephen Byrne Williams & Byrne Designers, Painters and Restorers of Glass Studio  - Shropshire United Kingdom

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