Max, that’s the LAST thing you need.

I want to finish telling you the story about my vacation in Orlando last week, but before I do that, here’s something interesting. Oh, and just to re-state what I said the other day, I fully realize a few people reading this may be offended. But… if the truth is offensive to you, believe me, it won’t be long before I offend you anyway, so that’s O.K.

According to Trust For America’s Health, in a survey they did called “F, as in Fat,” in 2006 Mississippi became the first state to have 30% of their entire population classified as obese. Colorado is the least obese state with only 17.6% of the population in that category (buffalos not included).

And there’s also now been a direct relationship established between poverty and obesity. Typically, those states with the highest levels of obesity also have the highest poverty levels.

Keep this in mind as we now get back to my trip to Orlando…

So last week I was telling you about all the overweight folks driving around in “overweight scooters” (Check out my blog and look for the article called “Darwin’s Theory Of Natural Selection” if you didn’t see this, at ).

One scooter-racing woman was particularly obnoxious. She had her son with her, who was also sadly, quite obese himself (I’d say he weighed about 225 pounds and was 5-foot 2-inches tall.)

She was just pissing and moaning loudly about everything. The lines were too long (It was literally the most empty I’d ever seen the park, and we go to Orlando at LEAST once a year, mostly when it’s less crowded.)… it was too hot outside (it was hot earlier, but had started cooling down significantly by this time in the early evening)… and they food selection wasn’t very good. (She was online at the fish and chips stand in Epcot, which is where they serve… fish… and chips. Duh.)

Anyway, everyone was sort of getting uncomfortable and irritated with this lady, and she brought a lot of it onto herself. See, in addition to whining about everything (most people were thrilled to be in Epcot on a nice sunny day, but maybe I’m missing something — who knows), she also kept slamming into everyone with her damn scooter.

And when she bumped into you, it was YOUR fault for not getting out of the way quick enough, not HER fault for being… well… for being her.

Anyway, so this woman finally finished shoving everyone out of the way and gets to the front of the line. Her son, who was probably around 11 years old, is really hot and sweaty, and he says (very loud), “Mom, I need some water. I’m sooo thirsty.”

Mom starts screaming at him, “Max, that’s the LAST thing you need, a glass of water. How about some lemonade, or a Sprite? THAT’S what you need, Max.”

So she asks for a large lemonade (I think that’s what she settled on.) and hands it over to poor Max.

Witnessing this actually made me think to myself, for one of the few times in my life, “Gosh, my parents weren’t so bad, were they?”

The moral of the story is…

There’s ALWAYS a reason why people are broke…

There’s always a reason why people have bad attitudes about things…

And there’s DEFINITELY a reason why people are fat.

Now go sell something, Craig

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