Matt Damon vs. Sean Connery vs. Roger Moore

A couple of months ago I saw the latest installment of The “Bourne” series with Matt Damon. This one was called Bourne Ultimatum, and as I mentioned a while ago, it was an excellent movie filled with intensity throughout.

In fact, I can’t remember the last time I saw a movie where the entire time, you were on “10.” (In case you didn’t see it, “Ronin” with Robert DeNiro was the same way, actually.)

Now lots of people will look at Matt Damon and argue that he’s not really “right” for an action hero role. After all, he’s not as “smooth” or “pretty” as Roger Moore… not as rugged-looking as Sean Connery, and he lacks the aesthetic charm and foreign “je ne se qua” of Pierce Brosnan.

And you know what?

Those folks are 100% right.

But do you want to know something?

It doesn’t matter, and there probably wasn’t even one person in one theater in the world, thinking about that when they were watching Damon in Bourne Ultimatum. Because what Damon lacks in suave, he more than makes up for in intensity and passion.

And intensity and passion are two of THE strongest characteristics great sales people possess. In fact, even when I critique a piece of sales copy that isn’t necessarily “great copy” per se — if there is passion and intensity in it, it will be FAR more effective than an emotionally devoid piece of copy that is, in theory “well written.”

Keep this in mind, because if nothing else, your intensity and passion allows you to connect with your prospects (or not). And the first step in the relationship-building process, is ALWAYS… connection.

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Now go sell something, Craig

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