Lifeless… but it's not your fault, right?


That’s the biggest problem with most of the written material out there. And when you take a look at sales materials, especially sales letters… “lifeless” doesn’t even begin to describe the state of affairs of what’s going on.

Here’s a very easy way to breathe some life — and some personality — into your copy, that’ll serve you and your prospects well.

See, most people write each part of their sales letters in a vacuum.

Meaning, they write an opening… then they’ll write a close… then they may add in some bullets or something to provoke curiosity… and then if they remember, they put in a P.S.

But the thing is, when you do each of these “parts” on their own, there’s no congruence and relationship between them. And this is what makes your copy lifeless.

Imagine you were a news reporter and you had to report on a big story. The story was about an oil freighter that turned over and spilled thousands of gallons of crude oil across the ocean.

Now follow me here for a minute. Inside this story, you’d probably have several key players and facts, right?

You’d have the oil company’s story… the captain of the ship… the cuddly furry little animals who’s lives are now screwed forever… the local townspeople, whose lives, and whose livelihoods, are also screwed… the EPA or whatever government bureaucracy handles these things… perhaps foreign unrest if this happened outside the states… and who knows what else, right?

O.K., so if you addressed each one of these issues or items on a standalone basis, can you see where there’d be no congruity or interrelationship between any or all of them?

Of course, right?

Well, the little trick I use, to make sure all of my relevant and tangible points in my sales letter, are dealt with and interwoven with lots of “life” in them, is… to grab an ancient and pretty much archaic tool called a “pad”… and then I grab another antique called a “pencil.” Then what I do on my pad, is list all the big concepts I need to cover.

Sometimes I’ll list them straight down the paper, but usually I’ll list them in random circular order around the main theme of the sales letter I’m writing. Sort of like a manual “mindjet.”

By the time I’m done there’s all kinds of squiggles and arrows and circles and whatnot, on that pad.

But what this does, is it makes sure I never lose sight of all the moving parts I need to cover. So for example, if I was writing that news article, I’d make sure not to get too caught up in the governmental stuff, without losing sight of the furry little critters or the business people in the town.

Keep this in mind, next time you sit down to write a sales letter. And remember, people form relationships with people, not with entities. This is why faceless, nameless corporations command little, if any, loyalty. And there’s no better way to establish rapport with someone than to inject energy, passion, and life, into your communication.

Enthusiasm usually turns into cash, but lifeless copy only gives you lifeless relationships.

And you don’t need to be Dr. Phil to figure out what happens (and what doesn’t happen) in a lifeless relationship, now do you?

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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