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“Craig, I have to say your newsletter is awesome, very useful tips and very insightful. I am glad that it was exactly what you described and more and it was NOT filled with a bunch of BS. Your emotional triggers on the human mind is amazing. I mean, heck it worked on me, because I am a subscriber!”

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* How to handle “trust” as an issue — especially when you don’t have lots of space to address it! (Blow this one and you’re going nowhere, no matter HOW good everything else is.)

* How to persuade people to buy using involvement devices: uncover what your MAIN goal should be!

* 3 situations when you want to make your offer in your headline! (on page 5)

* The best way to use pictures in your promotions — with one caveat!

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* 10 Common Car Shopping mistakes, and how to leverage them to maximize your own negotiating strategy!

* And… in “Final Words From The Back-End,” you’ll find out how… Everybody gets a second chance — even me. A valuable lesson delivered by, of all things… facebook and social media.

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