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midnight tonight is the last chance to take your free test-drive and get this month’s Seductive Selling Newsletter, AND get 18 (yes, eighteen) audio cd’s, downloadable interviews, 2 free marketing and copywriting critiques, swipe file material, DVD and much more.  here’s what you’re missing in this month’s issue:

*  8 Live marketing examples and ad critiques

*  an unconventional direct-response ad used to hire employees.  the ad worked SO well and brought out so many qualified candidates… instead of hiring one person, four people wound up getting hired.  this is a slam-dunk way of weeding out the good… from the bad — BEFORE they get to you and waste your time!

*  how to write a perfect headline (on page 2)

*  how to use ‘takeaway’ selling!  remember, nothing is more powerful at making something more appealing than taking it away from someone.

*  how to make your product or service ‘real’ by breathing life into it.  Most people foolishly think saying something like, “Imagine what you’d do with an extra $10,000,” is how you do this.  but this dead wrong, and it’s why most sales letters aren’t very effective.  discover the right way to do this, or miss out on one of THE most effective money-making techniques you can use.

*  how to validate your buyer’s decision to order, and remove pre-purchase “buyer’s remorse.”  sometimes prospects need your permission to move forward — here’s how to give it to them.

*  part of being real means exposing your flaws.  on page 3 you’ll see how to do this and why it’s so important

*  how to qualify your buyers by letting them know who should, and… who shouldn’t order!

*  an example of a lead generation ad that’s non-threatening and isn’t ‘selling’ anything!  (note that ‘soft selling’ like this, is the most effective way of getting people to do something.)

*  how to reduce refunds and charge top-dollar!  check out this important strategy on page 5!

in this month’s Q & A Article, we cover:

*  how to dramatically enhance your positioning with prospects!  being top dog isn’t only important in establishing relationship boundaries, it’s also important if you want to charge top-dollar, so pay VERY close attention to this.

*  another key to positioning is being a problem-solver and not a sales person.  we’ll uncover several ways you can do this — both online and offline.

*  if you’re in a service business, you’ll discover the cornerstone concept behind why attracting clients (as opposed to chasing them down) changes your business, and therefore your life.

*  in this month’s Weekend Update News Column, you’ll:

*  discover THE best niche to work in, world-wide!

*  how supermarkets lure you in using very sneaky (yet incredibly strategic) tactics that get you to buy a LOT more than you want to.  (Read this especially if you want to avoid wasting money the next time you’re at the grocery store!)

*  and in ‘the back-end editorial,’ you’ll discover “7 Ways To Outlast (And Outsmart) Whatever’s Left Of The Recession,” including…

on top of all this, this month’s Audio Success CD Interview features an hour of one-on-one with the inventor of an exciting new media!  if you sell to consumers then you’ve GOT to listen to this because it offers you a little-known cost-effective way of reaching THOUSANDS of highly-targeted buyers!

get all this, along with 18 Audios, CDs, DVDs, free marketing critiques, and more, when you take your free test-drive of Seductive Selling, now.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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