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In fact, tonight at midnight is the last day to take the free 30-day trial and get your hands on this month’s issue of Seductive Selling. Here’s everything you’re missing if you ignore this.

Oh, before this, listen to what Charlotte Fleming from Forfar in Scotland, had to say about last month’s issue. A question she sent in was answered in one of my columns, called Copywriting Secrets from the King’s Treasure Chest:

“Dear Craig, I’ve just finished reading this month’s Seductive Selling newsletter – wow, what an answer to my question! Thank you very much; you gave me plenty to think about. Now I’m trying to work out my USP to stop being so “generic” and make myself stand out in the market.

You live to learn – and I’ve still some way to go :-) But the journey’s

Thanks again. Time to grow, Charlotte Fleming”

Get all this in the January issue, by midnight tonight, PLUS 18 (REAL) bonus gifts just for saying “maybe!”:

* The 2008 24-page “Books to Read” roundup! And there are some great little gems inside that one.

* Four more pages of LIVE marketing examples and critiques, including one of the edgiest ads I’ve ever seen, called “That’s my niece Diane, and she’s going to Hell!”

* A complete re-write of a “reverse mortgage” ad — find out what to do… and what NOT to do, when you’re selling financial services like this!

* Two phrases that provoke immense curiosity in your headlines!

* How to use sub-headlines to “close” your prospects (page 2)

* Which is better, snail mail or e-mail? Find out the answer, and why.

* How to market… your marketing business! (With an actual ad example.)

* What the Bipolar Conservative Upper Serbian Lesbian Fetish Club has to do with why you’re contacting your prospect! (I promise you don’t know this one.)

* An interview with 25-year old success story, Dustin Mathews. Find out how he left his job and launched his business!

* When to cross-sell in your sales letter, and… when NOT to! (page 4)

* A valuable lesson about what happens when you know enough to be dangerous — you usually are dangerous, but mostly to yourself!

* Why relationships — like good food — are NOT transferrable.

* In this month’s Copywriting Secrets column, you’ll find out:

* How long (or short) should your sales letter or postcard be? (From experience, not from rumor or hearsay.)

* How much of your sales letter or free report, should be “content,” and how much should be devoted to selling?

* How to give away good content and still have some “left” for your prospect to want?

* How to weave a sales message into your free report without it being an obvious sales letter?

* Simple low-cost “exercises” to practice, that improve your sales copy! (pages 7 & 8)

* And… in “Final Words From The Back-End,” you’ll get to experience a heart-warming story about the REAL thrill of victory, and how most people take ordinary things for granted, when they shouldn’t.

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Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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