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Just a quick note to update you on things.  This week I’ll be finishing up editing the launch videos for my book launch, which takes place later this month.

Right now though, you have less than 11 hours left to take the free trial and get your hands on this month’s offline Seductive Selling Newsletter.  With this free trial, you get 18 Free (Real) Bonus Gifts (these are REAL gifts, not the usual empty promises you see so often.  Watch the video to see for yourself.)  The clock is ticking, and here’s what you’re missing out on:

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*  How most people blow the sale by making the offer WAAY too early!  (on page 2)

*  The right way… and the wrong way… to use “years of service” as a credibility and trust-building tool!  Most people think saying “35 years of service” means something.  Wrong-o, daddy-o!  Maybe in 1965 that meant something but not today.  However, there is a HUGE way to leverage this, if you know how!

*  How the corner card information sets up relationship expectations, and… why most people mess this one up!

*  WHO should be the personality for your company – find out in live marketing Example 6!

*  TEN live marketing examples including a complete re-write of a two-step lead generation ad for the service business!

*  A SERIOUS mistake people make when it comes to folding their sales letters inside the envelope.  This almost guarantees your letter gets tossed into the trash instead of being read.

*  Why overt selling NEVER works and what to do instead!

*  How to cross-sell additional services without being too pushy.  Almost EVERYONE makes this mistake (in Example 8)!

*  5 Most common “ordinary” problems with most sales letters and how to fix them!

*  What people REALLY want out of the service business and why they avoid it at all costs!

*  In the Copywriting column, part two of this three-part lesson on how to write compelling bullets, including…

– Where to put bullets in your sales letter!  (it’s not where you think)

– How many bullets to use?  When’s “enough?”

– And what order should you put your bullets in?  This one’s VERY important, so pay close attention to it.


The Weekend Update News Column…

Tales From The Back End… (Farewell, young man)…

And on this month’s Audio Success CD, a very special interview with my own search engine optimization expert.  What he reveals on this 44-minute interview, is more information than you will hear in one place, from ANYONE else.

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P.S.  Let me just tell you now, if you are the kind of person who sits on your rear end “thinking” about doing things, then Seductive Selling is NOT for you.  However, if you pride yourself on taking action, then this will be… the most thrilling ride… of your life!


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