Which One Of These Three Most Critical And Costly Mistakes Do YOU Make, When You're Trying To Generate Leads?
This man -- a former VP of Global Marketing at Microsoft, who worked side by side with Bill Gates himself -- made these mistakes, too. But then he made a few subtle adjustments, and his NEXT lead generation campaign brought him an UNHEARD of 42.7% response rate from ONE mailing... and a 218-to-1 return! Now you can listen to his incredible rags-to-riches story, including why one marketing consultant refused to take his $50,000... and find out how to use his exact same winning strategies in YOUR next lead generation campaign!

Brian Deacon
"I'm, Brian Deacon, and I've got a LOT of reasons to be smiling now. After all, who else is getting a 42.7%
lead generation response on their first mailing?"

Tampa, Florida
Thursday, 11:14 am
From: Brian Deacon, The GC's Secret Weapon

Dear Friend,

David's about to clobber Goliath once again.  Here’s everything you need to know about how the little guy can still make BIG money today.

After being down on my luck not too long ago, it’s still hard for me to believe all the excitement and good fortune I’m experiencing, so let me just tell you my story right from the beginning.

My name is Brian Deacon and I live in Tampa, Florida. I’m actually a Harvard MBA, and up until 3 years ago, I’d spent the last 26 years of my life working for Microsoft in Seattle (I grew up in a very small farming town in Northern Colorado.)

At Microsoft, I worked my way up the corporate ladder the conventional way, putting in more than my fair share of 18-hour days and sleepless nights the tech industry is known for. But I can’t say it didn’t pay off.   At the time I left Microsoft, I was making a jumbo 6-figure salary... I had a generous retirement plan... and of course, a ton of stock options.

But there again, as the VP of Global Marketing working side by side with Bill Gates (who happens to be a very geniune guy, by the way), I was responsible for a global work force of over 26,000 employees.  So it's not like I wasn't earning every single dollar I made, believe me.

However after one too many overnight business trips, and one too many all-nighters... it got to the point where I didn’t know whether I was coming or going, and I knew if I wanted to preseve my sanity and my long-term health... I would HAVE to resign.

I wasn’t sure what to do right away, but my father had been a residential general contractor, and since I grew up working in his business, and since I had successfully purchased, rehabbed, and flipped a number of homes over the years, I had more than just a passing interest in General Contractor’s work, and in real estate.

So it seemed natural for me to purchase a business related to both. I moved down to sunny Florida and sunk a TON of money into a contractor’s referral franchise business. I envisioned this as the beginning of my new life: I was excited and looking forward to getting a fresh start and a second chance at becoming successful.

Imagine -- While Most Men Are Thinking They’re
Washed Up... I Found A Whole New Second Life At Age 40!

Or so I thought...

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See, it quickly became very clear to me, no one's going to work with you simply because your advertising "looks" good.  This might work if you're Microsoft, and everyone already knows who you are.  But if you're an average Joe entrepreneur trying to generate leads...  you're going to need a heck of a lot more than this.

But the harder I worked at changing my marketing, the more frustrated I became, because absolutely NOTHING I was doing, worked.  No matter how much money I threw at it, trying to make it work.

And as that big fat pile of cash I started with, post-Microsoft, began to slowly dwindle... so did my hopes and dreams, and my enthusiasm.   And to make matters worse, it turned out the franchisor I purchased my business from, had been about as honest as an incumbent politician trying to win an election. Not just with me -- but with LOADS of other folks who bought franchises from him.

Apparently he had more sets of books than an octopus has arms. And more excuses about why he hadn’t delivered on ANY of his promises, than a naughty seventh-grader has for not doing his homework! NONE of the formulas, products, and systems any of us franchisees were promised, had been delivered to us. And so right in the middle of one financial crisis, I found myself pressed up against the wall facing another HUGE one.  The only chance I had at getting some sort of justice, was to enter into a lawsuit against the company I purchased my contractor’s referral business from, and hope that everything would turn out alright.

But as you probably already know... "hope" is NOT a very good business strategy!

It became apparent if something didn’t happen soon... I'd be forced to go back to the corporate rat-race once again, shattering all my hopes and dreams of being financially independent as an entrepreneur.  Reality was, between the investment in my home and my new business... the cost to fund my lawsuit... my cross-country moving expenses... and the TONS of money I spent unsuccessfully trying to market my new business (which had been a sham), I was slowly going broke! 

And to add insult to injury, I left the corporate world because my quality of life was horrible, and here I was... working even MORE hours. Only this time... I wasn’t making a dime!

Yes, after two years in business, I STILL wasn’t taking a salary!

In the meanwhile, as opposed to just “waiting” for something to happen ("waiting" also isn't a very good strategy, by the way), I began doing research on marketing, and I started looking into emotional direct-response marketing, specifically. I began investing money into working with various supposed “experts” who promised me the sun, the moon, and the stars, all handed over to me on a silver platter, of course... but who ultimately left me with nothing but MORE financial battle scars.

One supposed “copywriter and marketing expert" charged me $30,000 Dollars for a brochure I was pretty sure I could have designed myself. I “sensed” something was wrong with it, but he assured me with a confident smile and a firm handshake, this was exactly what my failing business needed.

Another ten thousand dollars later, after printing and postage costs, that same brochure was added to my list of bad memories.  The mailer we sent out, using it, produced literally a ZERO response.

I did learn something though -- I came to the conclusion that if I was ever going to sell anything, I needed to get some sort of a handle on writing sales copy, and learning more about persuasion.

So... there I was, off and running once again. There was the $3,600 Dollar investment in a supposed “mastermind” group that was more like a therapy session for the group leader... the $2,500 Dollar copywriting course that abused me like an angry telephone company customer service rep... and the “How To Get Rich In Advertising” course whose solution to making money was... to become an affiliate and sell “How To Get Rich In Advertising” courses!

Frankly, I was just about at the end of my rope -- and in reality, not too far from the end of my nest egg, either -- when I came across Craig Garber’s website at kingofcopy.com. As I went through the website to check out what was inside, it dawned on me I'd actually been referred to Craig’s site a while ago, by a colleague of mine.  But by this time, I was pretty skeptical about everything. Especially supposed marketing gurus who seemed to be more interested in lifting money out of your wallet, than anything else.

Out of sheer desperation, I decided to test-drive Craig’s offline Seductive Selling Newsletter. Oddly enough, I found myself tearing through and devouring each issue, over and over again -- and each time I found yet more new and innovative marketing strategies to use.   After testing some of these strategies and getting (for the first time) accurate feedback from my marketplace, I was FINALLY able to start identifying some of the flaws in my marketing.

For starters, it never dawned on me that if I wanted to get someone to buy something, I actually had to make an offer to them. Your buyers have to know exactly what you're offering them and what you want to do -- a phone number and “Call Us” simply isn't enough.  And there were dozens of other things I began picking up on, in Craig's material -- some of them very simple, yet very profound. I also liked Craig’s extremely direct style of communicating. Here was a guy who clearly had no patience, and no time to waste.

So after a few months of subscribing to Craig’s newsletter, I took a chance and ordered his Seductive Selling System, and what I found was nothing shy of amazing.

Here, in this Arabian bazaar that is the world of marketing -- especially on the internet -- was a guy who actually OVER-delivered and made good on ALL the promises he made in his sales letters for his products.

After what I’d been going through, not only was this a breath of fresh air -- but it was nice to really start learning some basic marketing techniques that were broken down and explained in very plain and simple English.

After diving into Craig's system and going through it several times, I again changed some of the marketing I was doing -- and just from the recommendations Craig made in his system, we began seeing MAJOR changes. Our little postcards, which had been getting MAYBE a one-half percent response, suddenly began consistently bringing in a 3% response!

That’s a SIX TIMES spike in response! And since this was (to me anyway) nothing shy of a miracle, I immediately applied to join Craig’s Mastermind group, which I was accepted into after a personal interview with Craig.

After attending a couple of meetings, and participating on the group and individual calls, I came to realize Craig was a very vibrant guy who not only has a zest for life, but the truth is... he is razor-sharp. His brain is like some sort of virtual "emotional direct-response marketing encyclopedia" filled with MASSIVE data banks of storage!

This guy’s “on” 24 / 7. When you’re in a meeting with him and you ask him a question and he pauses, you can just see him go back into those banks of data, searching through them for the right answer... just the same way a GPS scours over streets, roads, and lamp posts, quadrant after quadrant... eventually pinpointing the exact destination you're looking for.

By this point in time -- after multiple individual and group coaching calls with Craig... and after reading and listening to his stuff for about a year... I felt comfortable enough to book a full day of consulting with him. And even though I was optimistic about it, it wasn’t inexpensive, and so I didn’t really know what to expect.

As usual though, Craig over-delivered once again. We spent the ENTIRE day exploring my business from top to bottom -- I don’t even think we broke for lunch. Between the continued improvement I was seeing in my marketing... and the glaring holes Craig identified, along with specific plans to rapidly plug them up -- I was more optimistic about my business and my life than I had been in years.  Add to this, the fact that the lawsuit with my franchisor had recently been settled in my favor -- things were REALLY starting to look up for me.

At the end of my consulting day, we had a solid game plan in place for the future. I hired Craig to develop the strategy and write the sales copy for the plans we discussed in my day of consulting. Yes, it was a big investment ($50,000 Dollars plus royalties), but I knew this was an investment that would return itself in spades, many times over. So I was really caught off-guard a few days later, when I got a call from Craig saying...

He Didn’t Want... My Money!

I didn’t understand what was going on at first, but Craig told me he’d slept on what we discussed, and he thought pursuing this path simply wasn’t in my best interests. He explained that in my existing business, since I had to re-sell my customers the same service every year, and because I could only charge them “so much” for my services... the simple truth was that I would never be able to charge them enough to make the numbers work. Craig did have another suggestion for me though. One that was frankly, VERY hard to swallow, at first.

Craig suggested since I had so many existing relationships with Residential General Contractors, through my contractor’s referral business, and since I’d already been informally helping many of them with their marketing... that I become a “marketing guru” in the Residential General Contractor business. He explained, the amount of effort I’d have to put into selling to this marketplace would be as much as I’d have to put into selling to my existing customers, only with the GC’s...

My Annual Customer Value Would Be A Minimum Of
THIRTY Times Greater -- That's $6,000 Dollars More!

He actually told me I should either sell my old business, or just dump it outright, and that if I pursued his suggested course instead, within a very short time-frame, my current homeowners referral service business, would be nothing more than a faded memory.

And while I didn’t necessarily “like” what he said -- after all, it meant I had to completely “drop” something I had finally started seeing some results out of, after pouring my heart and soul into it for the last three years -- I really couldn’t argue with anything he said. The economics of what he identified were certainly true. Plus, I did like helping my GC’s, and some of them were doing very well as a result of the marketing advice I was giving them for free.

And the truth is, I trusted Craig.  He’d over-delivered on every promise he made since the beginning of our relationship.  And on top of that, anyone who turns away $50,000 Dollars, because he doesn't think it's a good use of MY money -- that guy doesn't have any hidden agenda or anything else in mind, other than my own ultimate success. But, little did I know at the time, that by listening to Craig’s suggestion...

I Would Wind Up Making An Absolute KILLING In Business!

After a few days, I got back to Craig and let him know I would do as he suggested, and asked him what was the first thing I needed to do. Craig discussed several things with me, and explained I had to put a few basic products together as an entry-level kit with upsells to a larger kit.

He explained exactly what I needed to have inside of each of these systems... how to put them together... and how to short-cut my time doing this. I IMMEDIATELY got right to work. In the meantime, I also needed to get some marketing pieces put together, and I needed some way to round up a bunch of General Contractors FAST and without spending an arm and a leg. I had no clue how to go about doing this, and so once again... I spoke with Craig and paid him another small fortune to fix things for me (although FAR less than the bigger fortune he previously declined).

To solve my problem, Craig asked me, “Brian, what’s the MOST powerful way of attracting LOADS of qualified prospects to you?” I really wasn’t sure, but Craig’s answer turned out to be the MOST important words I’ve come to know in business: He said, “Brian, the MOST powerful way of attracting LOADS of qualified prospects to you, is...

“By generating leads using a two-step lead-generation system!”

And he's right.  You see, the truth is, generating leads is the lifeblood of ANY business. I don’t care WHAT you do or where you’re doing it -- if you’re not generating a steady stream of pre-qualified leads, made up of people who are eager and excited about working with you, then you’re really not going anywhere. And while being deeply committed to your business, and being the “best” at what you do, is “nice” -- it’s also meaningless, unless you can create a reliable and steady flow of fresh new qualified leads. 

Front end leads ultimately turn into cash-flow that supports you in the lifestyle you desire most, for many years to come.

The problem is, when it comes to generating leads, I drive in the right lane. And as you know, it takes forever to get anywhere when you’re constantly driving in the right lane.

Craig then told me something I thought was a little odd -- but there again, he’ll be the first one to tell you he is a little odd. He said, “Brian, you're in luck. You see, strange as this sounds, generating leads is not only my passion, but it’s also my gift. I can generate so many leads for you, it will wind up sending shock-waves through your new business.”

He then proceeded to tell me about one lead generation campaign he worked on a while ago that got a 7.5% response when mailed out to a cold list. (A typical “totally acceptable” response is somewhere between .25% and 1%.) Then he told me about another campaign he just wrapped up, with a client who'd been successfully using direct-marketing for over 10 years, and yet... Craig was able to come in and increase this client’s leads by over FIFTY percent, in the highly competitive residential mortgage business!

This was a great start.  I felt comfortable about the work we were going to do together, and about Craig’s ability to get results. Craig also told me in my particular case, he felt the fastest and cheapest way to generate leads would be to put on a teleseminar. He then spoke to one of my contractors to get a “feel” for what was going through their mind and the kind of help they needed, and then I sat back and waited for Craig to work his magic marketing and copywriting mojo. About a month later, he sent me a bunch of files via e-mail, which I opened up.

Here was my first reaction to what Craig sent me -- I’ll quote from the e-mail I sent him a couple of days after I opened his files and finally had a chance to sit down and read through everything:

“Okay...so I just took a very detailed look at the .zip file and I have to be completely honest (as you would want me to be). All I expected and thought I was getting was a couple of direct mail pieces. I looked at the postcards ...and I am very impressed with the copy..the positioning and the compelling nature of these. To be completely honest...I wasn't expecting the whole turnkey enchilada. Craig...you have a very UNIQUE TALENT and I REALLY appreciate the effort that you put into my project!!!!! What shows is that you thought of every angle...you created the direct mail pieces, the fax follow-up, the email follow-up, and even the web pages. Craig.....You are really a shinning star.”

But I really had NO idea how my life was TRULY about to change!

The Truth About Generating Leads:

There is definitely a proven science to generating leads, and yet, it’s also an art. Anyone can “get” a lead -- in fact, generating leads is like driving a car -- anyone can do it up to a certain speed. But if you really want to get GOOD at it, you need more than gas and a set of keys. You need a roadmap. You need a detailed roadmap that shows you every single twisting turn and cliff that will wipe you out in an instant... if you’re not prepared for it.

You also need to know where to exit and when to get off the road , so you can take the little-known short-cuts that get you to your destination, faster, earlier... with less traffic... and with a HELL of a lot less headaches and tolls to pay.

I will be the first one to tell you, Craig really is THE master when it comes to generating leads. You see, let me share another e-mail I sent Craig, after I mailed out and used all the materials he created for me:

“Craig, the postcards you created for me didn’t exactly pull a 1% response rate as I expected! When I sent out 698 postcards the first week I was anxious as to the response. Well, I got 298 responses to my postcard and was floored! If I am doing the math correctly that’s over a 40% response to just the first postcard. (42.7% to be exact!)

Additionally, I have been approached by two of the biggest contractor associations and have some meetings scheduled to see how we can work together. I was also asked to speak to a group of 200 fairly new contractors “how to grow your business” at the next remodeling conference in Chicago in November.

As you can imagine with this type of response I decided I needed to shift my focus and complete my product and get ready to launch a coaching program. All very exciting!

The bottom line is this! I have struggled with my referrral business from the start. I have tried everything and I can make it work... but it is never going to provide me with the income or worse yet... the enjoyment that my new venture will. It would take over 6,000 paying homeowners to give me what I want versus 200 paying contractors. Humm…which to choose from…hahaha

It was my day of COACHING with YOU that really got me thinking and moved me to the new opportunity. I sort of looked in the mirror and decided that I never want to work in corporate America again…and I want to do something that I really enjoy.

Craig, I want you to know that I really appreciate everything you have done for me! The best thing I ever did was to subscribe to your Seductive Selling Newsletter and System and join your Mastermind program.”

In reality, getting a 42.7% Response was just the tip of the iceberg. Let me tell you what ultimately happened after this: Of the 298 people who responded, I was hoping 5 or 10 of them would show up on the call. Instead, using the faxes and e-mails Craig wrote for me, I got 123 of them to show up on the call -- that’s 41.3% -- another ASTOUNDING conversion percentage!

And because of the selling strategies and tele-seminar marketing secrets Craig sent me, it turns out all 123 of them stayed on the call, based on the reports I received from my tele-conference provider.  And I'd never even done a teleseminar before, so these results are NOTHING shy of astounding!

I Was An Educated Failure At 40...
But Baby, Look At Me Now!

Now let me tell you the REST... of the story.

Of the people who were on the call, so far (after my first post-teleseminar mailing), I’ve sold 28 kits to them at $1,797 each, and another 3 kits at $1,297 Dollars each, for a total of $54,207 Dollars in sales. No doubt, additional mailings will pull in a SUBSTANTIAL amount of money -- perhaps even more than this first mailing. Ironically, not ONE person has opted to buy the lowest-priced kit, in my opinion because of the way Craig positioned me in his marketing.

Each of the 31 kits I sold has a monthly association membership attached to it (after a 30-day free trial) of $97 Dollars. That’s another $3,007 Dollars a month, or... $36,084 Dollars over the course of one year alone.

On top of this, I believe -- conservatively, based on initial conversations with my new members -- that I will sell AT LEAST half of them into a coaching program at $347 dollars a month. That’s yet ANOTHER $5,205 Dollars (15 x $347) a month, or... $62,460 Dollars over the next 12 months alone.

That’s $98,544 Dollars in projected continuity income in the next 12 months alone... and TOTAL sales of $152,751 Dollars, just from mailing ONE postcard!
Not bad for a complete rookie, is it?

Plus, I did all this and I only mailed out the FIRST postcard Craig wrote!   I only had 200 phone lines available on my teleseminar, and since I had more sign-ups than that on the first mailing alone, I didn’t want to have any more people sign up, otherwise I'd be wasting these leads!   Believe me, next time I’m going to have more lines available and do a second and third mailing as well.  (As a side note, apparently, creating "too many leads" for people, is a miracle Craig performs regularly! I recently listened to an interview he did with one of his clients, and the client's biggest problem is that his staff is complaining because -- get this -- they have TOO MANY LEADS from the piece Craig wrote for them!)

Between this, and the fact that I’ll be more comfortable on my next teleseminar (I was as nervous as a teenager out on my first date), I have every reason to believe, using the pieces Craig put together for me, and the strategies he gave me, I will make even MORE money next time around... and still more the next time after that!!  In fact, if you work out the numbers on this, at a $700 Dollar mailing cost, this promotion generated...

An INSANE 218-to-1 Return On My Investment -- Holy Cow!

Of course some of my members will drop off, or unsubscribe from their monthly services, but believe me, with numbers like this, it's going to be a breeze replacing anyone who leaves!  I'll to be mailing as many lead-generating campaigns out, as rapidly as I possibly can.

After what I just experienced, and because I’ve been around Craig long enough now, he is the TOP EXPERT when it comes to generating leads and writing sales copy, I suggested to Craig he make his system for generating leads, available for others to use. He’s agreed to do this -- and he's even including all the pieces he wrote for me (the ones that pulled in the 42.7% response) -- and I for one am thrilled, because now I'm going to learn even more about this topic, myself.

Craig’s System is called Lead Generation Explosion. And the marketing strategies and selling secrets inside Lead Generation Explosion, are based literally on TENS OF THOUSANDS of hours of detailed research, planned execution, and proven testing in HUNDREDS of different selling situations.  These scenarios gave Craig feedback on HOW people respond, and allowed him to figure out the precise strategies and emotional buy-buttons to push, to create successful lead generation campaigns.

And while most people focus on getting a big QUANTITY of leads, I can tell you from my own experience working with Craig, and from listening and speaking to others who have worked with him... Craig’s strategies focus on getting a large number of QUALITY leads. Craig's system focuses on attracting ONLY those people are most likely to want what it is you’re selling.  In fact -- Craig's marketing, by design, repels "looky-loos" and tire-kickers, and people who are only “window shopping.”

This is very important.  Because as you know, there’s a big difference in the amount of time, effort and money you’re going to have to spend to make a customer out of one QUALIFIED person who already wants to buy what you're selling... versus, the amount of the same you’re going to have to use to “convince” and convert someone who isn’t really sure they want to buy or even work with you at all.

In fact, focusing on quality prospects, and then knowing how to get as much money out of them as possible, is what allows Craig to consistently make a small fortune -- even with only a handful of customers. (Craig talks about this in detail in his book, "How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers: 21 Proven Direct-Marketing Strategies ANYONE Can Use!")

And after all, isn't making "maximum money" why you and I are in business in the first place?


With that in mind, let me tell you everything Craig’s stuffed into his Lead Generation Explosion system, because frankly, once you crack it open, you will discover in a few short hours what most people won’t even uncover in a lifetime, about generating QUALIFIED leads, and about growing your business!

Here’s What’s Inside Lead Generation Explosion!

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Bill Parlaman - PA

"I told at least 5 people about the results I'm getting w/ postcards after getting your Lead Generation product - hopefully you scored some sales. By the way - the postcards are promoting SEO services - one of the most worn-out subjects out there, and they're getting GREAT results just sending people to a 4 1/2 minute video."  Will Ezell - Tampa, Florida

  1. You get the ENTIRE campaign Craig wrote for me, that pulled in a whopping 42.7% response on the first mailing to my ice cold list.  Again, this campaign was reaponsible for $152,751 Dollars in sales, the first time out!   And I have to tell you, in addition to a $6,500 Dollar day of coaching, I paid Craig another $6,500 for this campaign alone! That’s a $13,000 Value, yours FREE inside Lead Generation Explosion!   But we're just getting wamed up -- here’s what else is in this campaign:

    • Copies of the front and back of all 3 of the original 3-step postcard campaign! How often can you get your hands on marketing pieces that have produced results like this? And the nice thing is, you can use this same format to drive people to any teleseminar, webinar, or website... or even a conventional "Free Report" call-in hotline.

    • A copy of the original lead generation capture home page website!   Craig has a unique way of finding people offline and seamlessly driving them online, which streamliness the amount of work you have to do, and takes advantage of simple technology.  This saves you time and money -- and who doesn’t like that?

    • A copy of the original online “Thank You” page your prospects get, after they sign up and register online, and after you’ve captured their information. Again, this makes delivering your “big message,” simple and quick!

    • Copies of the original 6 e-mail messages that dramatically boosted attendance on my call! Make sure you send out these e-mails.  They boost your response by hammering home the critical benefits of what you’re going to reveal on your teleseminar!

    • Copies of the original 3 faxes. Ditto the faxes, same as the e-mails. Remember, the more frequency and the more different variety of media you use, the higher your response rates will be. Craig wrote these faxes so ANYONE can use a similar format on ANY teleseminar they put on.

    • A copy of Craig’s original notes he sent me, discussing preliminary strategy and overall marketing plans. This is a great chance for you to see some “behind the scenes” communication between Craig and his private copywriting and consulting clients.

    • A copy of Craig’s original notes explaining the kind of content I should present on my teleseminar. Outside of this correspondence I did NOT discuss this item with Craig at all.  Which means the information on this sheet of paper was the entire basis for my $152,751 Dollars in sales!   And as I said, this was my first time out -- imagine how much this would be worth to you, if you're already giving presentations?  If you’ve ever wondered what you should be discussing on a teleseminar,webinar or in-person presentation, then you MUST get your hands on this document!

  2. A 49-minute DVD where Craig walks you through a detailed and step-by-step review of this 3-step postcard campaign! ($500 Value) He reveals: strategies about why you want to use certain headlines... how you need to present your copy from an aesthetic layout standpoint (Craig is a master at this.)... which fonts to use and why... how to open your sales pitch... how to close your prospect... how to make your offer... how to drive people online... how to effectively use a Johnson box, and... much much more! You will want to pay VERY close attention to all the visual details and marketing strategies Craig goes through here. This is just like you are sitting right next to him behind his desk, and the two of you are looking at his computer screen going over everything.

  3. Another 47-minute detailed DVD where Craig reviews the remaining 13 (yes, THIRTEEN) pieces in the campaign, step-by-step! ($500 Value) Which one of these pieces will be the difference between massive success, and failure... in YOUR next marketing campaign?

  4. The Audio CD track from the 49-minute DVD about the postcards ($500 Value), and...

  5. The Audio CD track from the 47-minute DVD about the extra pieces. ($500 Value)

  6. You get another CD where Craig interviews me and I give you a VERY candid and behind the scenes look at the evolution of this entire campaign, along with my honest feedback about what was going through my mind during this entire process. ($500 Value) This is VERY revealing on many different levels, but most importantly, because my business probably isn’t very different from yours, especially from a marketing standpoint.  Especially if your cash-flow depends on your ability to generate qualified leads.

  7. A FREE Lead Generation Assessment Certificate. ($250 Value) Craig personally comments (he does not hand these off to some flunky to do) on your existing approach to generating leads, giving you a candid assessment of what you’re doing right... and what you’re doing wrong. Craig’s critiques are SO valuable, one of the reasons David Lowery joined our Mastermind Group, was solely on the strength of a critique he got from Craig.

  8. A Quick-Start “Cheat Sheet”: 15 Steps To Get Your Lead Generation Campaign Up-And-Running -- IMMEDIATELY! ($47 Value) What to do... and what to avoid! This helps you get moving -- NOW!

  9. If you are not already a subscriber, you’ll get a 30-day FREE Trial to Craig’s offline Seductive Selling Newsletter and Audio Success CD Monthly Interview. ($97 Value) After this FREE trial period your monthly investment to continue your subscription is only $49.95 ($59.95 if you are outside of America). Last month, Craig interviewed a publisher who’s sold over $300 Million Dollars worth of goods and services over the last 35 years -- you do NOT want to miss out on stuff like this!

  10. For new offline Newsletter Subscribers, you'll also receive EIGHTEEN FREE Gifts, worth $3,632 Dollars, including one now TWO FREE Sales Copy or Marketing Piece Critiques... FIVE Audio CD Interviews... Two audio mp3 downloadable interviews (over 8 hours of Audio interviews)... a back-issue of the newsletter (with all the marketing examples) and an Audio Success CD... A DVD with a detailed sales copy review of a letter Craig wrote that converts 10% of all buyers to a $997 upsell... $100 Dollars in FREE kingofcopy.com money, and much more!

  11. An Audio CD breakdown of another 3-step lead generation advertorial Craig wrote, that pulled in another whopping return -- this one at 7.5%, again, to a completely ice cold list. ($500 Value) This was a full page tear-sheet display ad that absolutely FLOORED me the first time I saw it!

You also get the following items included inside the Deluxe Lead Generation Explosion System:

  1. A CD which contains ALL the Microsoft word documents and pdf’s of my original 42.7% Response Campaign, as well as the pdf tearsheets from the 7.5% response campaign I just mentioned! ($997 Value).   That’s 29 files you can use as templates for your own next campaign.

    Having these pieces already laid out for you save you TONS of time you won't have to spend, doing it yourself. Plus, you won't have to worry whether or not it's done correctly. It’s GREAT having these ads and marketing pieces, right there in front of you on your own monitor.  Again, you will probably never get the chance to see something like this in person, let alone have it sit snugly on a CD, or on your hard drive.

PLUS, also included is... (see # 13 below)


"... We have just done our third year, sending to a
targeted prospect list we have had a 35% response, that’s fantastic"

"Dear Craig THANK YOU. I still use the ideas you gave me a couple of years ago and it still works as fresh today as it did then.  Your ideas on the 1, 2, 3, and 4 card mailings is brilliant and we have just done our third year, sending to a targeted prospect list we have had a 35% response, that’s fantastic.

What is really cool is this is the SAME list we mailed last year and the year before. Craig, I am more than happy to pay for your help. Best regards Your humble Soil Doctor Robert Plumb."  Robert Plumb - Norfolk, England


  1. FOUR Recorded Audio CD's of a FOUR HOUR Question And Answer Live Recorded Teleseminar on Lead Generation!  ($3,750 Value at Craig's current daily consulting rate of $7,500) Here are just a few of the MANY topics covered on this marathon call:
  • Lots of people feel it's difficult to sell "prevention" types of services -- NOT TRUE!  You'll learn how to sell "confidential" prevention-types of services to upscale professionals: What to say, and... maybe even more important -- what NOT to say!

  • How to actively use testimonials, while preserving the confidentiality of your clients!  Finally revealed: A fail-safe method that actually improves your positioning as a respected authority, and on this call, you get it -- lock, stock and barrel!

  • How to re-establish good relationships, after admittedly sloppy service and shoddy workmanship occurred in the past!  Taking ownership of your mistakes the RIGHT way, is critical here... at least, if you ever want to get your marketplace to trust you again -- and if you think "smooth-talking" your way out, is the answer for this one, you're DEAD wrong!

  • Everyone knows you must use testimonials, but for the first time ever, you'll discover the REAL bare-bones reason why!  You'll also uncover other kinds of third-party social proof to use, as well.

  • How to CRIPPLE your competition and have your prospects at your beck-and-call by using humiliation, ego, and vanity!  (Sounds nasty, but there's absolutely NOTHING ethically or morally questionable about this, when used the way Craig shows you on this call.)  Do this right, and you'll have your prospects eating out of the palms of your hands -- this one's so brain-dead simple it's not even funny!

  • This very "slick" way of using takeaway selling, by STACKING one part of your services on top of another, lets you make MAXIMUM money for the same amount of work, and... it creates a surging demand, by using clever psychological tactics that make you irresistable!

  • How to make commonplace products, very UN-common!  This makes you stand out amongst your competition and de-commoditizes your products. Which is essential if you ever want to get away from the "which is cheaper" issue!

  • How to sell... by telling your propects what you're NOT offering!  This technique not only gets you better qualified prospects, but it also makes you more valuable to those people who want to buy from you.

  • A particularly effective way to use "fear" in your marketing, that scares the crap out of affluent consumers!  This one's so powerful, you'll need to be very careful just how far you go!

  • A sneaky (but 100% legal) way of using well-known characteristics of your prospects, to unknowingly bond with them, and... to compel them to take immediate action!  Psychologically persuasive?  Yes.  Effective?  Incredibly!

  • A brain-dead way of creating and developing proprietary systems for your prospects to experience!  This is literally the ONLY completely bullet-proof way you can make SURE your competition can't rip you off.

  • You'll get to see the genesis of a 2-tier customer service plan, so you can segment your prospects and get more money from them!  This model is VERY simple to follow and you can adapt this to ANY business.

  • How to quantify your guarantees and how to figure out if it makes sense to use them... or not! Most people struggle when it comes to guarantees - Craig gives you a common-sense approach to making sense of all these issues, without stressing out.

  • Is there any difference generating affluent leads versus average comsumers and homeowners?  Find out -- the answer is NOT what you're thinking!

  • A detailed explanation of what "selects" means in the mailing list business, and... how to use this to your advantage, to get a much more targeted marketplace to prospect in!

  • The REAL difference between business-to-business communication, and business-to-consumer communication!  Get this one down now, and you'll profit from it, forever.

  • The BIGGEST mistake people make when selling to new business opportunity seekers, especially online!  If you don't correct this problem, your prospects will simply "disconnect," because they just won't EVER understand what you're trying to sell them.

  • The absolute FASTEST and cheapest way to learn everything you need to know about your marketplace -- without slaving over your computer for hours, and without having to spend a small fortune on research material!

  • Most entrepreneurs foolishly believe you need to get LOADS of samples of your competor's sales copy, to find out what's going on. This is INCORRECT!  The REAL secret you want to know about your competitors isn't their copy, but you'll find out what it is on CD3!

  • A simple 18-word sentence that completely eliminates you ever having to deal with anyone trying to get a "good deal" from you!  No more "el cheapo" prospects for you!

  • How to position your goods and services so NONE of your prospects EVER wants to buy anything other than your top (and presumably most expensive) program!  There's a little psychological secret of the affluent here, that's the basis of this positioning.

  • If you have "celebrity" or well-known clients or customers, you'll discover how to get MAXIMUM leverage out of them, with a simple headline ANY business can use, and... you'll discover the BEST media to use as well!  (Hint: This isn't something you'd ever guess, in a thousand years!)

  • You already know timing is everything.  But on this call you'll discover the CORRECT timing of your mailings, to get as many people on your teleseminars as possible.   And I don't need to tell you, more sign-ups equals... more money in your pockets - ka-ching!

  • An incredibly simple technique to rapidly speed up and escalate your sales cycle!  But you've got to have an iron stomach and the ability to say "No" if you want to make this one happen.

  • You'll also get treated to a special "mini mastermind" meeting.  If you've never attended a meeting like this, you'll get to see just how INCREDIBLY productive it is, and how many unique ideas come out of a "like minded" gathering of successful indviduals!  This is a RARE glimpse "behind the scenes," so take advantage of it, NOW!
"Craig, just finished going through Lead Generation Explosion and your introductory Seductive Selling newsletter package.  I own a NUMBER of different marketing packages from different people, and all I can say is, your stuff is flat out amazing. THE best on the market.  Thanks."  Wes Murph - Redondo Beach, California
  1. The Complete Transcripts from the Lead Generation Explosion Live Four-Hour Teleseminar! ($282 Value) To review over and over at your own convenience.

  2. Lastly, you will also receive the following two recorded coaching calls from Craig’s now closed, monthly Seductive Selling Coaching Call Program.  The information on these calls show you EXACTLY how to write a long-form sales letter, step-by-step:

  3. Seductive Selling Coaching Call 1: Audio CD (73 minute call) and Transcript! Everything You MUST Know About Lead Generation, Part 1 ($197 Value)

  4. Seductive Selling Coaching Call 2: Audio CD (66 minute call) and Transcript! Everything You MUST Know About Lead Generation, Part 2 ($197 Value)

Here are just a few of the Lead Generation secrets Craig reveals on these calls, which run 2 hours and 19 minutes in total -- they are PACKED with information Craig has NEVER discussed before:

  • When to use lead generation... and when NOT to! Know these four situations or suffer forever!

  • The CRITICAL decision you must make early on in your marketing campaign... why it’s SO important, and... how to measure it!

  • Why do you even need to use lead generation at all? (It’s NOT what you think!)

  • The simple rule to follow that lets you know when people will (finally) trust you.  Without this, NOTHING moves forward!

  • What, and how... to test, tweak, and change in your lead generation marketing campaigns, to improve your results, DRASTICALLY!

  • The best places to run your lead generation ads! (And the worst!)

  • The MOST important thing to keep in mind about writing your "FREE Reports," that nearly EVERY single person winds up forgetting... that blows your sale completely!

  • Sneaky little (but 100% legal) subtle sales copy tricks you MUST use if you want to consistently attract qualified prospects!

  • Uncover the truth about why you want to make it difficult for people to do business with you! (As opposed to making it easy to work with you!)

  • Craig also reveals his EXACT, step-by-step method he uses to write long-form lead generation FREE Reports / sales letters!

  • And... LOADS more!
Lead Generation Explosion!

Herve Bony
   "Craig, I have to admit, cause it's true. I was a bad business owner on the day I bought your Deluxe Lead Generation System...Why? Well, I bought the product without even reading your sales letter. I just scrolled down the page and clicked the "Buy It!" button. I didn't even know what I was buying other than it was about Lead Generation, and of course, any one in business needs Lead Generation.
     However, NO business owner in their right mind should ever do such a thing. A business owner has a responsibility to know what he's spending the company's money on, right?
     Of course, it's true that you've never steered me wrong before. And it's also true that everything you do and sell has always added a whole bunch of money to my company's bottom line. And it's also true that you really are the King of Copy. So it's probably reasonable to expect that you could have got me to buy your Ultimate Lead Generation System from a simple email, right?
     So I really should have no guilt. But actually I really do feel bad that I bought your Deluxe Lead Generation System!   Why?
     Because I really should have paid you 10 times the amount of money you charged me!
     How come? Simple! Because I'm a cheater and I'm damn proud of it!!! You see, I knocked off every postcard, every FAX, and every email in the step-by-step campaign that you so graciously provided in the program.
     I unleashed my campaign and by the end of my third teleseminar, I added over 200 new QUALIFIED BUYERS to my list! And it only took about 3 weeks!
     Now 200 and some buyers may not seem like a lot to a guy like you, but the product that I sell on my wesite carries a minimum $10,000 fee! PLUS, I require that each person qualifies BEFORE they can be added to my list. There are quite a few hoops to jump through!
     But don't be mad at me, Craig...I mean, geez, dude...Whadda ya expect? You made it waaaay too easy! You even gave me the Word Document Templates. You couldn't have made it any more tempting or easy to knock this campaign off! So, it's all your fault and I blame you!
     (Now, before you think I'm a sneak, too, I did this ethically! After all, I customized each step for my own product... :-) And I'm not lazy either!   I watched each DVD and listened to the CD's included and got the principles as you discussed each step. In fact, I almost didn't because you had already done all the heavy lifting for me!   The checklist with each and every step I needed to take - all laid out in English? Even a 5th grader could have pulled this off!
     So what I'm trying to say, Craig is "Thanks!" I'm glad I don't need to read your sales letters to make a buying decision...You truly are a man of your word! And thanks for creating yet another amazing product that I get to put into my arsenal of tools to build my business! Oh yeah...and thanks for selling me your Deluxe Lead Generation System to me for so damn cheap!!! I can't wait for December's Marathon Call! That'll make my ROI on this purchase truly insane!!! I'd have paid double your asking price just for the call! Laughing all the way to the bank and loving you for it!” Jim Canale - Warminster, PA

Terry Wygal

"Hey Craig, Just got the package this morning on your Lead Generation Explosion program and tore right into it. I started reading the material while listening to the audio and have already extracted about 4 ideas I wasn't doing right that are being implemented immediately. I have to tell you – the cynic in me always says, " Well Craig is paid huge amounts of money to write copy so don't fall for his sales letters on his products." (Sorry that just the cynic coming out) But whenever I order something you have created it gives me about a 10 fold return.
     I do a lot of marketing campaigns, tele-seminars, webinars, live events , boot camps and an online membership program. I can't even imagine what the lifetime value of this Lead Generation Explosion program will return for me – but I know it will be almost in the area of buying Dell when it did it's IPO. Thanks again for clearing up a lot of gray area for me – and the Income Explosion I should receive in return." Terry Wygal - Houston, TX
PS – Here's the update to my original note to you: I have generated 2,130 registrations for tonight's call. The highest I have ever pulled prior to this was when I had 779 register. That's 273.4% more registrations - not bad bubba, not bad. I think your lead generation program works.)

Herve Bony
    "I've been very satisfied with previous products that I've bought from you. So I bought Lead Generation Explosion knowing that I'd get a good product. I was wrong, I got much more than expected. You give a complete campaign, with examples and multi media templates!  (All with first class copy, of course). And there was even more. You gave behind-the-scenes info, & explanations of the reasons why things are set up certain ways in the campaign. The explanations multiply the value of this system. I'm getting specific info on what to do, and why I'm doing it. This info is going to boost/improve several of things that I'm attempting in my marketing. You don't need to be a professional accountant (I am) to know that ROI is going to be off the chart. GREAT system!" Hervé Bony - North Miami, FL

     "Hi Craig, First off let me just say I love your products and your attitude. While I read and subscribe to many of the "gurus" out there. Yours are the only products I buy and KNOW that I'm going to get my moneys worth every time.
      As a new customer of your Lead Generation Explosion System, I thought I'd share with you..... "How NOT to handle your first postcard mailing!"   You see, I had a total flop postcard that I mailed just last month (5000 pieces = 1 phone call) for a way beyond pathetic .0002% response rate.   In fact, the results of the mailing were so bad I almost lost confidence in myself AND interest in the business idea altogether.  It was like watching the grand gates of hope slam shut on my dreams yet again.... But, I knew the postcard had a lot of flaws..... -loosely targeted list -complex/new real estate service idea -attempted to get the prospect to buy on the strength of the postcard alone--not generate a lead -more feature than benefit oriented, etc). I did use some emotional hot buttons in a short letter to the prospect on the front and I figured even with all the warts mentioned above I could at least recoup the costs of the printing, list and mailing (about $2300)......... Boy was I ever wrong....
      But you know, it's funny how in that moment where despair and depression settled in on that miserable day I realized my postcard was going to be a monumental, total and complete failure (Monday August 13th) I received an email from you announcing your "Lead Generation Explosion". I eagerly ordered it awaiting what I knew would provide me with at least some of the answers I was looking for.
       Fast forward to today (August 23). I've read it through beginning to end and I'm almost done with all of the audio cd's (already watched the dvds). I love the way you walk through the creation of the pieces on the dvds and explain the why and how behind everything you did AND EVEN MORE IMPORTANTLY the fact that it offers a virtual lead generation "success" template in a box. I'm going to try another postcard mailing (albeit handled a little differently thanks to "Lead Generation Explosion").
   Well the time has come and I've got to run. My best to you, your family and your business. Onward and Upward, Erik Johnson - Newark, CA

Mike Miget

“Not only did you boost the NUMBER of leads I am getting by 50% (which has now been officially confirmed by your piece consistently beating my old control), but based on the tremendous amount of increased actual client activity, the leads themselves appear to be MUCH better as well. My guys are actually complaining to me because they have too much work! I also have 700 FREE Reports sitting here waiting to be mailed out to the new leads you have helped me generate, and I am VERY excited about the results I expect to get. Thanks a lot Craig -- you are a lot more than a copywriter. Your ability to create clever selling strategies to attract the right clients and prospects, is second to none. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” Mike Miget - St. Louis, Missouri

“Craig, thanks to you, my competition HATES me.  In the poorest county in New York State, I begrudgingly ran the ad you wrote for me, and within a few month... you’d at LEAST tripled my business!  I’m making far more money than I’ve ever made before, and it’s all thanks to you!  Wait until I run this ad in the affluent neighborhoods!  My competitors are literally cursing me out -- Thanks!”  Tom Foster - Phelps, New York

     "Craig, you're right the L.G.E. system is the quickest & fastest way to build a cult.  I freakin' love it!"  Bob Maunsell - Worcester, MA (Sergeant, USMC)

Chet Rowland

“Even when I thought I had great direct mail pieces, I had Craig do critiques on them, and he always found little things to improve the responses and the pulling power. The very first time I worked with him as a matter of fact, we got a 7.5% response mailing out to a cold list. I have never EVER had that before, not by a long-shot, in fact, as far as I know, it's unheard of.

Craig understands the human mind and what makes a person buy, very well -- almost too good -- it’s actually kind of spooky. He has an ability to get inside a persons head and be talking to them like that little voice on the side of your head right above your shoulder, and tells them why they should buy it and all the benefits they’re going to receive if they have your product.

Craig’s copy’s been so good that as I read it I burst out laughing thinking “Where does he come up with this stuff?” I mean it’s so good it makes me want to reach into my pocket and buy my very own products.

Craig’s actually who he says he is and claims he is, instead of this world that’s full of posers out there claiming to be the best copywriters in the world and how they’re going to get you more business, and you know what to do with, but never deliver, and you know on the results, anytime Craig’s worked with me and something didn’t go the way I thought it should, or would, he was always willing with an open mind to look it over again and tweak whatever’s necessary to make it pull even that much better.

He’s extremely thorough on what it is you’re going to get when you make an investment in this particular product, he’s always been very reliable, and a good guy to work with.

Craig has always been very committed to my success, he does whatever it takes to make the piece a winner, he does it every time, not some of the time, not hot “this” day and cold “that” day, he’s very consistent, and he’s not afraid to go down in the trenches with you and talk to spenders, and customers, or whatever it takes to find out exactly what they’re looking for that’s holding them back from making the decision to follow through.”  Chet Rowland - Odessa, Florida

I will tell you right now -- the difference between Making A Killing... And Getting Killed... is where Lead Generation Explosion comes in!

And now, Craig is making this FULL System available for only $747 Dollars, or 3 EZ-monthly installments of only $257 each.

Look, Craig won’t even sit down and TALK to you for $747 dollars, let alone actually write something for you that gives you everything you need, to generate all the LEADS you want.  In fact, for what he charges to write sales copy, $747 Dollars wouldn’t even buy you a couple of paragraphs, let alone a full marketing campaign that’s generated a 42.7% response and $152,751 in sales on the first mailing!

And not only that, but Craig is also giving you a DOUBLE Your Money Back GUARANTEE when you order the Deluxe Lead Generation Explosion System!

It’s true! I told him he was crazy for doing this, since what Craig reveals in the first 30 minutes of the first DVD alone is very likely to save you ten times your investment in mistakes you’re going to ordinarily wind up making.  But... when you order the Lead Generation Explosion System right now, Craig will also give you a DOUBLE your money back GUARANTEE!   Here’s the deal: Craig is SO confident about the tremendous amount of, and quality of information inside this system, he is going to let you examine and use the secrets, strategies and marketing ideas inside this system, and if you don’t make at LEAST ten times your investment in the system over the next 12 months, he will give you DOUBLE the amount of your investment back. All you need to do is show him the exact steps you took, so he knows you’ve actually done something!  Is that fair, or what?

Let’s face it, generating leads is probably THE most important skill any entrepreneur can have. Unfortunately, for most of us, it’s also an incredibly difficult skill.

The truth us, there are so many moving parts to a good lead generation system... so many different places where you can completely “blow it” if you don’t know what you’re doing, and... so much to lose if you screw things up.  Lead Generation Explosion covers all these bases and becomes your OWN “Secret Weapon” to generating more leads... AND more qualified leads.

Look, the simple truth is, very few people REALLY know how to generate qualified leads. Oh sure, lots of people will say you “need” to generate leads, but pause here for a moment and stop and think to yourself whether or not you’ve ever seen or heard of any kind of a comprehensive, organized system that’s solely devoted to showing you HOW to generate leads, using emotional direct-response marketing strategies and compelling sales copy, that's proven to work.

Lead Generation Explosion completely eliminates the complexity of generating leads from your life, simply because there’s nothing “theoretical” or “abstract” about this system. No mumbo-jumbo or filler material. In fact, like most things that make perfect sense, it’s very practical when it comes down to it, simply because Craig has a great way of making even the most complicated concepts, easy to understand.

Would You Like To Get Rich?
Not Just Comfortable, But... Very Rich?

If so, then there is just no other investment you could ever make that pays off so rapidly, and so richly, other than your ability to generate qualified leads. With Lead Generation Explosion, you will never be beholden to ANYONE else for the rest of your life. It really is THAT simple.

You see, today I am sitting here with a VERY bright future to look forward to... a new career... a new life -- and an ability to live the American Dream of owning a SUCCESSFUL business that throws off MOUNTAINS of cash, instead of hanging around the water cooler with the other folks who wish they were somewhere else, but who have no way of getting there.  And, to a great extent, Craig is responsible for this.

Once you place your order, this program will be RUSHED to you by Unites States First Class Priority mail, IMMEDIATELY!  Thanks for reading this message, and may all your leads... be HOT ones!

All the best,

Brian Deacon

P.S. Look, even if your results are only one-tenth of what mine were -- how can you afford to pass this up?  What would it mean to you if, for example, you DOUBLED the amount of leads you’re now getting?   What would it mean if you tripled them?  Quadrupled them? Multiplied them by ten-fold, even?

What would it mean if you DOUBLED the number of leads you were getting and you also now brought in far better quality leads? How much would this impact your business?

The truth is, if Craig’s direct impact on your business is only one-tenth what it was on mine... (Meaning, if you only make $15,000 instead of over $152,751 dollars like I did.) that’s still over a FIFTEEN times return on your investment, straight out of the starting gate, right?

And I’m not an accountant, but...
I think these are numbers... only a FOOL... would ignore!


Craig Garber
3959 Van Dyke Road #253 Lutz, Florida 33558
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