Lead Generation Marketing: What's new and exciting, and… your shot at Warhol's 15 minutes

Last week was the first time EVER, I didn’t send out an e-mail for one whole week.

Let me tell you what’s been going on here – because it’s very exciting, for sure.

To begin with, I’m starting a company in Munich, Germany with a partner of mine who lives there.  And, needless to say there is a lot to do.  Hiring employees… finding office space… developing initial goals and dealing with clients… isn’t so easy.  Especially when you’re dealing across two different time zones, separated by 6 hours.

Second, we also made some major changes to my kingofcopy.com website, putting most of the site on a blog format.

And, we also added a really cool feature you should check out.  I was thinking of Andy Warhol’s quote, the one where he said, “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes,” and how I can make YOU famous for 15 minutes.

So… if you go to this page: “Where are you?”  – you can upload a photo of yourself, and ANY of my products you’ve purchased.  I’m curious to see “where” all my customers are — especially since Seductive Selling alone, is now read in 15 countries world-wide.

Plus, now that we are on amazon.com, I am sure our reach has grown even more.  I’d love to see who my buyers are and where they are.  These photos will be moderated, so no one can slip anything inappropriate, in there.

Anyway, tomorrow we’ll be back on full track.  And if you read Seductive Selling, I’ll be sharing more about what we’re doing over in Germany, the lead generation and business models we’re building, and the results of the work we are doing, as well.

Digital sales of my book are now almost as high as actual hard copies on amazon.com  (41, 5-star book ratings doesn’t hurt, either! — today’s ranking on the direct-response best-seller list: 46)

Now go sell something,  Craig Garber

P.S.  For many years I’ve been trying to build a business that has “legs.”  One that can run without ME being there all the time.  My partner in Germany is looking forward to doing this same thing and we have big goals for our company, which makes me feel even MORE alive when I wake up in the morning.

And don’t worry, nothing’s going to happen with kingofcopy.com – at least not for a good long while, anyway.  But this is a very exciting time for us, no doubt.

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