Lead Generation Marketing: how to get leads to respond to you… IMMEDIATELY!

To go along with the first and only $500 off (the regular $997 price) sale I’m running on my flagship Lead Generation Explosion program… today I’m going to cover another of the most critical and costly mistakes people make when it comes to generating leads.

Today, let’s talk about Mistake #2 people make, which is:  Not knowing how to generate the lead itself: What you need to say to get qualified leads to respond to you.

First, appreciate that the most effective way of generating leads — the way that’s been responsible for more money being made in direct-response marketing since at least the late 1800’s, that I know of… is to use two-step lead generation with sequential follow-up.  This is the method that’s covered from top to bottom in Lead Generation Explosion, on every CD and DVD in there.

And whether you know it or not, a squeeze page or an opt-in box, is two-step lead generation applied to the online world.

Anyway, on the front end, when your buyer is first exposed to you and your message,  you want to offer them some kind of information that appeals to the end result of what you’re selling.  I’m going to give you a few examples of this in a second, but the most important thing you need to remember about your offer, is this: Don’t ever mention or even think about “pre-selling” any of your goods and services in this offer or in your copy.

Most people feel they want to start “conditioning” their buyers to buy, but they are DEAD wrong.  I didn’t condition anyone about anything when I generated a 42.7% lead generation response on ONE mailing, that eventually sold over $152,000 in goods and services (all the strategies and sales copy I used to do this, is given to you in the Lead Generation Explosion program).

See, your job here is ONLY to give your buyer information.  And you only want to give out the kind of information that attracts the right kinds of qualified buyer to you.

Many times, this information has the appearance of making your buyer a better consumer.  In cases like this you’re almost going to appear like a “consumer advocate.”  Here are a few examples of what you might offer, or what kind of Special Report (which I show you how to write in Lead Generation Explosion) or Audio CD or even a series of e-mail messages, you can use:

Free Report Reveals How To Get Instant “Curb Appeal”… And Increase The Value Of Your Home By $10,000 or More!  (if you’re selling landscaping)

Don’t Even THINK Of Replacing Your Air Conditioning Until You Read This Free Report: The 7 Most Critical And Costly Mistakes Homeowners Make When Hiring An Air Conditioning Company!

Free Workshop Reveals The 3 Biggest Mistakes Parents Make When Raising Teenagers, And How To Fix Them (for a family therapist trying to get clients)

Other times, you want to present information that’s just going to give your buyers short-cuts to some of the biggest benefits they want:

Free DVD Reveals How To Save THOUSANDS Of Dollars Buying All The Gold, Silver, And Platinum Jewelry You Want In The Next 45 Days!  (for a jewelry buyer’s club)

Free CD Reveals How To Meet The Woman Of Your Dreams (And Get Her To Fall In Love With You) In 90 Days Or Less!  (for dating information)

Free 7-Part Online Course Reveals How To Buy And Sell Single Family Homes… And Make An Absolute Killing Doing It (All 100% Legally, Of Course), Right Here In Your Neighborhood — Even If You’ve Never Owned A Home In Your Entire Life!

“What to say and how to say it,” and… “How to know what’s important to your buyer,” are just a few of the many subjects covered inside Lead Generation Explosion.  And now, until Friday, you can have it for $500 off the regular price of $997 – AND get the following five bonuses, worth more than the original course itself:

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Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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