Lead Generation Marketing Specialist Reveals The Top 10 Ways To Make Money In 2010

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Lead Generation Marketing Specialist Reveals The Top 10 Ways To Make Money In 2010

Author and lead generation marketing specialist Craig Garber from kingofcopy.com has just released his annual “Top 10 Ways Entrepreneurs Will (And Won’t) Be Making Money In 2010” list.  Garber is the author of “How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers: 21 Proven Direct-Marketing Strategies Anyone Can Use” and he has some compelling picks this year.

1.    Tighten up your marketing message – “The way to be different and get noticed,” Garber says, “Is by addressing the most specific and passionate needs of your customers.  The more you match your marketing messages to your customers, the more money you will make, simple as that.  Create good and services that cater to individuals, not to the generic ‘everyman.’  So for instance, if you’re selling services, create programs that address the needs of busy executives, women, people who want to lose weight, and the elderly.  When you cater to your customer’s specific needs, you will sell much more, and you’ll be able to charge top-dollar as well.  This works for everything from healthcare to cupcakes.”

2.    Value and ethics pay off – Companies that offer quality goods and services, and who actually deliver on their promises, will continue growing, very rapidly.  “The world is getting smaller and smaller, and if you want to survive, you simply must provide first-class service.  Deals and discounts alone will no longer make your cash register ring.  People are very willing to pay top dollar for better quality, as long as you’re giving them a valid reason why they should.”

3.    Curiosity is King – Because the number of marketing messages consumers are being hit with, is increasing by incremental proportions, understanding what makes your prospects “tick” is more important than ever.  “Entrepreneurs who can create compelling marketing messages that arouse curiosity and self-interest will be handsomely rewarded.  Self-centered messages focusing on the company instead of the customer, however, will be ignored even more in 2010.”

4.    You must be a problem-solver, not a sales person – If you want to differentiate yourself, you’re going to have to start being a teacher first, and a sales person second.  “Those entrepreneurs who can educate, entertain, and inform will easily attract and retain qualified business.  If you focus on ‘selling,’ to the exclusion of everything else, you’re going to find yourself in a terrible bind,” says Garber.  “Being a problem solver first and foremost, gives you the positioning you want and the credibility you need, to make big money.  Remember, no one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

5.    Increased use of emotional direct-response marketing – With marketing costs spiraling out of control, using measurable direct-response marketing to evaluate the return on your marketing dollars, is more critical now than ever.  On top of this, no matter how many bells and whistles you’re using to get your prospect’s attention, making an emotional connection is the most effective and reliable way of captivating prospects.  “People make buying decisions based on emotional factors.  They may rationalize them later with logic, but all buying decisions are initially made to satisfy emotional needs.  Doesn’t matter whether it’s vanity, greed, hope, or fear of loss — pushing the right emotional buy-buttons is going to be a critical component of your success in 2010.”

6.    Increased use of direct mail – Advertising online is becoming extremely competitive.  Every day you read stories about businesses spending more and more money on Google AdWords, just to make sure their ads show up higher on the page than their competitor’s ads.  “However, successful businesses will focus on outsmarting their competition, not outspending them.  And one of the most effective ways of doing this is through direct mail.  You’re able to select targeted mailing lists and create marketing messages that address your prospects unique and specific needs.  Plus, mailboxes today are less cluttered, which means less competition for your prospects attention.”

7.    Your USP had better be strong and specific – Your USP is your “Unique Selling Proposition.”  It basically answers the question, “Why should I do business with you, instead of your competition?”  Garber says, “This is actually the most important thing businesses need to focus on.  See, most entrepreneurs try and ‘convince’ people they need their goods and services.  That’s a very frustrating and unrewarding way of marketing.  Instead, they should ‘attract’ those people who already want to buy these goods and services, and simply show these prospects why they should buy from them, as opposed to someone else.”  In Garber’s case, for instance, his own personal USP, matches the title of his book, “I show entrepreneurs how to make maximum money with minimum customers.  You’d be amazed how much money people are leaving on the table.  I show busy entrepreneurs how to earn all that money, multiple times over.”

8.    Increased use of two-step lead generation marketing – Garber says, “Two-step lead generation, when used correctly, is like the eighth wonder of the world.  It gets you out of the ‘convincing’ business and it lets you attract pre-qualified leads who are eager and enthusiastic about doing business with you.”  It also ties in directly with you being a problem-solver and not a sales person.  “This kind of lead generation marketing has been around since the 1800’s.  An example of this is the old Charles Atlas ads, where you had to send in one penny to receive a booklet of free information.   This qualifies prospects and lets you weed out tire-kickers and looky-loos.  It also lets you share your story, which gives your prospects a much better opportunity to get to know you.”

9.    Take your cues from Reality TV – The most popular shows on television today are reality-based, and if you’re not using reality-based marketing, then you’re missing out, big-time.  Garber, who communicates with his prospects daily through his blog and via e-mail, reveals the formula for communication in his book.  He gives “40% direct content,” which in his case is money-making direct marketing and copywriting strategies, “30% related information,” on topics like success and maximizing your productivity, “20% personal stories and opinions,” about himself and his family, or situational stories of how he overcame specific business or personal obstacles, and only 5-10% promotional content.  This formula sounds unconventional, but it allowed Garber to make over $578,000 in one year, with a small handful of customers, and almost all at 90% profit.

10.    More truth and transparency online – In today’s day and age, with skepticism at an all-time high, especially online, Garber says, “You’re going to need a lot more than a sales pitch or a clever logo to sell something.  Businesses who don’t provide information like a contact name and address, and a way of getting a hold of their office besides a generic e-mail address, are in for a rude awakening. Today, more than ever, people need to know you’re in business for the long haul and that you’re real.  This means having a personality and creating a long-term relationship with your prospects.”

Garber says, “The recent recession has leveled the playing field.  Those businesses who have survived can make a lot of money if they know how to attract the right customers, and if they’re willing to play by these new rules.”

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