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On this month’s Audio Success CD, I interview my own personal mailing list broker, who’s got over ten years of experience in this industry.  He works with a company that’s been around for 30 years.

Now I’m not sure if you’re familiar with list brokers but both of those numbers are fairly unheard of for this industry.  And there’s a reason why: you really need to know your stuff and have serious connections, to be around this long.  On this call, which can be yours, free — here are just a few of the many topics we covered:

*  How direct mailing lists are put together: who puts them together and how they’re assembled!

*  How mailing lists are managed and what you need to know about this!

*  The important difference between compiled and rented lists.  Which ones are better, and why?

*  The most common mistakes people make when renting lists, that cost you thousands!

*  The steps taken to insure the quality of the leads on mailing lists: how do you know you’re actually getting what you pay for?

*  The tools you need to make the shift from working off referrals to working off generating new business leads via direct mail.

*  How to know if you’re buying current data, so you’re not mailing last year’s buyers

*  The 3 most critical and costly things you need to know about selecting names that are MOST likely to be a fit for you!  (This one was taught to me by Gary Halbert himself, when I worked with him back in 2003.)

*  How to find lists of employees and executives of large companies, all over America!

*  You’ll also discover how to pick “sublist” selects within a larger list, so you can really drill down on your targeted prospects.

*  What selects to choose, and… which ones are a complete waste of time — a sucker’s bet, if you will.

*  And we’ll address conventional wisdom of “a buyer is a buyer is a buyer.”  Most people think buyer’s lists solve all their problems, but you’ll discover the real secret behind this that’ll save you thousands of dollars of wasted time and effort.

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Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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