Lead Generation Marketing: how to start repelling… so you can finally start selling

First, just to let you know, I’m going to get back on track and make a weekly video for you. I like filming outside by my lake, and once it got cold out I just got put off. (You get a little spoiled living here in Florida.)

Now that the weather’s warm again, I’m going to head back out next week and start filming some of these tips once again.


Great. Today I want to talk to you about getting your buyer’s attention. You know, it’s darn-near impossible to get anyone’s attention nowadays. You think it’s just your kids who won’t listen to you, but that’s not true. Getting anyone to pay attention is tough.

One way of doing this, however, is by telling someone the exact OPPOSITE of what they want to hear. Now this won’t work in every situation, but it’s a great way to open the door in many situations.

For instance:

How To Completely Ruin Your Marriage In 90 Days Or Less!

This would be a great way to get the attention of people who really care about having good relationships with their spouses, wouldn’t it? And sometimes it’s easier to compel people by saying a negative, than a positive, like, “How To Have A Stronger Relationship With Your Spouse.”

Know why this is?

Well, I’ll tell you in just a minute, but let’s take a look at a few more examples of how you might use this “repelling” technique.

“The Fastest Way To Lose Your Shirt In The Stock Market!”

Think that would catch someone’s eye who might be interested in buying a subscription newsletter about investing?

Sure would, right?

And how about, “Don’t Even THINK About Buying A Home This Fall”

That would be a pretty sharp way to attract people looking to buy a home, wouldn’t it?

See how this works?


O.K., so now do you want to know why “repelling” works so well?

Yes, you do?

Alrighty, but pay very close attention here. Because once you get your arms around this one, it unlocks loads of different psychological selling doors for you.


Here goes…

The reason why this works so well is because human nature responds far quicker to the potential of loss, than it does to the potential of gain. I don’t know why this happens, but that’s just the way things work.

So for instance, as a practical example, I bet you’d be a lot more aggravated if your accountant made a mistake that forced you to pay an extra $100 bucks to the IRS on your tax return, than any amount of happiness you might feel about getting an extra $100 back on your taxes, right?

Yup, that’s just human nature. Who knows why we do what we do, sometimes.

But remember, understanding why things happen… is a lot less profitable than using this wisdom… to MAKE things happen.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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