Lead Generation Marketing: here's one question you should never ask your wife

Beautiful weather here in Tampa, getting excited for a relaxing weekend with the family.

If you’re a mom, have a great Mother’s Day.  I didn’t have a particularly warm and fuzzy relationship with my own mom, but I have a great relationship with my wife, and she’s a terrific mom.

Psychologists say you either marry your mom or your dad or the mom you wish you had, don’t they?  I’m not sure about all this but I am sure that being a mother — if you do it right — is one of THE most difficult things in the world.

As someone who pays close attention to human dynamics and what pulls people one way or another, one of the most powerful motivators I’ve ever seen is the maternal instinct.  It’s an incredible force of nature, and it’s as natural as rain and sunshine, which is what’s truly incredible.

So enjoy your day or if you’re a guy, enjoy your day with your mom or your wife.

Today I want to talk about something else that’s incredibly powerful – the inherent and almost manic desire to have your curiosity resolved.

For instance, you see a small box in front of you.  You pick it up in your hands, feeling the texture of the cover… running your fingertips up and down the edges, gently swaying it from side to side, trying to figure out what’s inside.

You set it down and begin to lift up the lid – but the lid won’t budge.  So you have at it again – this time using a little more force, trying to pry open the lid.

Still doesn’t work…

And every time you repeat this task and try and take this lid off, you find the amount of frustration you’re experiencing, goes up.


Because you’re becoming more and more curious, to the point where… this curiosity will eventually become insatiable, driving you to do virtually anything to get that lid off, and see what’s inside the box.


Of course.  And this is why one of the most powerful weapons you have in your marketing arsenal, is your ability to make your buyers curious.  And the best place to do this is in your headlines.


Because this is your first contact with your buyer.  And the more compelling your message is, right from the start… your relationship begins on a much deeper level, and the greater your chances of selling them something.

Here are a few examples of headlines that provoke intense curiosity:

Here’s A Question You Should NEVER Ask Your Wife (used to sell cosmetics)

Here’s What Professional Athletes Do When THEY Feel Sluggish (to sell health and fitness programs, supplements, energy boosters)

Travel The World In Only 90 Days (selling a correspondence or training course)

Scandinavian Furniture, Now Yours Right Here In Tampa For A Limited Time Only

Has This Reclusive Marketing Genius Gone Crazy?  (to sell, of course, marketing information)

See where I’m going with this?

If you can make your buyers curious about whatever it is you have to say, then they’ll be incredibly curious about what you have to sell.

Happy Mother’s Day.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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