Lead Generation Marketing: finding your products appeal: the right way… and the wrong way

I get to review lots of sales copy and much of it is carefully crafted, with a ton of effort put into it. But unfortunately it’s never going to sell anything.

You see, selling… especially in print, isn’t easy. And one of the big reasons why is that what you’re selling isn’t what your buyers are buying.

For example, many times I’ll see ads for sugarless chewing gum talking about how the gum is recommended by dentists. But in today’s day and age, no one cares about this, at all. No one’s going through the aisles at 7-11 thinking, “Wow, thank goodness they have this brand. Some dental association says I should buy it.”

The problem in situations like this is, the marketing misses the appeal of the product, which in this case, is that it tastes great… it doesn’t contain sugar (and either make you gain weight or rot your teeth, or both)… and the flavor lasts longer than other gum.

This is why people buy sugarless gum, not because some dental association thinks it’s good for them.

But how do you know what your appeals are? How can you figure out what your customers like about your goods and services?

Well, today we’re going to take a look at 3 different ways.

1. First and foremost, get with your customers and ask them why they bought your products.

And most important, ask them why they bought your products over your competitors products. Knowing this, is the real key to your success.

2. Ask yourself, why would YOU buy this product? Think about the best argument or arguments you can make for buying this product.

What’s going to make you part with your money? This is really the critical question you need the answer for, because that’s where your value proposition is.

3. And lastly, think about the most stubborn son-of-a-gun you know, and figure out what it would take to get that guy to buy your product.

This is where you want to line up all your objections and be ready to overcome each one of them.

Make sense?

Good. Listen, if you’re selling garden rakes, no one cares that the tines are forged from the same Adamantium that Wolverine’s claws are made out of. They want to know that it’s well-built and not going to fall apart (so you guarantee it for life)… that it’s not too heavy… that the handle has special rubberized coating on it, so it doesn’t rip your skin up when you’ve been out there using it for a while… and that it’s going to work (another guarantee).

Spend your time selling the REAL appeals, and you’ll generate a lot more leads and make a lot more money.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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