Lead Generation Marketing – Day 4: Low cost ways of getting leads and converting them, FAST!

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Today’s e-mail comes from David Jackson, out of Melbourne, Australia.  David owns my book, my Seductive Selling System (almost 300 sold now) and until some recent problems he’s ran into, he was also a Seductive Selling Newsletter member.  Here’s his story — and his marketing challenge:

“Here is a challenge for you Craig…

I have worked for companies my entire life and was sacked recently as my bitter divorce and custody battle was emotionally affecting my job and life.

After buying your book and I was getting your newsletter however money has prevented me from continuing at this point.

I run a consultancy company that coaches and trains people in Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy (I was one of the leading Master Trainers in this field).  And my challenge is starting from scratch and from a negative cash flow as a result of my custody battles for my 2 children.

I want to run Certification trainings, and intros as well as Hypnosis Trainers Trainings.  Also doing selected coaching clients.  I want to develop a news letter format and monthly meetings.

The plan is to compete against my old company, and I want to crush them as i believe I offer so much more expertise and a better training.

I Offer REAL Hypnosis knowledge and skill and give something my competitors don’t… Confidence to do Hypnosis

My Intro trainings start from $100au – $200au.  Each Certification Training purchase is typically around $2000au -$4000au.

My clients will then start their own part time or full-time Hypnotherapy Consulting business helping people quit smoking, lose weight, manage pain, stress and performance enhancement making $250-$1000 per day

My challenge is;

1)  Marketing with a negative cash flow and to increase sign ups through copywriting online

2)  Convert more sign ups to business via the internet and creating a newsletter and other marketing options.  I also on-sell from my trainings and intro courses.

I am in Melbourne Australia I also travel to Hong Kong as my new Partner is from there; she does the trainings with me so we have Australia and Asia to work out of.

What do you suggest?

David Jackson”

Wow, talk about everything hitting you at once.

First of all, let me tell you from my own experience with divorce and getting custody of your kids, this is a long and tiresome process that’s not going to run it’s full course, emotionally and financially, for 5 to 7 years.

That’s how long it takes you to get back to the new ‘normal,’ and to make all the unconventional adjustments to your life along the way.  Unfortunately getting married and having kids — as difficult as it is — is much easier than unwinding the same.

Divorce and custody is a very un-natural process and you really have no frame of reference to draw on, in going through this.  I actually reveal information about the impact of this, in my book.

And regardless of the outcome, there really is no ‘winning.’  There’s just varying degrees of loss.  Unfortunately, the pain is in the process, regardless of the end result.  So best of luck to you, David, and your children.

But right now, let me give you some advice that can make a huge financial difference in your life.

It looks like you have two marketplaces: people who want to learn hypnosis, and people who want to practice hypnosis for a living.

The reason why this is two marketplaces is because this second category can comprise people who are looking to start their own business but don’t know what they should be doing.  To a great extent, this is the ‘biz opp,’ or business oppty marketplace.

The fastest way to get leads and convert them into high-paying product sales and consulting clients in this situation, is by generating leads offline (direct mail, space ads), and holding local workshops.

And here’s why: for starters, you’re going to get fairly qualified people to attend, since it takes quite a bit of effort.  (As far as charging for the event, I’d start out NOT charging and see what kind of crowd you attract.  Then I’d test a small fee that gets refunded once they show up.  Then I’d test a non-refundable fee, and so on.)

Second, selling in person gives you the highest conversion to product sales and consulting clients, simply because you’re getting qualified prospects to meet you, and… because they are meeting you in person, you’re getting the highest level of involvement possible.

Also, in person, people get to ‘sense’ whether or not you are real, far more convincingly, than when you’re communicating over almost any other kind of media.

Make sure you do three things, to get as many people to attend these workshops, as possible:

1. Make some kind of huge promise to them, that you will deliver at this workshop.  I don’t know enough about hypnosis, but if you were teaching how to increase your bench press, then telling them they’ll be able to add at LEAST 20 pounds to their bench press over the next two weeks from the information you’re going to reveal at this workshop, would be pretty compelling.  Do the same thing for your marketplace.

2. Guarantee these results by telling them if you don’t deliver on your promise, you’ll write them out a check for $25 dollars, just for attending.  You MAY have to pay out one or two of these checks, but the trade off you’re getting in return, for the increased number of people who will attend, will be well worth it.  (Make sure you make good on your promise, of course.)

3.  Lastly, make sure you tell them they will receive certain things at this workshop they can take home with them.  Things like checklists, step-by-step guides to doing things, Special Reports or a DVD, or something else valuable, along these lines.  Everyone likes to ‘get’ something just for attending workshops, and this will boost your response.

Now, one more thing that’s really important here, is this: you mentioned you “offer so much more expertise and a better training.”  Make sure you can articulate a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) that explains what this difference is.  Because without this, your results will be disappointing all across the board – in both attendees, sales, and conversions to clients.

Ideally, David’s differential should be somewhere in the processes he uses, but that’s another subject for another day.

Hope this helps and good luck with all the drama!  And remember, sometimes life really sucks, but… inside all the chaos, one door closes solely so another one can open up for you.  Good luck opening this new door and let me know how it all turns out.

Also, make sure you look in the index of my book, about “pre-qualifying prospects.”  There are over 12 pages of information in there, that will give you specifics and help you with this.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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