Lead Generation Marketing – Day 27: How to get your buyers to 'switch' from someone else, over to you

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Today’s question is from Jim Enright, out of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, who asks:  “Hi Craig – Have your book and using it.

I own an a online meeting platform business.  We’ve been described as “goto Webinar” on steroids by some users.  We eliminate “Call To Action Interruptus” that all tele-seminar and 98.7% of webinar leaders experience when driving attendees to a sales/order page.  (and much more.)

We want to reach and convert those that are already using GotoWebinar, WebEx, Live Meeting, Adobe Connect, and other paid services, who understand the value, AND are already PAYING for those systems.

Marketing Problem: How to efficiently attract and convert existing webinar users and find new users who are not looking for the least expensive or free solutions.

Thanks for your consideration.”

First, let me say webinars are great.  I personally prefer teleseminars, but webinars are really good tools to ‘meet’ your prospects and let them get to know you… help them and educate them… and sell them stuff.

Jim’s dead right when he says he’s looking for existing users of competitive products.  The best place to find your buyers are in the pool of existing buyers.  This is such a simple thing, and yet most people will instead constantly prefer to spend their time and money trying to ‘convince’ people to buy their stuff.

And lordy, lordy, that’s a very difficult thing to do!

So Jim wants to know where to find webinar users, and then, once he finds them… how can he convert them to buyers.

This one’s pretty easy, actually.  If this were me, I’d go hire someone who understands advertising online, in depth.  I’d ask them to tell me, exactly where all these companies are consistently advertising online.

Then, I’d go out and create really good ads, that will kick their asses, and place them right next to my competition’s ads.

Offline, I’d advertise in places where these people advertise as well – I’d hire someone to go out to the library and look through let’s say 50 different magazine titles over the last three months.  If you see the same ad in the same magazine repeatedly, then you know that’s a good place to advertise.

So now that you have a bunch of data about where your prospects are, here’s how I’d convert them into paying clients.

I’d run an ad that says something like this: “Webinar Users: An incredibly simple new breakthrough technology has just been developed, that is far superior to GotoWebinar, WebEx, Live Meeting, and  Adobe Connect.  This new service, which operates similar to most common webinars, is now available for you to try, FREE for the next 30 days…”

I’d also throw things in there like why it’s better than these services — and be VERY specific here.  Don’t say things like “Call To Action Interruptus.”  I don’t know what the hell that means, and no one else will, either.

Just speak in layman’s terms, in plain and simple English.

And come up with a new name for what this is.  If you call it a webinar, then you’re competing with everyone else in the webinar space.  If you call it something else, you’ve just eliminated all your competition.

Then, get your buyers really involved by running presentations that show how easy, and how powerful this new software is, and let them try it for 30 days for only $1, or even for free.  (I think $1 will get you much better leads, but test it out.)

Tell them for the $1 you’re going to send them a marketing kit with all sorts of information about how to make more money and market themselves better.  (It wouldn’t kill you if you became an affiliate of mine and mailed out an advertorial for them to order my book, either.)

I think this will work out very nicely, as long as your copy is clear and compelling.  And as long as you show them the clear-cut benefits of your service over the rest.  I’d also have some existing customers on your presentations, as testimonials for you and to give you credibility.

Either way, hope this helps and let me know how things work out.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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