Lead Generation Marketing: 3 simple headline formulas any man or woman can use

Writing a headline is like trying to crash a party.  If you’ve ever crashed a party, then you know you have about 5 seconds to explain why the host should let you in, or else you’re gone.

A headline is the same thing.  Your buyer’s going to spend a few critical seconds looking at your marketing and that’s it.  If your headline is compelling, they’ll be eager and interested in what you have to say.

If it’s not, you’ll have literally wasted every single ounce of energy you put into your sales piece and your marketing, because your prospect’s simply going to ignore everything else you have to say or offer.

I’ve made subtle changes to headlines that have resulted in as much as a 400% increase in traffic.  And assuming you’re conversion process is working effectively, this can mean a four times increase in sales as well.

Which, of course, brings up another subject, of getting qualified prospects.  Meaning, getting more leads just so you have a larger response is meaningless, unless they’re qualified leads, but… that’s another subject for another day.  (If you want more info on this you can go here, for now.)

So let me give you three simple headline formulas anyone can use, that are incredibly effective:

1.  Who else wants to ___?

Some examples:

Who else wants to vacation across Europe, swim in the bluest Caribbean waters, and pluck juicy pineapples off the vines in Hawaii?

Who else wants to create sales copy that stops prospects dead in their tracks and gets them to pay very close attention to what you have to say?

The primary reason why this is so effective is because ‘who else wants to’ is an incredibly strong curiosity prompt.  The key here is to really know what your buyers want, and to understand and be able to articulate these appeals simply.

2.  If you are giving something away, let people know, up-front.

Free Report Reveals How To Save Thousands Of Dollars On Your Next Home!

Free Map Of Your Favorite Hollywood Stars’ Homes Now Available!

Announcing A New Free 30-Day Trial Of The Hottest Direct-Marketing Newsletter On The Planet!

Most people hide the free giveaway until the end.  Why do that, especially if that’s the critical appeal of your offer?

That’s like being really really good-looking and hiding your face.  It just makes no sense, and it deprives your customers and clients of getting some great benefits.

3.  Another really compelling headline goes like this:

# Biggest ___ Mistakes: Which one of them are you making right now?

So for instance, you might say:

3 Biggest Organic Gardening Mistakes: Which one of them are you making right now?

Or another version of this:

5 Most Critical And Costly Marketing Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make That Are Costing You Thousands In Sales: Which one of them are you making right now?

This is effective because of a few things:

First, you’re positioned as an authority.

Second, everyone wants to know what they’re doing wrong.

And lastly, if someone’s doing something wrong right now, they pretty much want to stop and fix it, immediately.

You can make a pretty decent living for the rest of your life, using variations of these three headlines alone.  But don’t focus on the money, focus on what your prospects want, and then… just let ’em know you’re able to give it to them.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

P.S.  Let’s face it, most entrepreneurs aren’t making nearly as much money as they deserve, not because of any lack of effort.  They simply don’t know how to get the right people to respond to their ads, which is the REAL secret to getting qualified leads and converting them into paying customers, as fast as possible.  So if you’ve ever “sensed” you’d really be on to something big, if you only knew how to attract the kinds of customers you want (and repel the ones you don’t want), Chapter 23 is worth it’s weight in GOLD to you

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