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I’m off to Orlando this weekend, for some fun with the family. Between Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights, Epcot’s Food & Wine Festival, and my 45th Birthday, this’ll be a good weekend.

Anyway, today is the LAST DAY to get your hands on this month’s Seductive Selling Newsletter. In addition to Part 2 of a very candid interview with Peter Thomson from the UK, an excellent marketer who sold his business for 4.2 million UK pounds (over $8.4 Million dollars) and retired at age 42, you’ll discover:

* What’s about to become the “crack coacine” of affluent baby boomers: How to “de-age” yourself, and… how to market what’s going to be a HUGE trend moving forward, economic crisis or no economic crisis! (And a LIVE example of the right way… and the wrong way… of the sales copy you want to use, to sell to this marketplace.)
* Most people try, unsuccessfully, to rally their prospects against a “common enemy.” On page 2 you’ll get the inside scoop about how to do this most effectively!
* Capital One and loads of other marketers foolishly believe they are cutting through the clutter using what they think is a “really clever” technique to capture your attention. Find out why they’re wrong and how to really get your prospects attention! (Hint: being different is MUCH easier than you think, and take a LOT less work!)
* A great way to penetrate a new marketplace: find the buyers, then sell them what they want. See Example 4 and then figure out the fastest way to do this in your business.
* I recently entered a brand new marketplace and picked up $84,000 before I even did one stitch of that dirty four-letter word, “work.” See the 8 compelling reasons why I picked this marketplace and how you can mirror them on your own. (pages 2 & 3)
* Christian Godefroy has sold over $300 Million worth of goods and services over the last 35 years. Check out one of his most well-known ads that he ran in the New York Times back in 1998, and find out why he’s so successful. You’ll get to see:

* How a proper lead generation system works…
* Eugene Schwartz’ influence on his writing (Christian worked with Eugene for 10 years.)…
* How to use contrast in your copy, to sell…
* Johnson Boxes…
* The proper use of “clip out” coupons as a response mechanism…
* How to pre-qualify your buyer, and start conditioning them to eliminate refunds and returns…
* A systematic way of writing sales letters…
* How to “keep things real” by understating your results (And boy, isn’t that a change of pace in today’s crazy world where all you see is hype and puffery?)
* How to let your prospects self-validate their own buying decisions.
* How to create credibility with your customers simply from the name of your business, and why almost everyone gets this one wrong!
* How to use VERY short and simple questions, as effective headlines — when to do this, and… when NOT to!
* In “Little-Known Copyrighting Secrets From The King’s Treasure Chest,” you’ll discover:
* The 12 Parts of a sales letter and how to structure them.
* How to use empathy and WHEN to use it! Most people foolishly believe saying something like, “I’m not that much different from you,” is being empathetic. And yes, if you’re marketing to a complete moron who liberally and routinely throws out money, maybe that works. But for the rest of the world, you need a lot more than this.
* How to become credible to your prospects!
* When to introduce whatever it is, you’re selling. Do this too early, before you’ve established rapport, and you’re toast. But… do it too late, and you’ll lose them. Find out when to do this, on page 8.
* If you use “Free Trial” offers, then you’ll want to understand the new FTC rules against “negative option” selling, or else: beware!
3 Reasons why you should avoid graphics ad colors!
* Cool new URL’s!
* And not one, but THREE examples of crappy service! Which one of them can you relate to?

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Still not sure if it’s for you? Here’s a note from Mitch Dominguez, out of New York City: “Craig, your Seductive Selling Newsletter is my absolute fave of the sales/mktg. material that comes into my mailbox. Yesterday I see the envelope with your photo. Me thinks, Hurray for the bald guy, me too, very bald! Sometime ago I decided to take your council and make a truly outrageous offer to certain folks on a very teeny tiny mailing list. $21,850 Dollars later and I owe at least 80% of this to you. You have increased my business and opened up more “sales funnels than I can accommodate. I bow to the MASTER!!! I’ve only been working with the general public for about 10 months, but that’s another tale.”

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Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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