Scarcity In Selling

Do you know what the most important element of scarcity is?

As you probably know, having some kind of scarcity attached to your offer, is one of the most compelling ways to get people to buy now.

But what’s the best kind of scarcity?

Is it a limited number of items?

A special bonus for ordering early?

Or maybe it’s a discount for the first 10 people who order?

Actually, the most important component of scarcity is limiting the amount of time buyers have to decide to order, or not.

Having a time component, FORCES your buyer to make a decision.

Now sometimes they will order, and sometimes they wont. But… without having this time component, you’re giving your buyer NO reason to make you or your message any kind of a priority in their life.

And when you’re not a priority, you’re definitely not going to make a sale.

When your buyer feels they have the luxury of time to “think about it,” they will ultimately put your message down to deal with “later.”

And as you know, “later” means never.

Keep this in mind when you’re trying to come up with your call to action, and with your “reasons why they should order now.”

Remember, time… is always money – in one way or another.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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